3-and-a-half Minutes With Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi

It’s a while since E3, but Jeff from PlayStation.Blog.US is still hard at work bringing us video interviews with developers from the show.

In this latest interview Jeff speaks to the head of Polyphony, Kazunori Yamauchi, about how he at the team managed to squeeze the full GT experience onto PSP and, amongst other things, the famous Top Gear GT-R vs Bullet Train race.

3-and-a-half Minutes with Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi

Posted by Jeff Rubenstein // Social Media Manager

Towards the end of E3, at the end of the next-to-last day, I got a call from SCEA San Diego colleague Scott Goryl. “Wanna talk to Kazunori?”; he asked. Chris and I ran from the LA Convention Center to the hotel suite, where I was able to jump in at the end of a long day of interviews with the producer of the Gran Turismo series. How much time did I get? Enough to ask 4 questions.

If you have any questions about Gran Turismo PSP, post them into the comments below and we’ll bring you more information in a future post.

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Nice. I’m getting a PSP Go for GT:PSP and am looking forward to hearing more about GT5. :)

Diablo_Rosso 07 July, 2009 @ 13:31

Top Gear FTW! Can’t wait to race on the TG test track in GT5.


2 questions, how much space will GT take up on the PSP Go and where can we get one of those uncharted 2 t shirts? (SCEE you need to do more promotional items!)

TheWretched 07 July, 2009 @ 13:35

Right… another video with basically NO new information^^ Just give us what we want… The final release date of GT5. And hopefully, that date will be THIS year!

I love the fact they mentioned Top Gear. Best thing on TV!!!

Also, anyone see that Gran Turismo program on Dave?

Killa_Cobra_ST 07 July, 2009 @ 14:02

Top Gear FTW!!!
Can’t wait for both versions of GT, I so badly wanna drive round the TG Test Track!

Cant wait for both versions of gt!! They’re lookin awesome! But here’s my question regarding gt psp. Will there be the the classic sunday cup and normal one player game progression from classic gt games or is the one player racing gonna be more like gt5 prologue, with races from the different classes s, a, b, and c?

How about we have interviews made by SCEE itself, I already looked at that interview a while ago now. By internet standards it is an ANCIENT video.

I’d love to have interviews from Uk developers. People like evolution studios, sony liverpool, sony london, media molecule, etc.

Can’t wait for GT. When are we gonna get the release date for GT5?

Will the Buggati Veyron be in the next gt games? Also what about Lamborghini & Porsche in the next gt game? That would be incredible. Pretty much the perfect line up of cars if they added these manufacturers!



Don’t you know? The release date of GT5 is officially SOON.

Bloody_Marcel 07 July, 2009 @ 15:08

OT but dunno where to ask: is anything Wipeout HD Fury related coming to the EU blog this week? This DLC needs more love.


Can’t wait for both GTs, 2 of my highest wanted games for this/next year.

Is there anything new you can say aboout GT PSP?
And is the Top Gear Test Track featured on any of the 2 games?
Oh, and is there going to be any more updates on prologue?

Thanks, and you make the best driving games ever.


Don’t care so much for the psp version, lets get that out of the way and bring GT5 for PS3. Reason I’ve bought my ps3 in the first place, and well – the content in gt5p is running thin after all this waiting.

Glad to see it’s been giving some media attention again though, means the wait is hopefully almost over.


I want pspgo=)

can you pleas make a app store for it with very small games and apps?


not fussed over GTpsp as i still play my copy of GT4 and i can’t see it would be any different except they’ve dumped all the cool tuning options for that weak system they have currently in GT5: Prologue.


GT5 though, penciled in for ‘christmas’ and according to the dev’s ‘we could release it at anytime’ so, the thing is basically finished apart from some more tooling around making it ‘perfect’ NOTHING is ever perfect, nothing ever will be.

stop messing us around.


also, hey Jeff, you look younger than i imagined. i always though you were one of the ‘suits’ nice job on getting the interview.

almighty-slayer 07 July, 2009 @ 18:15

I love that Top Gear race, though Hamster and Slow should have won!

GT PSP look great, can’t wait to buy a copy on UMD :)


GT PSP is all well and good, but it’s a mobile version of GT4.

How about Sony and PD communicated with it’s fanbase about the only GT that really matter’s, GT5

Theres only one question I have. WHEN IS GT5 COMING OUT.


I’m starting to really looking forward to GT5. Haven’t thinking much about it since they anounced Prologue, but now I’m on to it.
I just want a release date and some in-game videos.


You guys really have to get your own news


OMG im getting a warm fuzzy feling between my legs when i think about GT5………. :) Cant wait, rigt now im playing GRID and even though that game is pretty awsome, i just got to have GT when it hits the stores. :D


Given that GT5 was touted as a launch title for the PS3, rather than puckering up for a smooze with Kazunori, why can’t someone pin the guy down, and point out that we have been waiting an eternity for GT5. Rather than [DELETED] us about, why not get ballsy and announce a launch date for GT5. How much longer are you guys going to make us wait.

This is such a disappointingly short interview; it’s a shame they did not have more time to ask a bit more about GT for PSP.

I’m a PSP owner, so I’d definitely go for this when it’s released.

As for GT5, well…I think the GT series is getting some serious competition these days, as other publishers copy it and enhance some of the things it originally introduced.

Could this be the last GT exclusive for the PlayStation?


lol Jeff you look so different to what I have imagined I have only ever heard you on interviews and podcast beyond! It amazing how they can fit GT into a PSP, really looking forward to the GT game.

Bilbo_bobbins 08 July, 2009 @ 09:40

to be honest, this is so overdue, I can’t be bothered with it. I don’t have a PSP and wont be buying one until they get the second nub implemented. I wont be buying this on the PS3 either because it will only be the same as previous games. Yes the graphics will look nice, but the racing is never that exciting with this game.


yeah i have to agree on previous people;

When is GT5 coming out! :D

The man the legend!!

Been playing GT5:P again lately after seeing the GT5 trailer, and man I can not wait for the full game now!!

Nürburgring here I come!!:)

Cant wait for GT5 it will be best racing game in the world when it comes out. And for psp go that is a must have item




breaking GT news Kazunori says thank you in english the only new fact i found out from that interview


that was a bit harsh at least you got the interview well done jeff

TheHudfather 13 July, 2009 @ 23:06

this game just better deliver.

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