These are this week’s new PlayStation Store releases

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, Two Point Hospital, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection and more debut on PS4

This week on PlayStation Store, become the world’s most powerful superhero, embrace the challenge of running a hospital or test your platforming skills with one of the all-time genre greats.

Let’s dive in.

Two Point Hospital | Out: Tuesday 25th February

This spiritual successor to popular sim series Theme Hospital embodies everything that made the original so great, injecting a generous dose of humour into the high-stress management of an ever-developing medical centre. Build new wings, develop medicines, train staff and cure as many patients as possible.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection | Out: Tuesday, 25th February

Capcom continues its streak of uniting platforming greats of yesteryear into one comprehensive collection for modern audiences. This time it’s six Mega Man titles in one package: Mega Man Zero 1 through 4, as well as Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows | Out: Friday 28th February

Spike Chunsoft brings its experience from crossover fighter Jump Force to another revered manga and anime series: One Punch Man. This arena battler’s roster is packed with the crazy heroes that made the source material a hit. Pick a trio and do battle, or head into the character creator and build your own crime fighter.

These three join a selection of other titles launching this week*. Check out the full list below!

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XX Mission released today. Space Channel 5 only on Wednesday? Man, I wanted to play at midnight :(

What about Tempest, the pirate rpg? AND WHAT ABOUT COFFEE TALK in Sweden? You are so slow

No sign of House Flipper? I thought that was out this week

House Flipper is on the New Zealand store today so there is hope it’s coming to other PlayStation EU regions as well. They probably forgot to mention it in the blog post which isn’t unusual.


OMG Mission XX gets finally gets released other that Nothing


Yo, serious question. Are we literally never gonna get any new avatars? The latest entry dates back to December 20th, and we’re going to ignore the Frankenstein themed one that has its release date listed as January 2021…

Same goes with themes, really. Barring two themes from April Fools last year whose release is listed as April 1st 2020, the last entry we got is Untitled Goose Game’s theme on December 17th.

Seriously, it’s been two months since either of these have seen an entry.

But that would mean, someone would have to take care of store maintenance!? Isn’t that a little too much to ask. It’s not like their services are getting more expensive every year, is it? Oh, … wait?


No House Flipper??? Blog Playstation Made an article about IT, House Flipper and Playstation Said the Release is 25.February. and after hyping the Game… Nothing

nukualofaperson 27 February, 2020 @ 19:35

Several games released this week that are not listed here: Hayfever, Racing Bros, House Flipper, Flowers Are Dead, ACA NeoGeo: Puzzle Bobble, MX Nitro: Unleashed, Tempest, and Mecho Tales.

Don’t even think we were getting don’t even think this week.

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