Vote for your favourite PlayStation Blog Game of the Year 2019

Nominations now open for Best PS4 Game, Best Art Direction, Gaming Moment of the Year, Most Anticipated, and more

It’s time! After a year chock-full of huge new games (with a few surprises along the way), the polls are now officially open for the annual PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year awards.

As always, these awards are decided entirely by you, the readers, so get in there and go to bat for the games you think deserve the win. We’ve got the categories you’d expect — Best PS4 Game, Best PS VR Experience, Best Soundtrack, Best Art Direction, and more — but we’ve added a couple new ones this year too. What was the best gaming moment of 2019?

Polls are open now, and we’ll keep them live until Sunday night. Then we’ll reveal the winners before 2019 draws to a close.

Important note: As always, any game that previously won a Platinum Trophy in the “Most Anticipated” category is barred from another nomination in that category.

Finally, I know we’ve said this a lot over the past few weeks, but it bears repeating: Thank you! It’s because of our readers that we’re able to do fun stuff like this, so we — and I, personally speaking — sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Now then, let’s vote!

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StevenJamesHyde 09 December, 2019 @ 17:08

Before anyone asks, you can’t vote TLOU2 for most anticipated because it already won in a previous year


This has not been my fave year for gaming at all. Only AAA game I bought on release has been Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and while I absolutely love it and all the free tracks and racers it’s been getting each month it’s still a (really good) remake of a 90s game. Last year I had two of my fave games ever come out (God of War and Spider-Man). This year nothing has really appealed to me that much other than CTR and some great indie games (like Shakedown: Hawaii, I was addicted to that until full completed everything and Blazing Chrome which showed Konami how to do Contra right and Konami still released a piece of trash instead). Not really sure what to vote for up there. hmm…

Carnivius_Prime 09 December, 2019 @ 17:32

i can’t seem to select anything anyways. hm

MiseryPrincess 09 December, 2019 @ 18:03

I think you can select stuff, it just doesn’t highlight it at all…

I dont know why, but no matter what I did I could not see any indication of what I had selected. Clicking on the name does nothing (or at least it seemed to do nothing). Turned off adblocker and tried using chrome, no difference. Clicking vote appears to count a vote but without knowing what is selected it kinda makes it seem like voting blindly. Fix your polls please.

Monster Hunter Iceborne isn’t an RPG.

(Monster Hunter World won several “best RPG” awards especially in the west, which confused the makers as they don’t consider it one)

Then again Crash Nitro Kart isn’t a “Sports game” either.


Yeah I’m still a bit salty about that, especially when MH won the game awards for RPG instead of actual RPGs like Deadfire…

But I guess the west will never accept the term karige or hunting game.

MiseryPrincess 10 December, 2019 @ 11:48

Problem is, in the west especially people use “RPG” for pretty much everything, if it has some kind of character stats or you can level something.

Stuff like Dark Souls, the itcher, Diablo, Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim, etc. etc aren’t really remotely like games like Dragonquest, Buldurs Gate or Wizardry but also get called RPGs.

Should probably just called them action adventures, but then action adventure is so vague too…

Judgment :orgazm:

Most anticipated: Sly trilogy remake, of course

Oh it’s a vote for the games you like.. Going from the title I was going to vote for the blog game of will it really appear on store this week or my favourite.. How much more money do we pay for something over what the USA pays. Oh I also forgot the game of.. Will the blog staff ever reply to anyone

MiseryPrincess 09 December, 2019 @ 20:50

I like the current game of “will you get a random page error” that has been going on for the last few days. Or “guess when will the Black Friday sale finally get removed from “this weeks discounts””..

Do they fall under best new comer or best dlc? nope just saw it “best ongoing game”


I like the “How many Vita and PS3 games will Sony add in the next sale?” game.

Days Gone and Crash Team Racing all the way

Days Gone

My favorite of the year..(drum roll) is…- Resident Evil 2


Resident Evil 2-GOTY!!!

Unable to vote using Chrome or Firefox, radio buttons are not displayed.

Ty for the comment!

Doesn’t display to me either and I am using firefox, so weird lol

toxicvengeance42 13 December, 2019 @ 17:59

Not working on mobile either. (Samsung net)

of course moment of the year won by Legendary Russian soldier,famous J-12.

He single handedly make whole country proud.

chose between him and Mr.X…


Kingdom hearts III GO GO GO!

Mr_Goodnight_88 10 December, 2019 @ 17:27

It was a strong year for PS. There were a lot of really good games that left me happy and absolutely [DELETED] Thank you Sony!


Не богатый выбор :)

Gave Judgment some love, one of my favourite games of the year.

Using Safari on the Mac, and I’m not even sure if it even detect what I’m picking.

Never mind Sony. You tried.

Why can’t you vote in the Russian version of the site?🤦‍♂️


Best indie I’ve played has to go to River city girls as it brought new life to the side scrolling beat em up genre for me….

Best game of the year – Re2. More cool Death stranding, Sekiro and Metro. Most anticipated – Elden Ring (sorry, Doom, Cyberpunk and Tlou).

I have yet to play many games from this list.

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