These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Media Molecule’s Dreams, Airship Syndicate’s Darksiders Genesis and Sega’s Yakuza 5 Remastered headline this week’s game launches

It’s a new week and PlayStation Store is readying for the release of multiple titles in the days ahead. Let’s take a look!

Dreams | Out: 14th February

Media Molecule unleashes the full version of its ultra-ambitious Dreams, which gives you all the tools and tutorials you need to inspire you to create games, artwork, animations and more, then share them with the rest of the Dreams community. (And if you’re an Early Access player, you can get an early start on the full game from tomorrow!)

Darksiders Genesis | Out: 14th February

Elsewhere, take a Diablo-esque trip through Hell with Darksiders Genesis. In this prequel to the successful action RPG series, play as the sword-wielding War or gun-slinging Strife, battling enemy attackers and upgrading your skills either solo or in co-op.

Yakuza 5 Remastered | Out: 11th February

Kazuma Kiryu’s journey is finally complete as Yakuza 5 Remastered launches! Now you can enjoy the entirety of the epic Japanese underworld saga on one console, as the game joins the other franchise entries on PS4.

You can check out the full release list for this week on PlayStation Store below!

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I hope Glass Masquerade 2 isn’t too expensive compared to PC. I got the first one in a bundle and really enjoyed the serenity.

Darksiders Genesis looks fun as well. I didn’t like the two games that were in PS+, but this looks better. Will wait for sale though.




I’ll pickup Ikari Warriors… still have the PlayStation mini version on my Vita.

Clive Townsend’s Saboteur I and II on the speccy held a special place in my heart in my childhood, even though I was pretty crap at them. Nostalgic though….

So two weeks ago y’all had Kamiko, kinda, up there as a release. What happened? I still can’t find it in the store 😢

Have it on the Switch already, but I’ll probably get Ikari Warriors for my PS4 arcade folder.

It’s a twin stick shooter now and works great.

For all of you who choose Ikari Warriors what a wise choice already have it on SNK 40th remastered by Digital Eclipse but funny enough the hamsters version is the better of the 2 seems to be more playable other than that rubbish


what are you talking about?

The SNK Anniversary version is an emulation of the AES version not the arcade board. Hamster use the same emulation company as M2 and always uses the arcade pcb warts and all so you get a 100% authentic arcade experience. Get an arcade stick.

You litterally posted a blog post about Mosaic coming out on the same day as this post, and yet you fail to list it here in the Store update. Can we please shut down the EU blog, it is completely pointless and useless!

But then you wont be able to visit it anymore, as you are doing now….


My visits here stem from a simple morbid curiosity as to how they manage to mess up on a weekly basis. I go to the US blog for information. This blog is worse than lack of information, it is straight up misinformation, and I’m amazed that people running this are still getting paid.


I am making short New Ps4 Games This Week videos every week so please check it out :)

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