WipEout HD Fury – New Screenshots

Hi all,

Just a quick update form the WipEout HD team: our artists have been mucking about with the game’s photo mode and have taken some frankly beautiful shots of the new modes, ships and tracks you will be playing in the forthcoming Fury expansion pack. They were so good, we just had to share them.

WipEout HD Fury Expansion Pack *New*

WipEout HD Fury Expansion Pack *New*

WipEout HD Fury Expansion Pack *New*

WipEout HD Fury Expansion Pack *New*

See all 10 new images over on Flickr.

Let us know what you think! We’ll have more info for you about the expansion pack soon.


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WOW I Can’t wait. WipEout is a great game!
But are there plans to bring it out on Blu-Ray? I think that if you combine this with the game, that it would sell very well. Because many people here in the EU don’t have a credit card.


These.. look.. incredible..



do want…

I can only suggest a blog road trip to Liverpool to bully Studio L into giving us a release date.

Loving the recent(ish) changes they have made to online multiplayer too, planning to spend a lot more time with this game.

Lookin’ awesome :D
Hopefully it won’t be too long before it releases.



Love WipEout HD… its fantastic and absolutely HARD! Hehe :)
On the downside my PS3 got the YLOD and needs to be repaired soon! :(


I played Fury at E3 after I needed to change my pants. Oh and check out 37 images over on flickr…





i cannot wait for this expansion!!! Love WipEout

damonthemoney 10 June, 2009 @ 16:53

I’ve been spending a lot more time on WipEout HD lately, it’s fantastic! Kudos to everybody who worked on it, it was well worth the money =]

I can’t wait until this is released! I just watched the trailer, it’s the best!

Looks nice.
Shame that the game doesn’t allow me to play online anymore, otherwise I would buy it.
So, please fix the bug that prevents some players from getting online.

I love the design work in the Wipeout games, the logo designs are really good. I also love the look of the ships, inspiring stuff, it’s what fuels my work.


Holy crap!! man, I love Wipeout HD and I can’t wait for this pack. Still need to beat Zico for my platinum.

DAMN YOU ZICO!!!!! lol

Looks totally awesome! Can’t wait for it!


Looks incredible, Wipeout is such a fantastic game I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on fury!


These are AMAZING screenshots ! Can’t wait to play this expansion !

Hoping the Tigron ship manufacturer will ever show up…


Awesome job, SCE Liverpool! Soon, Wipeout HD will be mine, oh yes!

Great game. Awesome music and graphic design. I’m currently busy with the original tracks but will prolly buy the update when it comes out.

JesteR17011 10 June, 2009 @ 17:18

WipeOut Fury looks like they improved the graphics. Im definetly interessted.


Great looking ships, can’t wait!

Those pics are amazing, keep up the awesomeness Wipeout Team!

RagingWhisky 10 June, 2009 @ 17:26



What would probably make Wipeout an even better game is if instead of purely confined to straight trhrough tracks – the environment opened up to span cities/suburbs and countryside of the WipeOut universe….now thatd be interesting.


It would be, I’d love to get the chance to design some of that stuff. I’m sure with my dresign style I could create some decent logos, might have a go at designing some ships, the lines and angles are fantastic.

Would be cool to get some customisation into the ships, add our own logos and designs.

truly, truly beautiful – good work chaps


I love how the wipeout games are so rich in colours and run so smoothly. Definetly gonna buy this, thanks studio liverpool :D

What better time to start getting back into Wipeout than with this? Looking forward to it :D

Vhari x

almighty-slayer 10 June, 2009 @ 19:07

So this is what you do all day. Play wipEout and take pretty pictures.

/wants job at Studio Liverpool

Looking fantastic guys. I want :)


Wipeout looks amazing but it’s one of those games i just can’t get a grip on, and that’s not for that lack of trying!


Just thought i’d let you and the readers of the Official Blog know that i am running a compo on the Unoffical Threespeech where you can win a splendid official LBP t-shirt. All welcome to enter. pop on over to see what you gotta do.

*waves to Jimmy, E-ROLE, Sketch, reakt + pabloamigo* nice to we we’ve infiltrated the new Official site nicely ;)


HOW DO THEY DO THAT??? i’ve been playing with the photo mode, but the result I get is always garbage! Bah. I’ve no artistic skills at all. Sad.


thank you! i really can’t wait to download the expansion!

I can’t wait for this to arrive.

The graphics for this are the best I have seen on the PS3.


i know 3rd image is based on Zone. But it has a feel of Tron. ahhh i love that film.


i love the original HD game & i know that i will love the addon too.. so give it to me asap :)

but the hard mode could be a little bit less frustrating…

only complaint i got..

really good work guys.. keep it up…


I can’t wait :)

Ravenblade86 10 June, 2009 @ 21:26

So when are we going to get it Studio Liverpool? Thats all I want to know…right now these beautiful screenshots just make me want to cry because I can’t have Fury yet :( lol

Really, I still reckon WipEout HD is the best looking game around


WHAT ABOUT VIDZONE!! when is that comming out???

TheNarrator 10 June, 2009 @ 22:17

oh wow, they are some super-pretty shots there. cant wait to give it all a go, hopefully itll get me back into the game, there be some trophies that still need to be achieved too.


umm dude it was announced a few blog posts back. but to let ya know june 11 (tomorrow)


Ohh my god, this just look awsome, cant wait to get my fingers on the DLC.

It comes just at the right time, im almost finished with the game on elite, there is just a coupple of maps that i cant get the elite medal, but thats god enough for me. :)

So bring it on…..!

Still looking excellent I see.

SeasonForTreason 11 June, 2009 @ 03:58

Beautiful pics m8s!!!
I got the first Wipeout on my PSP, but I can’t play it… it’s to [DELETED] hard =P


Love the look of Wipeout, but I just can’t get into it! :( Probably has something to do with me being rubbish at it, so does anyone have any tips?

This game is too difficult!

It was a real waste of my money :(

there’s a video of this on the US STORE.

NightHawk767 11 June, 2009 @ 10:19

The shots look amazing! I just hope this gets bundled and released on disc, because my hdd is full :(

@ Idodgerl

Just practice makes perfect, make sure you lean into the corners as tight as possible and keep ahead of the other racers by using speed pads as much as possible.

Bilbo_bobbins 11 June, 2009 @ 10:33

pretty impressive screen shots guys. Nice one. I might have to look into getting this game.

Does the 2nd picture show an explosion of some kind?

There goes my 100% trophies. well, good excuse to start practicing again :-)

I look most forward to zone-battling.

Looks great, this will be an instant purchase for me. Haven’t touched the game for a little while after spending many frustrating (and unsuccessful) hours trying to beat Zico but this looks like it’s going to renew the addiction.

These’ll be a day one buy from me, just like Wipeout HD. :)

What excellent screens they are though, and they look just as good as the normal game!

Hi Paul,

Can you please make this game a little easier?

I think it’s a great game, but it’s way too difficult. I can only play the first 3 levels. Higher levels are unreachable for me.
This is a bit frustrating and i’d like to see the rest of the game.

Please add a ‘very easy’ AI option, so it’s possible for me to win some races.


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