Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross are your PS Plus games for December

Agility, customisation and speed abound in this month’s additions

Whether you’re piloting a towering Titan or kicking up dirt on the racetrack, December’s PS Plus games put you in control of fast-moving, powerful machines.

More on this month’s free games for PS Plus members:

Titanfall 2

The only thing standing between victory and defeat for the Frontier Militia is the perfect combination of man and machine – Titan and Pilot. In Titanfall 2, an intense first-person-shooter from Respawn Entertainment, you’ll experience high-speed mobility as a nimble Pilot who can quickly maneuver the battlefield both in distance and verticality. But when the scale of battle shifts, you’ll be able to call in a hulking Titan war machine for you to pilot to turn the tide of battle.

Featuring a critically-acclaimed single player campaign, players will take on the mantle of rifleman-turned-Pilot Jack Cooper, who finds themselves trapped behind enemy lines with BT-7274, his new Titan partner. To escape the IMC and save the day, they’ll have to learn to work together and become an effective fighting unit. The skills you earn in single player also carry over to Titanfall 2’s explosive multiplayer modes where mayhem rules supreme for anyone looking to take the fight online*.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame contains official bikes, tracks and riders, of the Supercross Championship. You’re also able to customize bikes & riders with numerous brands and items to design your ideal rider and face players around the world. The Track Editor lets you make and share your own custom creations with other players. Start with a stadium of choice, then craft away and share it with the community.

Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame will be available from 3rd December to 6th January.

Naturally, this means you only have a few days left to grab November’s PS Plus games – Nioh and Outlast 2 – so make sure to download these games before 3rd December.

Firewall on PS4

Also, for PS VR** owners, December features a Limited Free Trial / Double XP week for Firewall Zero Hour – just for PS Plus members!

The Limited Free Trial will be available on PlayStation Store from 3rd December (4pm GMT / 5pm CET) to 9th December (4pm GMT / 5pm CET). Players can squad up and dive straight into battle—testing out the latest maps, weapons, and equipment. Complete missions, earn rewards, and level up with Double XP!

For more information about PS Plus, visit our webpage.

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer.

** Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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Titanfall 2 a 3+ year old game.. A game i bought for £1.99 last year, has been on sale loads for £3.99, is on EA Access! A game that is in Poundland. A terrible choice for Plus, it would be poor even as a bonus game!

 Motorcross, another cheap game, one with mediocre ratings and is on PS Now!  This is a shameful month, and for December makes it even worse. This is bargain bin material. 


So you expected for 60 bucks a year 24 triple A games right after their release ?

And where exactly did i say anything like that? What a stupid comment.


Err, it being an EA game is simply enough reason for it to be considered garbage. They haven’t made a SINGLE game this ENTIRE gen I have purchased or would purchase for even a quid lol. That is also why EA Access is one of the funniest notions to me also, a subscirption for pure and utter muck.

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Carnivius_Prime 27 November, 2019 @ 16:46

Not into FPS games so Titanfall 2 is a miss for me (i think tried the first one). I may get some fun out of the Motocross game cos used to play Moto Racer on PS1/PC years ago so maybe. Man I miss the PS3 & Vita freebies. Used to get some fun lil indie stuff that often included the PS4 version too.


I had tons of fun playing Iconoclasts over yuletide last year.

you’d probably remember playing the first one – it was an xbox 360 exclusive and had no single player campaign.

Carnivius_Prime 27 November, 2019 @ 22:14

ah right i didn’t play it on xbox. So it must have been this actual game then? a demo? Or was it a free weekend like some games have done. Either way I’m sure i’ve played some version of it.

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“Merry Christmas” to you too, PlayStation.

With no more costs for Vita or PS3 games and a €10 price increase for PlayStation Plus I had hoped that you’d be able to afford some decent games for the year’s final month, sadly I was mistaken.


Instead, they put the real interesting ones as TEMPORARY offers to PS Now lol

X_Blood_Curse_X 27 November, 2019 @ 16:53

Wow must have cost you a lot to secure these Sony lol /S

Seriously it’s like you don’t even want me as a customer next gen

They don’t have to bother. They know most people will have to get it for online anyway because nowadays you can hardly play anything anymore without some form of online integration. They got our testies in a vice and are not below using it to their advantage. I wouldn’t treat strangers the way Sony treats paying customers and supporters.

If you think that’s bad, pity the Xboners this month lol. And remember, their games always released a different times throughout the month, so if somebody doesn’t get an Xbone until Xmas, you already missed half the games on games with gold for the month.


Is this a joke? This is a very low value month, Sony you are very tight, its Xmas month and you offer us probably the worst and least value month ever? Disgraceful.


So in the last months we got : Nioh, Outlast 2 , MLB , the last of us , darksiders 3, batman arkham knight , sniper elite 4…. We pay only 60 bucks a month… If we put together the price of all the games we get far more than 60 bucks.

I’m all up for bashing sony for bad games but let’s be realistic – they won’t give us triple A games on release….


Totally agree with this. I love online multiplayer (not very good though) and the games on PS+ over the year is well worth the $80. If I get 4 or 5 I want then with online is worth it.


Meliodasbee you pay 60 a month lol?

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I seriously cannot believe what was in the IGC back when I started with PS+ in Dec 2012. I was always hyped for the service’s upcoming months and lord did it feel good and fair. Now, after being a customer of this service for almost a decade! all I’m getting for PS christmas is that.


Pretty much sums up my entire view.

The volume of games and quality on the PS3 was epic.

Since the ps4 came out – there has been mostly indie games – and while some are very good and well done – just don’t carry the same gravitas as games given away on the IGC previously.

Motocross – skipping that garbage.

Titanfall 2 – Firstly its EA – I usually body swerve that rubbish. I have heard good thing about it…but depends if I can convince myself to play another title from EA.

..last one i bought was Star Wars Battleground and look how that turned out.

It was only good at the beginning to condition people into paying for multiplayer service by bribing us with new AAA games. Once PS4 launched and PS+ became mandatory for multiplayer they had no incentive to maintain the quality. People keep complaining but they keep buying because they have no choice if they want access to multiplayer, that’s what you’re really paying for, the games are a bonus, it’s just good marketing to make you think you’re paying for the games.

Plop plop

Terrible, terrible lineup even if it wouldn’t be Xmas….

After many hundreds of hours of Destiny I got bored. It was the only game I played online. Now all get from my plop plop sub is these monthly games…

This is literally the worst PS Plus update since the IGC started – absolute trash!

“You’ve unlocked £62 worth of games…”

No. No I haven’t.

I’ve checked, and it’s about £20.


Probably just a typo. Think it was supposed to say “You’ve unlocked £6.20 worth of games…”


for some reason the Monster advertisement costs about 10 times as much as titanfall.

darrenjones1973 27 November, 2019 @ 17:18

Did Sony choose these 2 games this month or was it Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Bah humbug indeed!

Titanfall 2 is awesome game. It is the only game I have played where the gunplay feels as good as Destiny. I bought it for like $5 a year ago or something.

I was a bit harsh. I have heard that it’s supposed to be a decent and fun game. I might give it a try when my EA Access lapses next year.


It is a great game, had a lot of fun with it

I was secretely hoping for I am bread & Surgeon simulator, but this exceeded my expectations, well done sony, keep up at the great pace! This is how every corporation should value their faithful customers!

Not a great month. Neither genre appeals to me. I would have thought that PS Plus would have gone out 2019 with a bang and not a whimper. Here’s hoping that 2020 PS Plus games are better. Bring back those great indie titles.


No, please don’t cheer for indie games.


Wow. Just wow.

First the Black Friday “Sale”, and now this. A Product Placement-Game (but not the one from Kojima) and a 5€-Bargain Bin-Game.

what the **** is monster energy supercoss


Seriously though, there is currently 25% off Plus so buy another year and if you’re lucky you might get crap like this next year too. I’m not really annoyed with the quality of games as I only buy Plus for the cloud saves ;) but I am annoyed that they have put an EA Access game on this month. No value for me then. Who am I kidding, these games just get added to my pile of shame anyway.

Here’s an idea Sony, why not give us crap all year so you can afford to give us something decent at Christmas.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could only pay for online and cloud saves, get 3 years worth of online out of the current 1 year PS+ combo and pay for what we actually use. Wouldn’t it be great if they provided this basic choice instead of exploiting everyone in their audience who isn’t at all interested in PS+ but has been forced to subscribe to it for the last 10 years?

That’s what we’ve been wanting for years but they KNOW we only want multiplayer, that’s why they add some cheap games and say you’re paying for the games instead. Most people would only buy the multiplayer-only PS+ if that existed which would be muchcheaper, so they would never allow it.

Poor and cheap month, shame on you Sony for effin your loyal customers like that. You better have a juicy PS Plus Christmas special planned for us..


I just ran the numbers on my prediction-O-meter and there’s roughly a zero percent chance of that happening.

We’d be lucky if we get a theme.

Woah guys don’t be hasty, have you all forgotten about the incredible 12 days of Christmas offers we’ve had for the last few yeahahahahahahahahahaha.

Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face.


MiseryPrincess 28 November, 2019 @ 22:04

They probably do have a “juicy Christmas special”…

Days of play!!

With 5, yes 5 Vr tech demos.


um thanks but no thanks

got to say very disappointed with this month


What an unbelievable load of crap this month!

What an unbelievable load of crap this month!

MiseryPrincess 28 November, 2019 @ 21:20

Is it really unbelievable? This is pretty standard crap..


Haha haha wow, this makes me more and more convinced that free games will be phased out early in the PS5’s life. The “value” of these games is getting ridiculously low and I can only guess they’re reducing it intentionally so that when they remove them entirely people won’t complain quite so much! Don’t get me wrong, Titanfall 2 has one of the best FPS campaigns around but a valuable freebie it is not considering you can pick it up for a fiver or less.


Frankly i was wondering what they’re gonna give us in the future since they gave most good games that they were capable of giving (if you noticed – they gave most of their exclusives that can be given realistically). I guess be ready for some mediocre games in the future.


This is a joke right? Have ea access so allready have TF2 and have ps now and it haz Monster enery supercross as well is crap!!!! Sony you crapped on all the people who got ea access think!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here I was, super happy thinking that Christmas came early with the leak of God of War on PS+…

Lets hope Xbox will sell a ton next generation because this laziness is painful. Plus was amazing on PS3, now it’s a money grab.

You haven’t seen the games they offer with xbox live gold, thank god for these games we’re getting.

They don’t need to give out any good games with Xbox Live. Anyone who didn’t take advantage of the £1 offer to convert their Gold or Game Pass sub to Game Pass Ultimate needs to give their head a shake. Have you seen the games on Game Pass? It wets all over Sony’s offerings. I’m far from a fan boy and my PS4 is my go to for gaming but its nice to have the option to game on Xbox or PC and Game Pass gives me great games for next to nothing. Microsoft rewards is great too for getting Game Pass for free.

Monster in Death Stranding, now Monster in Ps+ 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Microsoft could literally offer Reindeer droppings as the games with gold offering and it would be better than what Sony is putting out

I’m happy for Titanfall 2.

Got it years ago at a good price, get to keep it forever and didn’t have to download.

Seriously guys, where is the public uproar over forcing this embarrasment of a subscription on us for something as basic as online?!

And to clarify, I mean the combination with online. Not necessarily PS+ in itself, if it were an optional service like it used to be. Don’t mean to be inflammatory towards the people who do actually get their value out of it, by any means. It’s all relative, if you only download even a few games a year, you get your money’s worth. But personally, I never download unless there’s no other choice (like DLC), and even if the occassional great game comes along the selection, I’d rather just buy it cheap and physical. So never make use of it, regardless of the quality, and strongly believe we should be given the choice. Just to reiterate, my hatred is directed towards Sony for combining PS+ with online, not the people who do actually like PS+, obviously :)

MiseryPrincess 28 November, 2019 @ 18:10

It needs to be said once again.

The is no financial reason why Sony NEEDs to charge for online, as they provide no game servers at all.

Maybe there could be some law brought in where the amount you charge for services has to be tied to some actual provided value?

Titanfall 2 has good reviews…the ps plus games of december will never be amazing games because sony has to make money on the 12 deals of christmas… 😉👍

Titanfall 2 has good reviews…the ps plus games of december will never be amazing games because sony has to make money on the 12 deals of christmas…

Titanfall 2 has good reviews…the ps plus games of december will never be amazing games because sony has to make money on the 12 deals of christmas…

Everyone is aware that Plus is so you can play on-line. Anything else is a bonus. Also Sony were first to introduce free games…. Microsoft was the first to charge for on-line and they didn’t include any free software. Titanfall 2 is a great game, that many missed out on due to poor marketing and a bad release window. If this gets more people back into Titanfall 2 then great news…. Not all the games will please everyone, some months will suit others. Maybe Titanfall 2 will education the millions of mindless fortnite players, that there are great games out there.


You are aware ps plus started on PS3 for games only…..


All this post says to me is that you haven’t been a PS Plus subscriber prior to PS4 because you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Go and do some research, fanboi.


“Everyone is aware that Plus is so you can play on-line. Anything else is a bonus.”

This kind of thinking is exactly what enables companies to get away with [DELETED] practices. Remember how PlayStation Plus was a service for Cloud Saves, Exclusive Sales and Monthly Games first before they added “Playing Online on PS4” to the package?

Where do you come off classifying the original components of PS+ as mere bonuses just because they locked online multiplayer behind PS+’s paywall? Let’s not forget that Online Multiplayer, Monthly Games and Exclusives Discounts are equally marketed as being part of PS+. You might even want to check out the “PS Plus Rewards” section.

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Two budget games. Titanfall 2 is great, but have been on sale several times for 3-4 bucks. I bought it on PS4 years ago. Motocross is a game people wouldn’t even buy at 99% off.

Meanwhile Xbox One got: Jurassic Park Evolution, insane Robots, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD and Toy Store 3. Two of them free to keep forever as usual even if you end Gold.

Titanfall 2 – cool.

But anything sponsored by an energy drink, I feel like I’m still losing out if I get it for free… ;)

Titanfall 2 is a fantastic game but like everyone else is saying, it’s 3 years old and been as low as £1.99. The only good thing is that the multiplayer lobbies may have bit more activity. Last time I played it was down to less than 1000 players.

again 2 dredging games i put it on nhl19 or on

god of war hoped that is nothing again

Erm, what?

Not that I’d say Titanfall 2 isn’t a good game but… what?

Back when PS3 and Vita games were a part of the lineup, I could always find something I didn’t already have and was interested in playing. It’s been a while since the PS+ lineup made me, personally, happy.

I actually don’t mind these games, will give both a go.

I will say.. I think this is a bit of a joke as TF2 is worth £3.99 and the Monster one is probably the same or less.

at this point I would rather you just combine Plus & Now into 1 service. £59 a year and you get to play online and stream games. Maybe make it £19.00 a year for plus with no games?

I just don’t see the point in Plus as a service anymore..

Even Switch Online is better than PS+ at this point.

Hahahahahahahaha damn son. I see you’re trying to make me spill my morning cafe. Good one


Honestly, with the snes and nes offerings I can see it

TF2 is a genuinely great game but it goes for pennies, PS+ offers pretty much zero value these days. A truly awful month.

nukualofaperson 27 November, 2019 @ 22:10

I wish PS Now and PS Plus would talk together. I have both services, and I feel like I’ve been cheated out of one game when already available games like Monster Energy comes on here. To make matters worse, I bought Titanfall 2 a while ago for next to nothing.

I am one of the few people on here that do like motocross games, though. I just wish we could have been given Monster Energy Supercross 2 instead, as it isn’t on PS Now.


I hate it when games I already bought endup as PS Plus games. First Mafia 3, Rayman Legends, AC4 Freedom Cry and now this — Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 may be a good game but poor PS Plus offering. It just lacks value. And second game offered along with it is very cheap quality. Bad month IMHO. Very poor value.

Hopefully this is one of those months where they do a last minute change.

MiseryPrincess 28 November, 2019 @ 18:14

They only do that if their US customers complain even slightly…

Congratulations, you’ve unlocked £5 worth of games. 🙄

What are we legitimately paying for with online services? With the servers going off for things like Gravity Rush and SingStar plus lacklustre monthly games I feel hostage to a subscription I do not want to pay.

Please open up the save system on Vita so I don’t need it anymore.

MiseryPrincess 28 November, 2019 @ 18:18

You aren’t paying for anything really. Third parties/Players host all the games (for free, Sony doesn’t pay them), and Sony games almost without exception don’t have any online.

The total amount of Sony’s online service is the cloud saves (like free Dropbox/Google/etc) and messages (like free Discord/Skype/etc).

SoakedInBleach85 28 November, 2019 @ 11:23

Another month PlayStation say access over £60 in games for this months ps plus. Titanfall u can get anywhere for a couple of quid and motocross is something tht is only gna appeal to a few. PlayStation sort it out give us a list of games we can choose from as I buy most of the big titles on release date like many others either offer us better choices or a cheaper ps plus subscription without the free games.


I’d prefer an option to have 5-10 store credit if I don’t download any of the games.

I mean, this year i’d have about… 90…


Shame on you for giving us cabbage again

They simply don’t care about us. Ooo how Sony will be surprised when next gen console comes.


what are you people expecting for 60€ a year? we already got a ton of great games this year.

to name a few: Steep, Hitman, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, The Surge, Overcooked, Sonic Mania, Borderlands The Handsome Collection, Detroit Become Human, Heavy Rain, Sniper Elite 4, Wipeout Omega Collection, Darksiders 3, Batman Arkham Knight, The Last of Us Remastered, Nioh, and more…

We used to get 6 games a month. Now we only get 2. We are getting 48 games less a year. That is why I am not happy.


I think this is the first time anyone has included Hitman, the Surge, Sonic Mania and Darksiders 3 etc on a list of “great games”.

Hopefully it will be the last.

Other than poor/short games and old PS3 ports all that is left is Nioh (and possibly Arkham knight), which cost about 30 together.

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dont really have a problem with the choice of games. It’s the number of games. Before we were getting ps 3 and vita games as well, now it’s just 2 PS4 games, the value just doesn’t seem to be here anymore, what about a ps vr game, if people had a dozen or so vr games through plus they might go out and buy a headset. I’m not asking for 1 month old triple A games but there definitely has to have more value


Nothing I am interested in yet again. Playstation plus has gone downhill ever since you took away our PS3 and Vita games. Before , if I didn’t like the PS4 titles, I at least had the PS3 and Vita titles to play. My sub ends next Thursday and I am not renewing.



darrenjones1973 29 November, 2019 @ 10:47

Spiderman only £13.99 at Argos. Cheaper than than the ps store. UK only.


Uh Oh, the way the comments are going there may be a ‘last minute’ switcheroo due to erm ‘licensing or rights issues’

Here’s a comparison

2019 (excluding regional variations)

‘For the Players’ could get approx 26 titles of varying quality.

2018 (excluding regional variations)

‘For the players could get approx 75 titles of varying quality.

In 2012 (same exclusions apply) 72 titles.

So between 2012 and now we’ve had a £10/€10/$10 (25%) increase and this year we see a 64% reduction in titles.

This ‘could’ be accepted IF the 26 titles were all great titles…but they haven’t been.

Well, this is pretty bad, but, Titanfall 2 is an amazing game. If you didn’t pick it up for five or two euros yet, play it! It is good.

Titanfall 2 is a great game, but not a proper choice for PS+ free games.

I wonder if SONY staff would check the comments?

merry xmas

If pes got changed, this motocross add should also.

Happy december means family time anyway ;), still psn now december games should be released at the same time as ps plus.


Can’t believe you didn’t change them…. Shame on you.


Thanks playstation downloaded both games and tried to start titanfall 2 it completely crashed my pro reset nothing had to go through all the safe mode conundrum nope no go had to end up initiallising my pro maybe get to play them at xmas after downloading and installing everything I owned again p.s. thanks again sony not 1st time this has happened.


I anticipate being disappointed at the titles offered for ps+ at the best of times but given this is your 25th celebratory year along with being Christmas I had held out hope to be slightly less disappointed than usual..

Such a woeful selection Titan Fall 2 has been on offer more times than I care to remember and who really buys motor cross games at the best of times? Very limited vision by PlayStation here thank you for my seasonal slap in the face..!

January is the month they will stick something better up as they need to keep the ps4 people at Xmas who’s plus trial ends in the new year


I haven’t renewed my subscription. I used to enjoy those indie cross play games, stuff to play on Vita. Bring some Vita and vr games and I might come back, but I don’t think I’m missing anything.

They should just stop with those plus games and instead include PS Now with a PS Plus subscription? Especially now that with crossplay with pc there is no reason to pay for multiplayer. It is hard to explain why someone on PS needs to pay to play the exact same game on the same servers as a non paying PC player?

MiseryPrincess 05 December, 2019 @ 19:04

They can’t include Now with Plus because Now is only available in a few countries, and only to people who meet bandwidth requirements much higher than online play.

There has never been any actual reason for online costs other than greed, Sony don’t provide online servers so don’t have to pay for anything. Plus should go back to just being a quality games service, like it was on the PS3, and drop the online entirely.

Titanfall 2 is 3 years old but it is great!

And by the way Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now awesome (but I still hate EA!)



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