Celebrate PlayStation’s 25th Anniversary and its iconic console designs with these custom wallpapers

Spice up your desktop and mobile displays with this selection of multi-generation artwork

We hope you’ve been enjoying our #25YearsOfPlay celebrations this week! We’re keeping things rolling today with a selection of wallpapers handcrafted by our pal Cory Schmitz, fitted for your desktop or mobile device.

These designs focus on the initial version of each major PlayStation console release, from the original PlayStation all the way through PS4, and including our handheld systems PSP and PS Vita. Look closely and you might notice that each colour variant has a different console layout — spice things up with a different layout for each of your displays!

Click through on each image below to access a full-resolution version, then save ’em to your device and show your PlayStation pride.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog, as well as our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — we’ll have more 25th anniversary celebrations going live through the end of this week.

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Superb work! But give us that gosh darn theme we know you’re holding onto! Got to one-up the one you did 5 years ago!

darrenjones1973 04 December, 2019 @ 14:45

Very nice! Think the the light one is my favourite but quite partial to the blue one as well. 🥳


Seriously? Desktop pics? Come on put some effort into it and give us a funky PS4 theme to you know, use on our PS4 to celebrate 25 years of PlayStation 🙃

I also get a mail for another wallpaper: because we appreciate you so much.. my reaction:

WHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! seriously? we give 1000 of euro’s / dollar / pounds … we are loyal… and pay way more then Pc games… and we get that… we still can’t choose our PS+ games and I really don’t like the service anymore with nothing for PS3/Vita…

Surprised you actually put the Vita in this, considering you completely ignore it every time there is a sale.

The design really captures Sony’s new philosophy: minimalism

Yes, the european blog team takes this philosophy very much to heart.

MiseryPrincess 05 December, 2019 @ 13:27

Hey now, it takes effort to remove a sale from the front page that ended 3 days ago!

Randomly though, I hope PS5 is a whole lot more “weird” and “interesting”. The PS4 era Sony was a massive letdown on that front.

MiseryPrincess 04 December, 2019 @ 15:33

Hey look, someone on the blog mentioned the Vita!


And Sony didn’t even fire him!

MiseryPrincess 05 December, 2019 @ 13:12

Sony didn’t fire him…yet

Maybe they have a 3 strikes policy…

Cool! Is a limited edition PS4 pro announcement on the way? Just speculating as it’s the 25th anniversary good time to release it…

Do you have these images in 4K?

They just look blurry on my displays when set as wallpapers and have horrible compression artefacts.


Weirdly the versions on PS wallpapers are 1919 x 1080, so not even (Full) HD.

Being the wrong aspect ratio will also cause various problems due to minor stretching.

I think someone messed up a bit there.

In terms of esthetics my favorite designs are the PS1 and the PS2 slim, and Vita. :)

Downloaded the blue one for my 55″tv and it is only 57kb. The black one is 33kb. I think I will keep my older 3mb Kratos on boat with son wallpaper instead.

addendum. clicked thru on black wallpaper and it only ended up downloading as 115kb but thank you all the same Sony for the wallpapers and felicitations on Playstation’s 25th. Let us hope JANUARYsees a shipping date for thePS5 so we can pre-order as a certain big IP number 6 is touted as being announced then. Here’s hoping 💙

FreshFromThaDeli 05 December, 2019 @ 05:51

What IP announcing number 6 you referring to? GTA? Street Fighter?


@FreshFromThaDeli you thought of Street Fighter before Elder Scrolls ?

Did you all not get the theme in a email?

Edit yup just noticed it is Xmas not 25 years didn’t even open it just read free theme title and was like ok your doing this way


That’s an Xmas theme, not 25th anniversary – but thanks all the same I guess PlayStation 🙂



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