WipEout Fury Developer Diary – Ship Design Ethos

Hello everyone, my name is Dave Glanister and I’m the WipEout Fury Ship designer, here to give you a little insight into how we created the look of the ships.

Our main aim for the new WipEout Fury ships was to modernise their visual look whilst keeping the DNA of each existing individual team. On previous WipEout games, a key feature for ship design was its dynamic straight edge and triangular silhouette. For PSone and PSP this key element was the best way to achieve a great design without using a huge amount of polygons.

WipEout HD Fury - Feisar Ship Elevations, 1

Our approach for the Fury ships was to keep the dynamic straight edge design but add to it by dividing the ships body panels up into three main layers. This new addition to the ships allowed us to overlap, interlock and weave the main ship panels together to achieve a more complex look.

By taking this approach it allowed the designs to show gaps, grooves and negative windows of space that were in-turn filled with real time PS3 self shadows. This made the ships appear lighter and more hover like without reducing the ships scale or bulk.

WipEout HD Fury - Feisar Ship Elevations, 2

To evolve the designs further we replaced the nut and bolt element to the WipEout HD ships by building clean simplified inter-locking mechanical shapes. This suggested fewer components in the ships build. Also it gave the ships a tailor-made look and also suggested that the ships parts had been created with new and advanced material.

WipEout HD Fury - Feisar Ship Elevations, 3

When viewing the ship design side on, the body panels have been purposely angled forwards to help create a dynamic appearance even when stationary. As a result the ship’s profile fights against the horizontal lines of the track’s surface which helps communicate the notion of an antigravity spacecraft.

To help identify the Fury ships within a race we added a second layer to the cockpit. This gives the impression of extra pilot protection. Well also placed a blue emissive tint to the cockpit glass which adds energy, notion of power and focal point to the core of every ship design.

That’s it from me! Hope you enjoyed reading about what I do :) I understand that we’ll have another update for you on WipEout Fury next week by another member of the team here. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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Charlotte Large 03 July, 2009 @ 17:14

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that unfortunately Dave won’t be available to answer your comments this evening. But please do let us know what you think of the ship designs, and if you have any questions about WipEout Fury – we’ll try to post up answers for you next week.


Any idea on a launch date?

I can’t wait for this update. Wipeout HD is a fantastic game that all PS3 owners should own. Same goes for the PSP owners.

Love the new aggressive look of the ships too, suits the “Fury” tag.

No worries Charlotte and great work Dave. The design is delicious. Now all you have to do is give me a code so I don’t have to pay for the DLC. Money is non existent (feel sorry for me)


no way i am going to buy expansion pack for over a year old game:(

Looking good :D
Can’t wait for the expansion to launch.



Nice, im so looking forward to this update… only hope is that, you guys dont mess with the difficulty settings eventhough alot of people have complained about that the game is to hard…it has to be hard otherwise it is not fun to win the trophys.
And eventhough im not a “very” good Wipeout gamer i have managed to get almost all the elite gold medals in Wipeout HD, so keep the dificulty settings as it is and just make new tracks/ships/modes, then i will be happy. :)

Other than that i most say that this and the previous update news lokks so hot, nicely done, keep up the good work. :)

I think of Fury as more of a sequel than an update as it doubles the game size!

I can’t wait no matter how old the game is and don’t really understand your point marcindpol.

As was pointed out on another site ( the pictures show music can now be selected from ship select screen!


how much will it cost?

Wow, those new designs look amazing! Looking forward to having some great time with the expansion. Keep it up!

JacktehKnife 03 July, 2009 @ 18:02

Wow… it looks amazing. Day one buy for me!

I was wondering if they plan to introduce Home Game Launching in the future… Could this question be forwarded?


nuclear_predator 03 July, 2009 @ 18:03

Looks amazing, I think WipEout HD is one of the best games on PS3 and this looks as if its going to raise the bar even further.

Any idea on a launch date? I’ve been waiting ever since the announcement for this :)


wow, i never thought that new ship designs would be added to Fury, top stuff.

day 1 for me to grab this. no questions from me haha.


No questions, just can’t wait to see what my Assegai looks like! :D

The new Feisar looks awesome. I can’t wait for the new game content.


@5 What?! Seriously. So based on that logic, you wouldn’t buy an expansion pack say for….. Shadow of the Collossus. Because it’s over a year old


nice 1 team liverpool…….. u can have my cash any day. u gotta eat after all

Pound_lb003 03 July, 2009 @ 19:51

Man, that’s so sexy, I cannot wait for this, it will be my first DLC I ever get.

Will there be a Blu-Ray version? I’d like a hard copy for sure.


You have my money already, wipeout was such a stunner.

Ravenblade86 03 July, 2009 @ 20:10

Your out-doing yourselves here Studio Liverpool! The new ships look stunning, really I don’t think I’ve ever seen such great designs in any other game.

Can’t wait to see what you have for it next week, and I’ll be dropping my money on Fury once its here :)


Yeah, I’ve got to be honest – while I might have had questions before playing Wipeout HD, I’m pretty much guaranteed to keep buying anything that comes out from the same dev team. They did *such* a good job with HD that I can’t imagine not buying Fury.

I struggled a bit with HD; I couldn’t get the feel for it with motion control on, it always felt soupy. Between turning off motion, and setting the buttons to 10% so that they’re a bit more binary, I started to feel like I understood the game a lot better.



It could do more to introduce novices like me; it seemed to drop me into the game assuming I’d know an awful lot more than I did, or that it would all just fall into place, and that didn’t happen. Hell, I still don’t think that’s happened; I still feel like there are a huge number of techniques that I’m missing.

I think writing up a set of ‘moves’ might be a good idea; a series of ‘challenge moves’ versus a ghost where the ghost performs a specific action – airbraking around a corner, or moving within the lane with the bumpers – and getting the player to perform the same actions as the ghost ship – might be a good way of introducing players to some of the more sophisticated ways of managing their velocity around the track.

Anyways, thanks, and good luck with Fury.

ProblemSolver 03 July, 2009 @ 20:31

Hey David,

the new FEISAR is sooo kick [DELETED] . It really shows euro, pretty slick and
efficient. I kinda love it, which is saying something!

“On previous WipEout games, a key feature for ship design was its dynamic straight edge and triangular silhouette. For PSone and PSP this key element
was the best way to achieve a great design without using a huge amount of

As a side node; This kind of design (triangular) is also a necessity for
supersonic flights to better control and reduce the strong interaction
of shock-waves with the craft.

Keep up the good work!

when is the game on a bleu ray disk ?
i saw that news on a site

Haven’t been able to buy this one :( No Creditcard :S… But I’ve got WipEout Pulse on the PSP, which is really cool. And I did play WipEout HD at my friends’ house.

I whooped his ass on the Moa Therma track real bad :D Made me want the game.

So I guess I have a question there: Will there be a retail version? With the expansion? Just like with the ‘Pain’ game? ‘Cause that would be really cool!

Hi David,

Thanks for the in-depth look that goes in to the design concepts for the ships.

I know that you probably have all the new ships designed already but would there be a chance to have a competition to have people design their own ship?

When LittleBigPlanet held one awhile back now there was some fantastic entries and you never know some of the entries shown could give yourself and others in the design team some ideas as well!

Anyways thanks for the update and I don’t suppose you have an estimated release date for Wipeout HD Fury?

JesteR17011 03 July, 2009 @ 22:54

Hm am i the only one who likes the orginal WipeOut HD design better?

It looks awesome!

Cant wait for FURY. Wipeout HD was so fun!

Will there be more expansions after this?

Later in the year can you bundle the game and all expansions and sell it as a blyray release? like pain!

I’ll buy this since the first hour released. I’ve been looking for info about this since it was announced. Nice to see other members here from The Zone =]

Dave, any info regarding a disc release related to this series will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance !

Diablo_Rosso 03 July, 2009 @ 23:49

When will we see the next full WipEout game? WipEout 7? As much as I love WipEout HD I want an all new game on PS3.

Looking forward to the new ships / tracks. Interesting article too – thank you!

CyberAlyMan 04 July, 2009 @ 00:55

Yes yes yes, this expansion looks like it’s got some SERIOUS content. I hate buying an expansion and then regretting it ala Fable 2 or Burnout Paradise. I’ll buy this without a second thought.


Good read! Thanks.
Can’t wait to buy the Fury DLC :), You’ve added a LOT of cool new modes and Ships with this DLC.

One question: Will the The new add-on modes(Zone Battle ETC) Be playable in Split-screen?

Hope so :)

Really love my Wipeout and I look forward to the DLC when I get back from my hols!

looks brilliant can’t wait for this. Q Are you going to update wipeout once every year with this style of dlc or will there be say two more down the pipeline then you do a completely fresh new wipeout maybe even blu-ray based?


Great designs as always. Wouldn’t say i prefer them to the originals but choice is always welcome. I really can’t pick a favourite team just on aesthetics, but i do tend to favour Goteki, Auricom & Qirex’s more heavy duty shapes. I like to strike an imposing presence on the track to suit my agressive racing tactics! Looking forward to Eliminator (i just hope the game engine can handle all the carnage!)


@5….ye eejit!!!
cant wait for this to come out, the new modes look lethal! day 1 buy definitely!

Not many people are going to buy DLC for a game they’ve not got a chance of ever finishing even on novice setting. You’re your own worst enemies!

I’d honestly just prefer a fresh start. New online modes don’t really appeal, racing competitively with a flawed weapons system doesn’t currently work and needs a massive overhaul.

That being said I’ll probably be supporting my local dev, Sony Liverpool. I’m a West Derby resident.


Wipeout HD is a fantastic game and looks uber nice too. With the new cockpit designs will you still be able to see the pilot in photo mode?

FrankieZappa 04 July, 2009 @ 09:44

Welll….gotta agree with sparced…it was really hard to finish it on novice setting…game is good but too hard..i don’t think i’ll buy this DLC… :-/

I’m in love!!! Just blows me away everytime how well the wipeout franchise is designed.

Charlotte Large 04 July, 2009 @ 11:49

Definitely! The team do such a great job keeping the designs new and fresh but still very recognisable as WipEout ships and tracks.

well sparced and frankie, u’re kidding .Finishing game even on elite level not so hard , trophy ar a little bit more difficult but not so much ( except zico may be )
We’re waiting this FURY …

its an update or a new game?

Charlotte Large 04 July, 2009 @ 11:48

Hey ONIL80. Fury is an expansion pack for WipEout HD, coming soon. The dev team will be back with more updates on all of the new content in the pack before it’s released.


Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Why do you keep giving us these updates?? It’s a pain. I want the expansion now!!! I thought it could be already available!

BTW being an expansion it won’t cost like the original game, would it? I’m out of money and I want it!!


When will the retail version of WipEout HD release? And will it be combined with the expansion?

I love WipEout, but I don’t have a credit card :(

CHRIZZYYY08 04 July, 2009 @ 13:47

Big fan of wipout and this looks brilliant i will be buying this on day 1 well done guys on making wipout a fun adictive game like it always has been


Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Will there be any new HUDS coming with Fury? =)

Also, I know this may have been asked a few times, if it has then ignore me haha, but will there be any additions to the soundtrack too?


I want this dlc so hard… >_<

BTW, awesome ship design.

pat_boy2008 05 July, 2009 @ 01:28

Wow that is awesome! I can’t wait to see the other ships especially Qirex.


Bit of an odd question: Will we be able to unlock some of the Trophies that are for WipEout HD while playing Fury? Namely the AG Assassin Trophy. Would I be able to unlock that while playing the new Eliminator mode?

Paul Tweedle 07 July, 2009 @ 11:10

Hi Zeroeight,

Yes, some of the original trophies can be won while playing the new content. AG Assassin shouldn’t take too long in the new Eliminator mode ;-)

Thanks for playing,


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