PlayStation 3 Platinum Range Expands

On September 2nd the PlayStation 3 Platinum range received a handful of new titles. These popular games require no introduction and may well be of interest to any recent purchasers of the new PS3 model.

All these games have reached sales of over 400,000 and so to celebrate we are offering consumers a chance to add these unmissable titles to their collection for an unbeatable price – £19.99 / €29.99.

So check out the list below, including their shiny new Platinum box art.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Platinum

Resistance 2

Resistance 2 Platinum

Killzone 2

Killzone 2 Platinum

And last, but by no means least, Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 Platinum

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some pretty awesome additions there. any ps3 owner should own all of those games!

Sounds awesome, but hasn’t MGS4 been platinum for ages now?

Might pick up MGS4 and Motorstorm…one day.

Perfect time to announce trophies for MGS4, dont you think Jem? :)

four very good titles for new Slim owners to pick up.

i’ve been waiting for an excuse to pick up all these games. i might just do it now.

Do we know if platinum games will benefit of a boxart redesign like upcoming games?

Resistance 2 and MGS 4 will be picked up by moi :)

Resistance 2 or Uncharted 2 ? hmmmm .

¡MotorStorm 2! It must be on my shelf. Maybe Resistance 2 too, the others I had bought yet.

nice, might buy resistance 2 and rebuy mgs4, already got the other two but don’t play them as much as i used to.


MGS4 has been Plat. for a while now and the boxart is the same. Then again, maybe MGS4 is available on Platinum for ALL of Europe now, as well as the costume change. No idea. Just saying what I see.


4very good games. if i didn’t have them all then i would pick them up.

MGS4 has been in Platinum since March 2009 in Benelux and Ftrance at least…

I just picked up MS: Pacific Rift at 20€… great game!

Will get KZ2 soon too :D

Great additions to the Platinum range, now I just hope the Platinum collection will get a shiny new boxart to correspond with the PS3 slim redesign.

I think the boxarts are ugly.

Wow, those games got Platinum pretty quick. And MGS4 has also been platinum in Norway for a while.


Christ this must be a fricking bargin for any new PS3 owner.

Console prices slashed + some of the greatest title only £20. Christ at this rate i would think you are spoiling new ps3 owners. =)

I would buy Platinum games if it wasn’t for those extremly ugly covers. Those yellow and grey things are not coming inside my house, sorry.

the resistance 2 & killzone-2 have got the new Pegi then the B.B.F.C that i like about em, but they great games GO ON PPL BUY EM it they be about £100

btw jem where the F&Q & are we getting a 3.01 update this week. :D


Don’t worry. The Q&A is coming tomorrow. We’ve been trying to get accurate responses to as many of your questions as possible.

Great lineup of budget titles for new PS3 owners, I already own all of them though – surprised KZ2 has moved to Platinum so quickly, but then again anything that keeps the online servers buzzing is a good thing.

As mentioned by someone earlier, are there any plans to refresh the PS3 box art branding like they have done in the US?

Is that 400k in Europe?

No GTA IV platinum?

PARTY TIME!!! PS3 is this week’s best selling platform with over 500k sales world wide!

I need to get MSPR by the way ;)

I can’t belive that PS3 platinum games are still so ugly??? i would still prefer to find a non-platinum edition and add to my game collection.

but 19£ is not 29 euros
19£ is (today) 22,75 Euros.
c’mon guys!

Jem, Any news on Sony’s response to the 3.0 FW problems / criticism


Yep, we haven’t forgotten. It’s coming tomorrow.

Carnivius_Prime 07 September, 2009 @ 18:29

Glad to see Motorstorm Pacific Rift on Platinum though like some other people here I just really dislike the silver/yellow framing so I might just see if I can find the original release cheaper.

I need to get around to buying MGS4 but I don’t know if I have the time to really get into it and I’ve gone off stealth gameplay a while ago and I don’t much like lengthy cutscenes. Actually maybe I’ll pass for now.

Don’t care much for the other two. FPS games just don’t do it for me. The first Resistance came with my PS3 and I wasn’t into it and I did download the Killzone 2 demo but again wasn’t impressed.

Any news about MGS4 Trophies?


I think i’d buy MS:Pacific Rift and Killzone 2 for sure! If only my PS3 actually WORKED.. :(

all of them are must own in my opinion , Motorstorm Pacific Rift is really good

Gee, I still can’t help it…But the platinum cases/boxart are really ugly. It doesn’t get me all hyped to buy the game. If I’ve got to be honest, it keeps me away from those games. And I think there are a few people with me in that one.

When I game is paltinum I happen to search the non platinum game… And when it’s avaialbe for a reasonable price I’ll buy it.

Seriously, why have you picked out this platinum design? I can’t understand. If you guys just made the case Silver or just put a yellow bar on the art but keep the transparant box. But combining a silver box with yellow bars… Yuk!

Oh well, I have bought Resistance 2 recently. For the platinum price, but got the regular edition. Happy me :D.

Allready have these but have a look here guys:
Free Demo/Beta that is not on the store 1600 keys left!

I thought it was 1,000,000 + before it reaches platinum?

Still, it’s good to see a bigger range of games to pick up for new adopters of the ps3. Still sad to see that killzone, resistance, motorstorm were not even out for 1 year before being platinum.

Guh, my insides burn when I even consider buying one of those ugly boxes.

That’s pretty cool, only game that I haven’t got on that list is Pacific Rift.

How about redesigning those platinum covers though, damn they’re ugly.

Great, tommorow I’ll finally grab Pacific Rift ;)

All of those games are must plays for a PS3 owner. Pretty good timing too with the release of the slim and the price cut.

awesome =)

Why do we get horrible looking cases. (gray with sale yellow!) They look cheap and horrible next to the rest of my games and my beautiful looking ps3.
Why do the US have amazing looking cases (blood red)!
I’ll never buy a platinum looking like ours do, I buy them used, which means the developers aren’t getting my money aswel which is ashame.
Is there any change that they’ll redesign the cases to not look so cheap and horrible.

If MOtorstorm pacific rift was greatest hits in the U.S I would have gotten it

dont be sad that R2 and Killzone 2 are platinum games and havent been out for a year. to qualify as a plastinum game it has to sell a million copies so the fact these have all done really well and sold over that amount in europe is testament to the fan base in Europe. Good news on the games Jem but still now news on amazing epic fails by SCEE from last week? like wherres the Q&A for example. please dont tell me that by making these games platinum that its some way to epease the anger and disappointment in SCEE treatment of its european consumers.

Well Jem, a quiet day for news…. hope you had a nice restful weekend.
Some good additions to the platinum range for all the PS3 newbies, although it is a shame how the box art suffers. Honestly if a game sells so many copies it should be re-packed in a metal box with extra content for half the price imabho. :D

Btw do you know when the trophies for Flow will be available?

Slàn leat.

Think I’ll re-buy Resistance 2. I loved that game online.

almighty-slayer 07 September, 2009 @ 19:34

MGS4 has been platinum for many, many, many months

“Shiny”? The yellow stripes still look so horrid, why did Sony not stick with the sleek PS2 platinum style boxes? Plus, just a note for you trophy hunters out there, Motorstorm is a good game but the single player is an inch off impossible. It’s insanely insanely insanely and unfairly difficult.

yellow equals yellow
platinum equals a gray-white colour.
Therefore yellow does not equal platinum.

Please SCEE, get someone who knows how to design a cover without ruining it with poor colour schemes and pointless PSN circles.


Like many have said, MGS4 has been platinum for ages.

As for the rest, why are SCEE still using that horrid box art?

Great! But unfortunately I have all these games! Must be my great taste ;)

Been a day one owner of all titles, gonna be great getting more people onto the servers.

Sorry Jem I know you aren’t remotely responsible but why does Sony continues to shoot itself in the foot (especially in Europe)?
The world gets its long awaited price drop but the firmware alienated alot of people (not me personally, I like it) and delivers the worst store update we’ve ever seen almost overshadowing it. Not the best first impression is it?

Why wasn’t the new Platinum range of titles ready for the launch of the new model? I’ve finally got friends to buy the system and picking up some of those titles & what is their reward? Paying a higher retail price for the games because they had the bare faced cheek to become new customers. Sort it out.

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