Test your combat skills as a mech pilot in Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2, out tomorrow

Pick your favourite robot, customise it then head into intense 6v6 multiplayer matches online

Pilots, get ready — Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 releases tomorrow! The time has come to jump into the Gundam of your choice and test your skills as a Mobile Suit pilot.

In this free-to-play team battle action game, you can explore dynamic space and land environments and go head-to-head with other players in exciting multiplayer battles.

With various modes of gameplay and an impressive collection of Mobile Suits to choose from, you can experience action-packed combat with friends online!

Squad up in 6v6 online battles

Coordinate strategic strikes or go for an all-out barrage of attacks with fellow Mobile Suit pilots around the world. With teams of up to six people, you can explore different realistic battlefields on land and in space.

With a variety of different terrains like canyons, deserts, mountains, and space, you’ll learn how to adapt to each environment and crush the enemy. Strive for victory to be the last team standing.

Switch between infantry or Mobile Suits with ease

Need to get into a smaller area to leave a bomb at an enemy base? Try hopping out of your Mobile suit to nimbly navigate the battlefield as an infantry unit. Backed into a corner? Request supporting fire to assist you in your escape. See an enemy Gundam approach while you’re still on foot in Infantry mode? Hop back into your Mobile Suit and prepare for battle.

While Mobile Suits are powerful mechs to use for many battles and exploration, some tasks are best handled on foot. Remember to switch between the best mode for your goals and scenario!

Collect and customise your Mobile Suit

Take your Development Points from each battle to improve your Mobile Suit’s abilities and enhance it with various cosmetic customisations. Try upgrades like boosting your speed, powering up you cannons, and strengthening your armour to become even stronger.

With a sizable selection of Mobile Suits from all over the Gundam universe, you’ll be able to curate and expand your Mobile Suit collection with ease.

Meet with friends (or enemies) at the Base Camp

Take a break between battles and meet with players from around the world in the online lobby at the Base Camp. In the Base Camp neutral area, you’ll be able to make battle preparations and freely explore the site and people around camp. Upgrade your Mobile Suit and max it out to its highest potential.

Constantly evolving and growing

Enjoy an ever-evolving experience with an expansive rotation of Mobile Suits, stages, clothing, and events.

Look forward to exciting future updates with the arrival of Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 in the West, exclusively on PS4!

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Except for Belgium. SMH…

Finally a game that i wanna play, LOL NOPE, LOOTBOX LAWS

MiseryPrincess 01 October, 2019 @ 10:41

Yes damn them trying to stop games companies exploiting vulnerable people and children. However do they sleep at night.

If only the rest of the world could be so cruel.

Though in the meantime, why no just make an account in a different territory and download it that way? You wouldn’t as easily be able to spend money on gamble boxes of pointless junk, but you’d get to play it.


Thanks smartypants, was gonna do that anyway. Do not need them lootboxes anyway

When is this game going to be available exactly? Today is the 1st and Its not on my playstation. Is today tomorrow lol

jacqueslouw1204 01 October, 2019 @ 13:24

”Acquiring application data

Game cannot currently be played please check the official site for more details”

Go to site, no details

Any suggestions?

The_Hunter_2AB 01 October, 2019 @ 13:32

So I have to go buy it or download for free? Because I was just on my ps store and didn’t see it up there.

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