PlayStation Store’s Critics Choice promotion starts today

Save up to 60% on acclaimed PS4 titles like Death Stranding, FIFA 20, Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and more

PlayStation Store is embracing the awards season with its latest promotion! The Critics Choice selection celebrates critically-acclaimed PS4 titles through rewarding discounts. From today* you can save up to 60% on critically-acclaimed PS4 titles like Death Stranding, Marvel’s Spider-Man, FIFA 20 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

So if you want to enjoy the thrills of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, the intense firefights of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or sci-fi shootouts of Borderlands 3 for less, then this is the promotion for you.

Check out the full list of discounts below!

*Promotion runs from 00:00am GMT 5th February until 23.59pm 19th February

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Not worth it

Days Gone at $19.99 on US Store, not even on sale on EU stores, why ?

Just wait 2 weeks and it’ll be on sale again.. or wait til March, maybe April, and it will probably be added to PS Now. Then you can do that trial subscription thing and play for a few minutes, realize the game is bad, uninstall and play Tesla vs Lovecraft instead (which is on sale for 5€ btw )

Speaking of fun twin stick shooters, you have til tomorrow to grab Riddled Corpses EX for 2€


“Speaking of fun twin stick shooters”

That’s an oxymoron

We_Are-The_Dogs 06 February, 2020 @ 15:20

i like some twin stick games- dead nation, iron cryptical, stardust hd, pixeljunk shooter are good on ps4.

Smash tv is the all time classic though!

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More than 200 items went on sale (ME Andromeda for 4.99€, Fallen Order Deluxe for 55.99€, etc…) but are not listed in this sale (which only show 40 games on sale)

Check people to see the whole sale

Thanks a million for the tip that’s going to save me a load of time Armgunar

Yeah there is under £4 under £16 and a dlc sale of sorts on top of what’s listed here


Or use the ps store website instead of some cut and paste rubbish site.

Some of those “unlisted” games are from different sales such as one from the last few weeks that ends today.

More or less the same copy paste sale from last week, and the week before, and the week before that week, and the …

We’re all critics here, and this isn’t our choice


Got to admire the creativity of always coming up with new names for what is basically always the same sale.

MiseryPrincess 05 February, 2020 @ 15:32

Still waiting for the “You’re too lazy to buy physical copies so buy it from us for twice as much” sale.


Is crash team racing as good as I remember it being on PS1?

MiseryPrincess 05 February, 2020 @ 15:33

It’s baaasically the same game, more or less, other than the graphics. It has a similar story mode and includes tracks from the second game too.


It is. It’s a lot of fun, and actually has a lot more content compared to the original game.

Filled with microtransactions and ‘battle pass’ so no, it a corrupt version of the original

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Any chance Celeste and Salt and Sanctuary go on sale sometime?

I think it’s been over a year since they last went on sale.


I’m still waiting for Omensight to go on sale once, even though it was released nearly 2 years ago…

Critics choices are… Hitman 2?!?

Who are these critics, i’m not sure they’re making good choices.

HeikeStagBeetle 06 February, 2020 @ 16:25

Well, apparently these critics enjoy themselves a puzzle game with a macabre sense of humour where you can walk around in a flamingo suit while swinging a battle axe (which makes the puzzle a little harder, BTW). I applaud them for that choice. And I’m guessing your interests lie elsewhere. Which is OK.


Problem with Hitman 2 is mostly that it’s a buggy mess, with horrendously bad AI.

It’s fine if you just want to be silly, and still find a guy dressing in a comedic way hilarious the 10301307th time. However, as a stealth game* it’s pretty much useless, ridiculously easy and kind of boring.

(*stealth games are one of my favorite genres. Which isn’t a good genre to like as it’s a pretty rare there’s a good entry. Stealth sections now are so often just “crouch walk in tall grass and press kill button” or “get caught, machine gun everyone and go back to hiding”.)


Great time to go physical!

Assassin’s creed Oddessy Ultimate has wrong link

Also why not put up prices here next to them, like the US blog

Because that would actually mean work. You’re funny.

They don’t put prices because they price it differently in every country and cannot afford to let people know that other countries get it cheaper when money is exchanged from one place to the other


Yet again, the only Vita games on sale are crossbuy titles. When are we going to have a sale on Vita games?

SA stores don’t even have half of the listed games here for sale ? why?

HeikeStagBeetle 06 February, 2020 @ 16:31

The America region has separate deals from the EMEA region, that’s why.

Funny how you apply the 50-60% to only the most expensive items, and even then they still cost as much as a full priced game.

Jog on.


This has been the most boring sale in history, maybe ever.

<insert Trump picture here>

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