Survive a tension-filled underwater adventure in Freediver: Triton Down Extended Cut, out this week on PS VR

Find what new gameplay features have been added to the award-nominated title to make the PS4 release the definitive version

Time to take a deep breath and take the plunge: we’re pleased to announce that the Extended Cut of our submersive adventure VR game, Freediver: Triton Down, is available this Thursday, 27th February!

The original cut of Freediver: Triton Down was released on PC VR in May 2019; from the intense underwater escape from a sinking ship, to its gesture-based swimming mechanic, to its nomination for VR Game of the Year, it took players by surprise. Since then, we’ve heard your requests for Freediver on PS VR, and are now excited to share the new Extended Cut with the PlayStation community!

Freediver: Triton Down Extended Cut on PS4

Just what does “Extended Cut” mean? While reshaping Freediver: Triton Down for console VR, we had the opportunity to build on what made the original game great, while exploring some of the wild ideas that still kept us up at night.

For us, that meant turning the lights out, and the tension up. (Yes, even more than the original.) All-new levels on the ship have been added and plunged into darkness, introducing an extra layer of challenge to the many puzzles you’ll encounter. To help you swim your way through the murk, we’ve also added a handy flashlight: its beam is powerful, but there are some dangers in the depths that only a cool head and lightning reflexes will save you from.

Freediver: Triton Down Extended Cut on PS4

Above all that, we listened to our number one request from the community and expanded the sci-fi-inspired story of Freediver: Triton Down even further. The capsized Triton is littered with lost audio logs of the crewmembers’ final days aboard. Are their fates sealed? What caused the rogue wave that sent the Triton plummeting to the ocean floor? And who—or what—is the mysterious specimen named Emi?

Freediver: Triton Down Extended Cut on PS4

We had a blast returning to the uncertain underwater world of Freediver: Triton Down, and we hope you love escaping the Triton disaster as much as we loved brewing it up. So grab your PS Move controllers, get those swimming arms ready, and most of all: #DontForgetToBreathe.

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This looks really interesting and perfect for VR. Looking forward to checking it out.

I bet you get attacked by a shark

Just looked up the reviews and I’m officially sold. It looks great. Time to dust off the headset and dive back in…. Sorry.

Unfortunately the psvr version looks nearly identical to the quest version, and not the PC version. Which is unacceptable. The PS4 can handle slightly more than the 3 year old phone version, to say the least.


ShadowGandalf 01 March, 2020 @ 16:43

I’ve looked but can’t find this on store. You said the release was 27th Feb. It’s 1st Mar now. Has there been a delay or has it been taken down for some reason?

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