These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

GRIS, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and Gas Guzzlers Extreme all debut

A gorgeous platformer, a haunting narrative adventure and a car-crunching combat game headline a diverse week for PlayStation Store releases. You can read more about GRIS, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine and Gas Guzzlers Extreme, as well as the full launch line-up for this week below*.

GRIS | Out: Thursday, 28th November


Why it should be on your radar:

This PS4 release promises to be the definitive version of the multi-award winning platformer, as creator Nomada Studio has revamped the already sumptuous visuals to take full advantage of PS4 Pro and 4K displays. Expect an artistic tour de force with some light puzzling thrown in for good measure.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine | Out: Friday, 29th November

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine on PS4

Why it should be on your radar:

This story-driven adventure is an exploration of Depression-era America, framed entirely by the tales told by vagabonds you meet as your crisscross the country. Their distinct personalities and stories are all the more unique thanks to the decision to have a different writer assigned to creating each character. One for fans of the narrative genre.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme | Out: Tuesday, 26th November

Gas Guzzlers Extreme on PS4

Why it should be on your radar:

Arcade racing thrills spliced with armed combat isn’t an unfamiliar proposition to PlayStation players, but it is an increasingly rare one in recent years. Hence why we’re happy to see a new entry roar into the genre. As an added bonus, the game comes bundled with additional expansions, including a survival mode that sees you fight off zombie hordes.

*Game releases correct at time of publication

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Carnivius_Prime 25 November, 2019 @ 17:46

Thanks for In The Hunt today. I noticed it on the store earlier. Yeah it was due last week according to the blog then but eh it’s fine. Least it didn’t get lost for ages like some games have done.

Pic a pix (guilty pleasure) and Gris for me but where is Five Nights at Freddy’s? It’s on the US store and 1-4 is being released on the switch this week too.

What fnaf Game do you mean? I can only find the “Help Wanted” Collection in the US Store. Edit: The PS4 and X1 Versions dont have an release date yet so its also not out in the USA.

FNAF 1-4 already have trophy listings and FNAF 1 has appeared on the US Blog in this weeks “The Drop” article. To the best of my knowledge that has never been wrong unlike our blog. There is always a first time though. It is due for release over there this Friday and with the Switch versions coming out here on the same day I thought it would be a given that we would get it too. :/

Yeah I looked throuh the Twitter of the Publisher and it seems that its only releasing on Switch right now :/

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When you put up a list over games releasing today, that obviously didnt release today, like Trax and Winter Sports Games, you know that you just dont care anymore. Why do you even update the release list, only around 50 % is correct every week, its just insane.

You’re lucky, I have already next weeks release list, it’s pretty accurate:

• Some games will release, …

• … some not

Shazam-Superguy 25 November, 2019 @ 18:49

and thats why steam has better games :D


Yes indeed thank-you Sony for In The Hunt despite the Fact that its one week later i hope Hyper Sports will be on the release Schedule next week but suppose that one is better than nothing & that In the Hunt is a very credible title to my Collection Its like the 90,s all over again COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of MIA titles,add Ultracore aka “Hardcore”,the revived Amiga/ Megadrive game. Strictly Limited Games posted back in Sept. or so it’d met certification. Then there’s been delays with MD cart parts & finally shipping ps4/switch editions. But now all reference to the digital release has been removed!

So when can I buy Gris? Its still not listed in the Store

I was wondering the same.

Hope its up soon since I want to play it after work…its also not out in the US Store

Can’t find Gris either :(

GRIS is still not up in any Europe Store (but in the US and Canada). This is so annoying

I’m not surprised at all anymore, it’s a typical EU release like so many others in the past weeks and months (e.g. Shakedown Hawaii, Remnant from the Ashes, Overland, …). We get the games later, and in exchange for that, we (EU) get them more expensive. Nice advantages (that could possibly be meant sarcastically).

Yeah I remember the late release of Breakdown Hawaii. I really think the people of Playstation Europe who are responsible for that stuff should get their a** kicked so this changes lol. For some Games like Doom 3 where the Rating was not ready in Germany because if was on the Index before (and so it released a few days later in the German Store) I can understand the delay but not with Games like GRIS.

darrenjones1973 26 November, 2019 @ 22:23

Shopto are selling 12 months of PlayStation plus for just £29.85p. Bargain.


Awesome deal, to bad I need PS Plus for a German Account


I was looking forward to getting Gris-y this evening, and…wait, that sounds wrong.

“Gris” is the Swedish word for “pig”.


Oink, oink…nöff, nöff…🐖

Still no sign of GRIS on the AU store.

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