Join the PlayStation Player Celebration to win exclusive prizes

Play games and earn Trophies to unlock shared community rewards, plus enter for a chance to take home the grand prize

Since the launch of PlayStation 4, more than 100 million players have come together to share incredible stories, experience countless adventures, and create life-long memories in a generation of unforgettable PS4 games.

To celebrate our fans, we’re calling on the PlayStation community to join together to play toward a shared set of goals and win exclusive PS4 Themes and PSN avatars. Sign-ups start today and the program ends when all goals are reached (or 15th March, whichever happens first). By signing up, you’ll also have a chance to win a PlayStation kit, which includes a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID!

Here are the steps to participate:

Sign up

First, register with your PSN Sign-In ID here*. Registration opens today, and you’ll start contributing to any upcoming goals as soon as the goal period starts. You can start contributing to the Community Goals for Stage One on 24th February.

2. Start playing!

There are two Community Goals in each Stage:

  • Play multiple PS4 games — the Community must play a target number of games for each Stage. Every PS4 game that each entrant plays for at least an hour (across as many sessions during the Stage) will count toward a goal.
  • Earn Trophies — the Community must earn a target number of Trophies for each Stage. Up to six PS4 Trophies each entrant earns each day will count toward a goal. Trophies earned from games with a multiplayer mode count double!

3. Win exclusive rewards

Everyone who signs up can earn exclusive themes and avatars when the Community hits a goal. The rewards will be delivered directly to your PS4 via system notification.

By signing up, you’ll also have the chance to win an exclusive PlayStation kit, which includes a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID, a £75/€90 Euro/6,100 Russian Ruble PlayStation Store voucher, and voucher codes for a selection of our greatest PS4 games. To win, you’ll also need to answer a question at on 17th March, 2020 at 11am GMT / 12pm CET. The first two correct answers will be selected as winners. See the official rules for details.

Check out the chart below to see the goals for each round, as well as what prizes you can win.

Goal One

125K Games Played and 500K Trophies Earned


  • An exclusive PS4 static Theme
  • An exclusive PSN avatar

Start playing from 24th February

Goal Two

375K games played and 1.5M Trophies earned


  • Five exclusive PSN avatar images

Starts when Goal One is completed

Goal Three

675K games played and 2.7M Trophies earned


  • An exclusive PS4 dynamic theme

Starts when Goal Two is completed

Click here to learn more about the program, and track the latest progress on Community Goals. Make sure to check back often to see how the Community is doing, when each goal has been met, and when the next one begins.

Good luck and happy gaming!

*No purchase necessary. Open to residents of participating countries who are 18 or older. See Official Rules for details. Void where prohibited.

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cant register, it says page not found when i click the link


I have the same problem, i guess our countries aren’t included. Thanks Sony Europe!


Same here. Getting a bit tired of being excluded from most PS promotions.


Interesting, what countries are included? Because page with the rules not found to.

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Good work Sony posting a non-working link on your own blog. This is the correct link:

That’s to my local site, which is the Irish one. It probably will work for everyone in Europe/ME/Africa/AU/NZ, but if it doesn’t it should be simple enough to change the “en-ie” part to match your own country/language combination.


thank you


The real MVP, thanks so much! Just as I was losing hope…

THEDEMONLORD92 01 March, 2020 @ 03:16

I thought I would never be able to sign up for this, you’ve saved our lives! <3

Second link fails.

Can’t register. Page not found when trying to use your broken link.

Whilst the link indeed is broken, the campaign seems to be live at so for those wanting to sign up early, best to head there :)

“Participating Countries/Regions” include: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, and US.

It’s unfair for other countries to feel left out.All the promotions must be for all and I am still waiting when PlayStation will give the same attention to Europe as it does with the the USA

Wait, so it all boils down to clicking a link on 17th March and answering a question, with the first two winning? Not a random prize draw?

I guess anybody with a full time job is already excluded from winning this then.


Me: Hey, can i “celebrate” with the others?

Sony: Wait what ? You live in Greece and want to participate ? [DELETED].

What is worse, i can’t change my freaking Country/Region.

Great freaking work guys, bra-freaking-vo!

Same thing for Cyprus. I also can’t change my Country/Region and I am stuck on Greece even if I live in Cyprus… and we can’t participate which makes it unfair and sony has to do something. If not then why to play on ps4 i will just switch to pc…


Nevermind Greece and Cyprus, this sh** is hilarious, they organized an event where people should play collectively to gather trophies and playhours and they neglected many countries! It’s like they wanted to make it harder but didn’t want to up the goals so it wouldn’t seem too difficult.

Either their marketing department or their lawyers are extremely lazy. I still hold a grudge against those incompetents since they left us out out of 2018’s Days Of Play competition. Although my guess is on their lawyers. Their lawyers were always so useless, prime example is they couldn’t even write a simple and effective contract with IBM and IBM ended up making XBOX 360’s CPU with Sony’s RnD money. That’s just how useless they are, they always were a liability.


Went through the link on this page: scroll down to item 5 “how to enter” and select the link. I’m in the UK and it worked ok.

I am unable to sign on the site keeps just refreshing the page when i click sign in

we need a global event everyone wants it not an few countries event sony

I see Italy is not included, please tell me it’s not related to some strange law of ours…


Think it is, something with gambling for possible money? hmm , sucks :(

What a farce. If you really want to celebrate your fans, stop treating them like idiot kids. How about you give something back? And I’m not talking about a stupid avatar or theme, but a free game for everyone.

And improve the quality of PS Plus, or change it so players can choose two games from a selection each month. Or even better, give us a bit of store credit or 20%-off on any purchase if we don’t download the games.

MiseryPrincess 22 February, 2020 @ 02:05

Should at least at the very minimum drop PS+ back to the cost it was before. They increased the price just before cutting 2/3rds of the content.

If it wasn’t forced on players for online, barely anyone would buy it now.

Clicking on the blue words that says sign-ups start today and will get you to the website as the blue word that says here at the end of the sign-up paragraph will send you to a page not found page. The blue words that say click here at the beginning of the following sentence that says to learn about the program and Community Goals will also take you to a page not found page.


good job

So my country is good enough for spending money on games but not good enough to be included in the “celebration”. Thanks Sony.


I dont think its Sonys fault this time. Online gambling is restricted in Greece right? I think its the possibility to win the 100 dollar in Ps Store that [DELETED] this up for alot of countries. Not sure, but I would think it is.


@Maaden_Swe, nope. In Greece this isn’t considered gambling, cause you don’t invest money to make short-term luck-based money.

So the [DELETED] is all Sony’s. They just couldn’t care less.


Make sense but someone wrote an answer that people can buy games to get fast and easy trophies. That would be so stupid if thats the reason it would be gambling. But we are all speculating, want some real answers, come on Sony, jump in here

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xTheNemesisRE3 18 February, 2020 @ 20:22

Just 5 avatars? 4 of which I already bought and 2 themes which quite frankly don’t look that interesting to me, especially with the recent Free Dynamic Theme of TLOU part 2 released that looks better than both of these put together – I’ll stick with that theme.. No Thanks Sony.

Not working for Greece. Ha! Of course 😡

I played 1955 hours unlocked more than 500 trophies in 2019 and I can’t participate! Thx europe!


There’s probably some obscure, yet “understandable” reason for this.

They wouldn’t exclude a country out of pettiness, spite or something. What would Sony’s motive be for excluding Italy?

Try contacting Sony customer support as complaining on this blog most likely won’t get you an answer.

Also, what does Europe have to do with a corporate decisions made by PlayStation? Misdirected or unfounded irrational anger much?


I was hyped up but unfortunately Greece is not include it in this event. Future posts should state clearly which countries are participating in the events

Great. Once again rest of the world is left out. Is sony getting revenue only from US ? Why can’t it allow any promotional events for others?

It’s not worked



I can’t login to register!

Cant register is get a 404…


I advise all to google for Playstation Player Celebration because the links posted before might not be working or might not be related to your home location.

Sucks that not everyone can join but I dont think its Sonys fault this time? Online gambling laws are to blame since you can win the 100 dollar in Ps Store. How its gambling I dont know. Would be nice if Sony actually explained this so people can get angry at the right people.


I totally get your point and i agree. Your way of thinking is 100% correct imo. But in order to gamble, you must spend money. If you just win things based on participation, it isn’t gambling, is it ? I am not an expert in legal matters, plus i think it matters most to how gambling is described in every country’s law, but this is waaaay too pure to be considered gambling.

If they wanted to help in any form, there would allow us to change region. But no.


Yes to gamble you have to risk money yourself. Would be awesome if someone who actually know for sure gave us an answer :)

You spend money buying the different games to add to total to win some little photos to show off to noone

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cant register, it says page not found 404 when i click the link 😢

Managed to register, but I’m pretty sure I’ll forget about the question that needs answering on the 17th March.

“The first two correct answers will be selected as winners.”

Have you learned nothing Sony? This is bad in so many ways such as people who have disabilities and can’t type as quickly or just those who can’t access the internet until they return from work. How about giving everyone a fair chance and randomly select from the correct answers?


MiseryPrincess 22 February, 2020 @ 01:55

It does seem a bit of a crappy non inclusive way to do an “inclusive” competition.

Just like not including random countries..

Important question:

Do PlayStation Vita trophies count towards the goal?

I also Trophy hunt on Vita.


Trophies are trophies, they are platform independent.

TheMarkopoloShow 24 February, 2020 @ 17:35

I got confirmation from Ask PlayStation UK on twitter and unfortunately PS3 and Vita trophies do not count. Playtime and trophies earned are only recorded via PS4.

Already sign up did not recive any theme ?


I play battlefield 5 on ps4

How to create a new profile (I do not mean hosting) only a permanent account so that I can start all the progress again?

when I made a new account, new email on the console, I don’t have the PS PLUS icon there, which means I have to buy it, and people say that you can connect ps plus to these 2 accounts, what’s on one console, how to do it?

Forgive my colleagues for asking me here, but officially the ps forum was closed :( why?


hello guys

I play battlefield 5 on ps4How to create a new profile (I do not mean hosting) only a permanent account so that I can start all the progress again?when I made a new account, new email on the console, I don’t have the PS PLUS icon there, which means I have to buy it, and people say that you can connect ps plus to these 2 accounts, what’s on one console, how to do it?Forgive my colleagues for asking me here, but officially the ps forum was closed :( why?

Make both accounts primary on the one system and you should be able to use plus on both second account will not show as having plus but you can still play online and use other account games

Registered but considering it’s one of those contests where first to answer wins I’ll give it a pass. Is there any way to unregister?

I had 6 trophies on 6 different games set up to start on the 24th, think I’ll just earn them before the start and completely play offline for the next few weeks. Shame as I have more than enough games to fill every hour of every day through the event. Congrats on killing any interest.

A better way to choose the winners would be to pick the ones who contribute the most like earning most trophies and time playing contribution. Any necessary tie breaker could be to answer a question.

Where is Turkey? I can’t participate this community, thanks for discrimination Sony!

TH3GAM3150V3R_94 24 February, 2020 @ 20:37

where do i go to check progress

I would like to know my self, been playing since yesterday and allowed my nephew to play for the first time but the progress on the page still 0 …


everyone wants to know what the result is after the first day ….

How do you know if you are signed up it as each time I click the sign up button it say I am but when I go to check the progress it still gives me the option to sign up?

For those who wants to track progress, the UK link works and shows this (results after 1 day) :

66% progress : 81 992 games played (1 game played = 1 hour session counted) / Goal 1 : 125 000 games played

10% progress : 50 586 trophies earned (goal 1 : 500 000)


Why would you tell us this after it’s started? Surely this is an important thing to note if you want to participate?

“Device Data Notice: If you have only chosen to allow the collection of data necessary to provide our online service from your PlayStation 4 system settings, usage data (including gameplay) may not be collected. This could impact your entry and participation in the PlayStation Player Celebration. To find out more or to change your settings navigate to [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data] on your PlayStation 4 system”

404 page not found… nice. Thanks Sony for region lock…… I from Russia and how I can join this event???? I traveling and now Im in Europe. Why u blocking me? Facepalm!


WaynesWorld_DS4 27 February, 2020 @ 20:10

When do we receive the gifts cause Stage one has been complete and haven’t received anything yet??

time_keeper001 27 February, 2020 @ 21:23

Now that the first stage has been cleared, has anyone already received the prize for it? I’m still waiting and I don’t even know if I successfully registered.

SuperSchmu93 03 March, 2020 @ 06:02

Ditto. I tried to register for like 30 minutes until I felt it actually submitted on February 24th. Still no prize.

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