PlayStation Store’s ‘Games of a Generation’ discounts start tomorrow

Pick up savings on Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, more

We’re back with a fresh batch of new PlayStation Store discounts for you this week.

Starting tomorrow, you can save up to 60% on a range of incredible titles including Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Overwatch Legendary Edition and more until 16th October. Don’t forget to also check out the ‘Only on PlayStation’ category for deals on some of the top PS4 exclusives.

Check out the full list below, then head over to PlayStation Store for regional pricing.

Deal of the Week (until 9 October)

If you’re up for some suspense and mystery, make sure to grab a discount on The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan. Things take a sinister turn after a group of friends get trapped in a storm during their diving holiday. Who lives and who dies is all up to you…

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Why release a post about a sale that doesn’t go live until the following day?


What gives about pricing?


It isn’t live yet.

Looks at headline.. Pick up savings on Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone

Looks at list.. Not listed

Shakes head, leaves

Not that it would make a big difference for me but LEGO Worlds appears on the list as part of the sale but in fact it’s still available as a full priced game.

Finka_Karfein 02 October, 2019 @ 10:55

Why not Games of Generations? Another PS4-only sale where the only PS3 & PS Vita games are available thanks to cross-buy with PS4…

Should be called sales of games that are always on sale.

MiseryPrincess 03 October, 2019 @ 13:08

The title of the sale doesn’t even make any sense.

“Games of a generation”

Tomb Raider, Persona 5, Skyrim, etc are all PS3 games..

WayfaringWalrus 02 October, 2019 @ 12:50

I don’t understand why Hitman 2 is on sale, Hitman 2 Gold edition is on sale (for the same price as the expansion pass), but the expansion pass isn’t on sale.

As a side note, why is Life is Strange 2’s complete season on sale fairly frequently (not this time) but not the episodes 2-5 bundle?! Annoying when you bought the first episode separately and decided to wait for the others to go on sale.

I can see Days Gone in the thumbnail for this article but not in the list of games. Misleading to say the least.

jason-bridges 02 October, 2019 @ 15:01

Days gone is on sale it’s just not on the list. Search for it – not difficult


It still shows what a bad job the EU Blog team is doing, when they can’t even add all the games to their list, especially one being advertised in the banner


Bit off topic but what’s up with being unable to sign in into the PC/web version of the store on Brave browser? It stopped working I guess a week ago or so. It uses the same browsing engine as Chrome – Chromium, only Brave is much more secure and doesn’t share info with basically anyone who asks for it on the net. And mind you I have Brave Shield – the very thing that protects the connection – turned off because it was blocking me previously as well. But now when I click on sing in it just blips and nothing happens.

MiseryPrincess 03 October, 2019 @ 13:03

Could just use standard chrome for it? The sign in works normally on normal chrome, so it’s probably that browser.

Days Gone is 41% off, so it’s on sale.

Strangeheaven 04 October, 2019 @ 13:16

Sekiro:Shadow’s Die Twice needs a price cut. That game, has kept its full price since February.


It technically had a sale in the “big in Japan” sale recently.

When I say “technically”, it was a mere 20%, and as the digital copies are so expensive, was still more expensive than physical copies were at launch.

The game needs to be 50% off at least to be an actual sale.

PhrozenCypher 09 October, 2019 @ 15:25

Is there anyway to get that cool red background image as a wallpaper or theme?

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