These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Monkey King: Hero is Back and more come to PS4

You can transform into a plant, a zombie or even a superpowered monkey in this week’s PlayStation Store releases. Become a kung fu master in Monkey King: Hero is Back, engage in garden warfare in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville or go dungeon crawling in Children of Morta.
Check out the highlights below and head over to PlayStation Store for more information.

Children of Morta

Why it should be on your radar:
The perfect choice if you’re up for a story-driven roguelike RPG. Discover the tale of the Bergsons, an extraordinary family of heroes guarding Mount Morta against an ancient evil. Choose from six unique family members with plenty of attacks, defensive moves, and skills to unlock and upgrade to match your playstyle – whether you like to get up close and personal with your foes or obliterate them from a distance.

Outer Wilds

Why it should be on your radar:
If you’re up for some space exploration, pick up Mobius Digital’s first-person open-world adventure where you uncover the mysteries of a solar system stuck in a time loop. Explore an ever-changing cosmos as you journey between planets filled with hidden locations, hazardous environments and natural disasters.

Monkey King: Hero is Back

Monkey King: Hero is Back on PS4

Why it should be on your radar:
This action-adventure – based on the animated film of the same name – combines Chinese mythology with flashy kung fu action. Take on the role of the Monkey King and use his superhuman powers to complete combos and hilarious finishers. Explore new episodes not portrayed in the original film as you explore lush environments and take on intense boss battles.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Why it should be on your radar:
EA is back with a new instalment of its wacky multiplayer shooter featuring a new PvE mode, six PvP modes, a Battle Arena and more. Team up with friends and choose from 20 customisable character classes as you fight for victory. Prepare to kick some grass!

Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn on PS4

Why it should be on your radar:
Looking for something unique? Check out this mystery adventure from Lucas Pope, the creator of Papers, Please. Explore the Obra Dinn, an East Indian merchant ship that’s drifted back to port after being lost at sea. You’re a 19th-century insurance loss adjuster tasked with uncovering what happened to the ship and its crew. Luckily, you have a cursed pocket watch that can show you the moment someone died. Not spooky at all…

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Broken links, you gotta love em!

if you mean you click on the links and nothing works it maybe because they have not come out yet as nothing listed is for today

yasink: And still so many people will be surprised by it next week again :-D

So what happened to Cuisine Royale?

Another week and no Fight´n Rage release. PS4 is the only system without it. The trailer said “Soon” but…

The US blog have nothing on Tamarin coming out tomorrow. And they are rarely wrong. Would be fun to know where you information come from? Cuisine didnt come out last week as you said. Track & Field got listed 4 weeks by you and never released until the week after when you didnt list it. So what if you guys stop with the drugs and get a grip. Thanks.

Why planets and zombies battle for Neighborville out again. It was out a month or two months ago


That was early access, this is the full release.

Children of Morta kinda snuck in there- half forgot about it! Baldurs Gate 1&2 $78 australian-welp!

Vigilante still MIA but Time Tunnel from Arcade archives warps in Tardis style instead!

But biggest shock of the lot… Battle Princess Madelyn listed for the 18?! Given which storefront we’re talking here,I’ll believe it when it appears!

For the sake of other indies though, please get IARC classification sorted out EU store-10 Months late for BPM & others MIA is ridiculous when rival formats have had it since 2016!

Your right… Battle Princess Madelyn 18th October this better happen sick of waiting….

By the length of time these approval processes take, I can’t help myself, but I always have to think about the Twelve Tasks of Asterix #8: Find Permit A 38 in “The Place That Sends You Mad”.

Great to see An Arcade Archives is being released in the form of Time Tunnel but where is Vigilante due for release on the 6th 13th 20th & 27th September 2019 i make that 4 weeks ago maybe its got lost in the time tunnel

I hope Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 will be released in Sweden aswell eventually


Recalling Castle Crashers remastered recently i understand the pain mate! The lack of adopting IARC classification by Sony (supposed to be deal pending but they’ve apparently been saying so since 2016 when XB/Switch adopted it!) means small devs have to pay relatively large fees gaining PEGI & other red tape hurdles for it to gain approval. Even with aussie draconian gaming censorship,seen number of local releases miss this storefront that hit rival formats!

And for what its worth-so far Tamarin & whatever Big Pharma is aren’t working whilst most other 15 Oct. links work okay….wait n see on the rest of the week!


Make a uk store account. Or better yet a U .S account. They get better prices and bigger discounts regularly

How did I not know anything about Tamarin? I am a huge Banjo-Kazooie fan and can’t believe what I am seeing. I need to play it.

I can’t believe how many fishing games there are!


I wind up buying Arcade Archives on my Switch, instead. Way to go Sony. You clearly don’t want my money.

Is there any news on a new release date for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time on PlayStation VR?


I have a friend in the BBC, the devs are aiming for a November release, although it may be a bit optimistic.


Is there anyone else on the planet that hoped that PvZ was a fun puzzle game again rather than another children’s CoD?

(I mean I know CoD is mostly played by children anyway, but still..)


First PvZ was really fun until loot boxes (pardon surprise mechanics) came out.


At the beginning, EA did not have its greedy hands on it, and that’s probably always a plus for the player.


I have always wonder why so many people have the need to write that some games are mostly played by kids. Im curious, whats comments like that based on?

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Carnivius_Prime 15 October, 2019 @ 09:24

I shall be waiting til the 18th and see if Battle Princess Madelyn truly does appear on our store. Been a long time coming.


Of course Virtual virtual reality is not appearing on the store on the 15th .why does this not surprise me.


Ok it ain’t getting released in the uk. WHY ???


Outer Wilds is just amazing, soundtrack, the design of the whole game. I love the feeling of exploring and mystery

Hi, it’s been months since the “Last 7/30 Days” sections of the Store have been non-functional, please fix them. Also fix the download queue issue with bundles. It only puts ONE item in the queue out of the total. The problem is with all content regardless of the platform.


Ok it ain’t getting released in the uk . Why ???


tell me the PS5 is going to have less bad indie games. I mean 10% are genius, but 90% are just terrible. I know they make each week almost special for you guys with the store and blog so we don’t think you have nothing coming out. But surely there’s some sort of quality control to these things…

You don’t need to buy games you don’t like.


And when you write that 90 % is terrible, what do you get that from, do you test the games? I buy alot of indie games and cant agree at all that 9 of 10 is terrible, thats just not correct information :)

Carnivius_Prime 18 October, 2019 @ 08:27

Well I hope PS5 has less bad AAA games too then…

No Tamarin today after all. This blog is clearly not ran with passion anymore. The web store is a complete mess now too. I’m getting a little worried.

It’s still early, none of the games have appeared yet, it will come today.


You actually believe that Odezza? The developer got nothing on a release today on their Twitter.

No not anymore, so strange they list a game which is not planned for release yet(developers answered on twitter).

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I want Baldurs Gate in Finland too. Would be nice to hear when as you can get it retail but not digital?

I want Baldurs Gate in Spain too.

Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale games are amazing. Problem is, are those worth such a high price 20 years after release? They’ve been ported to basically everything, even mobiles.

MiseryPrincess 16 October, 2019 @ 05:24

I suppose, after waiting years for a PS4 release, waiting for a sale is easy.

No sign of Tamarin, presumably not being released today after all despite the 15th Oct release date above?…. Disappointing for a game that was publicised (and effectively announced) on the PS Blog.

Was really looking forward to Tamarin. No trophy lists have emerged so doubt it will even be this week. Gutting.

The developers have not announced any release date yet so doubt it will be this month, maybe december?


Something to look forward to at least.👍🏻

PhantomOfOpera 16 October, 2019 @ 14:32

Wow, Tamarin, Big Pharma, Contraptions, Just ignore them, Mistover, Zombieland. None available on the Uk store.

I can understand one or two title may slip or not pass certification but sometime I don’t get why so many titles are not released or delayed. We have 2 days to go to the end of the week and with the long list I guess more titles will join this list. Go figure!


Think I tried all the links for 16th Oct.,(Aussie here),out of curiosity & none of them worked…meantime,it was hit & miss on the ones for the 17th,eg:Mistover no banana either! Hence,why I’m expecting a flip of a coin result regarding if Battle Princess Madelyn will arrive this week! My guess is they’re too distracted playing their beloved Switch Lites to see if the uploads have gone through!


Meant be games out today and that’s it we need Andrew house back know

Oh boy. Outer Wilds are sooo goood!

Well finally saw Battle Princess Madelyn on the PSN store….for $44 Australian! Given I’d been following its fortunes since last year & know the Aussie XB store has had it at $30 standard price (in line with exchange rates),seems a pretty harsh Aussie pricing difference?!

*EDIT* From the devs twitter…just like what happened to Overland,it seems.

“Hey Everyone! PS4 EU version of #BattlePrincessMadelyn is out but for the price is not what we set it to. It should be 16.91 Euros but which roughly converts to 14.49 pounds. But it’s showing up as 24.49 pounds. We’ve opened a ticket with Sony to be resolved.”

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Well finally saw Battle Princess Madelyn on the PSN store….for $44 Australian! Given I’d been following its fortunes since last year & know the Aussie XB store has had it at $30 standard price (in line with exchange rates),seems a pretty harsh Aussie pricing difference?!

*EDIT* From the devs twitter…just like what happened to Overland,it seems.

“Hey Everyone! PS4 EU version of #BattlePrincessMadelyn is out but for the price is not what we set it to. It should be 16.91 Euros but which roughly converts to 14.49 pounds. But it’s showing up as 24.49 pounds. We’ve opened a ticket with Sony to be resolved.”

Carnivius_Prime 18 October, 2019 @ 08:24

It’s £24.49 on EU store which is almost double the price of the Switch version, or XBox or Steam version. What the heck?

ilikethispart 17 October, 2019 @ 17:29

What’s the deal with Mistover? Why was it only released in a handful of countries?

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