These are this week’s PlayStation Store releases

Separation and CrossCode debut on PS4, plus Final Fantasy VII Remake demo launches and The Division 2 returns to New York

Amongst other things on PlayStation Store this week, you can take a meditative trip through the lens of PS VR, enjoy some meta-level commentary on the RPG genre, reunite with gaming icons or take a trip to the Big Apple.

Let’s take a look.

Separation | Out: Tuesday, 3rd March

Separation on PS4

Explore a captivating landscape free from time pressures or other people in a PS VR title described as an “ambient adventure’ by its solo developer Martin Wheeler. Gameplay is relaxed, with the primary focus being exploration of the artistic desolation around you.

CrossCode | Out: Friday, 6th March

CrossCode on PS4

A retro-style sci-fi action RPG heavy with genre meta-commentary. Log in to an MMO and start tackling dangerous foes, solving puzzles and engaging with other ‘players’ who are exploring this vast world. Come for the knowing wink at genre convention, stay for the fast-paced combat.

The Division 2 – Warlords of New York | Out: Tuesday, 3rd March

Division agents have spent the past year reclaiming Washington D.C from roving gangs and more sinister threats. But now a new mission will call them back to where Ubisoft’s MMO shooter began: the Big Apple. The Division 2 owners can get their ticket back to NYC with an expansion pass, while newcomers can pick up the Ultimate Edition that combines all the content released for the shooter sequel thus far.

Final Fantasy VII Remake demo | Out: Monday 2nd March

FFVII fans and the curious can get a taster for what awaits in Midgar right now, as Square Enix has stealth-dropped a demo for its upcoming JRPG. Reunite with Cloud and co. and enjoy the familiar sights as well as the big changes to the 1997 original. For first timers, this will offer a perfect tutorial into the mix of action and strategy that headlines the action of this new take on a PlayStation classic.

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FantasyMeister 03 March, 2020 @ 07:52

In other exciting news, the mmorpg Black Desert is getting its new free crossplay patch on March 4th, so PS4 and Xbox players will be able to work together in complete… harmony ;) Update includes the new Kamasylvia Region and the Archer class for Xbow/Greatbow fanatics.


What syrup isn’t even showing up on the store. I don’t understand why sony can’t make games show up early before they release like Nintendo does lol.

Absolutely pointless hiding games lol.

They’ve got Art of Fighting 3 listed as an Arcade Archives release when it’s ACA NEOGEO.


Hi, any reason why Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash! isn’t released on the European store?

nukualofaperson 03 March, 2020 @ 22:57

It’s out, but not in Norway.

dio_tsirigotis 06 March, 2020 @ 13:04

CrossCode release date is based on inaccurate info, unfortunately. Twitter Link below.

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