Action RPG Dauntless gets new faction, gameplay tweaks with Haunted Shadows update, out today

Details on the Night Hunter class, Halloween-inspired collectables and UI improvements

Greetings, PlayStation Slayers! Today I’m here to tell you about our latest free seasonal content update for Dauntless, which goes live today on PS4.

If you’ve taken a look around Ramsgate in the past week, you’ve likely noticed that the Dark Harvest has transformed the city into a shadow-laden bastion for the Unseen. This ominous cult tends to arrive at this time of year to spread their message to any Slayer keen enough to decipher their scrawls spread across Ramsgate and beyond.

To combat the Unseen, today we’re launching the Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass, which welcomes a new faction: the Night Hunters.

Haunted Shadows offers Slayers the ability to earn a full set of Night Hunter cosmetic armour on either the Basic or Elite track, plus a prestigious set of Ultra Armour at Elite Track Level 50. The Dauntless store is also filled to the brim with spooky seasonal cosmetics, emotes, and more, so be sure to take a look if you fancy yourself a bone xylophonist.

Dauntless on PS4

As we outlined in the previous post, the new Bounty system rewards slayers with Hunt Pass experience, and today you’ll be able to draft a new slate of bounties to work your way to level 50.

Whether or not you’ve been following our Unseen community ARG, today you can celebrate the event as we’re offering both the Unseen emote and laughing pumpkin flare for FREE until 5th November. Grab ’em while you can!

We’re always listening closely to community feedback, and we’re happy to share that Haunted Shadows brings with it numerous performance and quality-of-life improvements. Starting today, we’re introducing an AFK timer to all hunts, so Slayers who go idle for more than 3 minutes will be automatically returned to Ramsgate. As always, Behemoth health and difficulty will automatically scale for the remaining party.

We’ve also done a full design pass on our compass system, ensuring that Slayers can easily find their way around Ramsgate, identify quest prompts, and track flares while on a hunt.

Dauntless on PS4

There are dozens more nuanced changes that arrive with Haunted Shadows, so if you’re interested in digging in, go check out our official community Reddit.

Have any feedback on Haunted Shadows, or Dauntless in general? Hit us up in the comments!

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