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Posted 11:45am

DUST 514 Free-to-Play: Origin Pack available now


Heads up, mercs – the new DUST 514 Origin Pack is here. Available now on PlayStation Store, the Origin Pack is loaded with 20 each of the all-new ‘Origin’ dropsuits, the far-future clone armor DUST 514 mercenaries wear on the battlefields of New Eden. This camouflage armor is exclusive to the PlayStation Store and can’t be purchased on the in-game marketplace, so lock yours down today.

In addition to these new Assault C-1 and Logistics M-1 Origin suits, this pack also comes with all the weapons, grenades, equipment, and modules you’ll need to customize them to suit your personal play style. If you enjoy raising fallen comrades as much as you like dropping your enemies, the Origin Pack has you covered. With deadly weapons like the ‘Slashfire’ Submachine Gun and crucial logistics gear like the ‘Cannibal’ Nanite Injector, you’ll be ready for action no matter which role you choose.

The Origin Pack also includes a 3-day Active Skill Booster to accelerate your skill-point gains on the battlefield. DUST 514 is always completely free-to-play, with optional in-game purchases for mercenaries who want to take their experience further. With the Origin Pack, you’ll be prepared for anything.

The DUST 514 Origin Pack contains 20 each of the following items:


  • ‘Origin’ Assault C-1 Dropsuit [PSN Exclusive!]
  • ‘Origin’ Logistics M-1 Dropsuit [PSN Exclusive!]


  • ‘Blindfire’ Assault Rifle
  • ‘Slashvent’ Submachine Gun
  • ‘Tsunami’ Mass Driver
  • ‘Husk’ AV Grenade
  • ‘Haze’ locus Grenade

Battlefield Equipment

  • ‘Eclipse’ Active Scanner
  • ‘Terminus’ Drop Uplink
  • ‘Torrent’ Nanohive
  • ‘Cannibal’ Nanite Injector

Customization Modules

  • ‘Kinesis’ Basic Shield Extender
  • ‘Synapse’ Basic Shield Recharger
  • ‘Pathogen’ Basic Codebreaker
  • ‘Shaft’ Basic Shield Regulator
  • ‘Nacre’ Basic Reactive Plates
  • ‘Abatis’ Basic Ferroscale Plates
  • ‘Goliath’ Basic Armor Plates

Clone Augmentations

  • 3-day Active Skill Booster

The Origin Pack is available in Europe now, priced €4.99/£3.99. See you on the battlefield!

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Does any 1 even play this game, EPIC Fale

MaxDiehard 19 November, 2013 @ 2:29 pm   2


About 280,000 players.

And wow, your spelling. Just wow. Epic fail.

@maxdiehard wow faile I mist a e retard

Best I’ve played from online shooters.

280,000 lol yea u can tell that by all the comments game is the worst shooter on the market for ps3

Cool stuff