These are this week’s new PlayStation Store releases

Close to the Sun, Rugby 20, Lumini and more debut on PS4

This week on PlayStation Store, you can wrestle with terrifying threats at sea in sci-fi horror Close to the Sun, tackle sporting’s finest athletes in Rugby 20 or soar serenely through an alien landscape in puzzler Lumini.

These and many more games are launching digitally over the coming week, so have a browse of the full release list below*.

PlayStation StoreOut this week









*Release list and release dates correct at the time of publication.

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Since my birthday week I think get KH3 dlc when comes out this week .


Did you have a stroke while typing this?


Scootermix does not write very good English . He is known here . Lol



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MiseryPrincess 20 January, 2020 @ 18:59

This week on the google play store…

Oh wait~!!

(I know there’s not exactly any big name releases this week, but usually there’s at least a video and something about a few of them…)


You forgot to put the words Final Fantady VII Remake demo in the blog post, you know, the one that is actually real and you have/had on the PS Store servers. Yeah that one.


There is a massive VR game out this week. Shadow Legends


@Alucard6769 how’s Shadow Legend massive ? It’s a half priced game at around 3,5gigs.


Its massive and eagerly awaited by the VR community. Big games dont need to be £50 and 100gb.

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Seeing a re-release of the 35 year old Saboteur is pretty neat, I used to think that game was so cool back when I was a kid even though I sucked at it, but I can’t imagine it aged that well.

got it on switch along with no 2 a bit back, i have fond memories too but no its not aged very well, fun for an hour though, but i havent touched it again since i played them when bought , depends if got spare cash to spend haha


Unfortunately you won’t be able to find out how it looks on PS4, as per the usual it isn’t live – and you won’t get any replies from staff on where it’s gone…

I like how Knot World made the list.. a game released in july 2016

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