PlayStation Network Cards: The Easy Way To Top Up Your PSN Wallet

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In case you hadn’t heard there is now a new way to get your hands on the great PS3/PSP content from PSN without using a credit card.

Available now, or coming very soon to most games retailers, PlayStation Network Cards are pre-paid cards that allow you to top up your PSN wallet by either £20 or £50 (or equivalent in your currency for those outside the UK, e.g €20 or €50).

PSN Cards £20PSN Cards £50

Use PlayStation Network Cards to get hold of loads of content from full games or expansion packs on PlayStation Store to any of the great SingStar tracks on the SingStore, there’s always something new to enjoy. You can even use the credit to buy new apartments or clothes for your character in Home.

They also make a great gift for friends or family; why just buy someone a game when you can offer them a choice from thousands of pieces of content?

Buying and using the new PlayStation Network Cards is really simple. Once you have your card, all you do is:

  1. Log on to PlayStation Network.
  2. Visit PlayStation Store, select ‘Redeem Codes’ and enter the code.
  3. That’s it! The money is instantly available to spend on whatever you want.

So don’t miss out on the latest PS3 and PSP content with the new and easy way to top up your PSN wallet: PlayStation Network Cards!

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Waste of plastic. Follow the iTunes music voucher example.


Ummm, Microsoft and Nintendo put ’em in cases too and yes it is a LARGE waste of plastic! I thought these companies were supposed to be going “green”.

Anyway, hope this stops people whining on about the cards not being out. ;)

I get them from Zavvi for £15.95 for the £20 one its like having an automatic 20% discount on all PSN purchases :)

From what I’ve seen from Nintendo, their points cards are in cardboard sleeves. You’re right, Microsoft are just as bad with plastic cases, though.


Wherever possible we will also be launching the cardboard sleeve version of the cards ASAP

Zavvi is the way to go… helping make my PSP Go games a little more affordable… Why oh why the plastic boxes though… All on-line purchases should be email only too I say!

At least the PSN boxes are proper Blu ray cases that you can put disks in, so you could keep them as spares for other disks, unlike the MS ones which have no CD clip in them so are a complete waste.

shop to do instant codes via txt or on your account page, if you really dont want to be sent a plastic box

i already removed my credit card details from PSN for security reasons, in the future going to use PSN cards:)


Can anyone tell me is Peggle coming to the PSN anytime soon???????

I know its a strange question but i really want Peggle in HD

Bit excessive to have a bluray box for this – also rather sad that it took the PSP Go to bring these cards to Europe, instead of the PS3/original PSP’s.

why the box? its a waste for such a small piece of card

also i don’t think £20 cards are enough it should have been £25 imo

My credit card has always worked, but I’m glad you made these available. Hopefully more eurofolks can enjoy cool DLC and digital distribution deals.


Can anyone tell me is Peggle coming to the PSN anytime soon???????

i got my 1st card yesterday so cool coz i aint gotta credit card,i like the plastic box now i can store my music cd.

Are the cards widely available yet? I can’t seem to find them here in The Netherlands.

(p.s. no worries about the case, a bit of a non-issue in my opinion)


I don’t have the exact launch date for the Netherlands as its controlled by the local team but they should be available very soon


would have been useful about emmm 3 years ago maybe 2 years ago or even 1 year ago jesus it took you so long to figure out how to give us random numbers

if i by Playstation networks cards i denmark, am i abel
to use it in my us psn acount or is it only for use im
my danish psn acount


The cards will only work for an account registered in the same country as the card, so a card from Denmark will only work for a Danish account

Defo on my Christmas list. Nice to see them in Europe at last. Talking of using them to buy apartments in Home… I have a summer house brand new – seen very little use – can be sold with no onward chain – can I sell it in return for PSN credit? :)


Unfortunately you can’t sell Home items once you have brought them so afraid you will have to keep the Summer House and maybe throw a few parties?!

yourlegaldealer 14 October, 2009 @ 12:56

I’ve got a feeling Sony are using the plastic cases to deplete the current stock with the original ‘Playstation 3’ inscription. New boxes are filtering through with the new ‘PS3’ on some games I believe, so that’s my theory. The hippy inside me is hoping this is temporary and they will simply use the credit card shaped paper ones in future like they have in Japan. Until then, they do make good spares ;)

To HEADSTAR: they can only be used in the SCEE territory I think. Will have to get US PSN cards for a US account.



yeah, sure: “Eco thinking touches every part of our business – from the materials we use to create our products, through to the manufacturing processes we employ to develop and recycle them.”

Finally, i never thought i would see the day when these cards arive. But i will not believe it until i see one in a store! It took you only 2 and a half years to print some numbers, the PSN Software had the feature from day 1. Shows a lot how “competent” SCEE is. Now how about PayPal?

@2 Nope I live in Australia and yet to see a PSN Card anywhere.. This is one of the reasons why Australia should be part of SCEE but SCEA

Will the South African PSN cards be redeemable on the UK store? (reason is Sony hasnt released COD:WaW map packs and Guitar Hero DLC content on the SA store)


I’m afraid the cards will only work on an account/store of the same country that card was brought in are doing £20 cards for £15.73


@19: Sounds good, but they could just re-cycle them into the new ones.


Will their be £5 and £10 versions of PSN cards?
£20 seems a bit much, what if the content I want is £3?


Time to get those MGO packs … any download able games to suggest?


Where I can buy these from? Can I pick it up from supermarkets like Sainsbury’s or Tesco, because they sell all sorts of vouchers and gift cards including Xbox Live cards. When I’m able to pick up a PSN Card from next to an XBL card, then I’d consider it an “easy way” to top up my PSN wallet.


As far as I know these are on their way to Sainsbury’s right now so you should see them next to the other gift cards in the next day or so


Just found out, these are due into Sainsbury’s on the 19th so keep a look out then

VitalogyPJ, I don’t know about Portugal, but in Spain this Network Cards can be bought since las thursday in all the stores.

I bought a 50€ one last week (I should have bought 2 of 20€ instead, to have 2 “backup” boxes). But it’s true, you could sell the Network Cards without the boxes.


bought a 50 euro one for 40 euros :D free monies!

^ Same, lol :p

I’m still waiting mine, though…

Too bad they were delayed TWO TIMES!

Thank you so much for these! :-)

can i buy these in hungary?

Yep I’ve ordered £60 worth already thanks to Zavvi selling them at way below RRP. It makes me wonder how much you wholesale these things for and who takes the hit when someone pays with a voucher rather than credit card – which would send 100% of the RRP into SCEE’s bank account.

Even though I can top-up directly via CC I don’t see why I (or anyone else) would do this ever again when you can get everything cheaper by buying PSN cards. It goes a long way to make up for the ripoff exchange rates SCEE use to convert USD to local currencies…

Also I completely agree with #1 that the packaging is way over the top for a little paper leaflet with scratch panel, people are going to have empty PS3 boxes lying around the place or being thrown out. They should be little credit card sized vouchers attached to card, like all the store gift-cards or like the iTunes cards etc….

how do i get us psn cards i denmark then?


Will these cards be made available for countries that do not have a PSN store? You guys could make a ‘generic’ store for other countries such as Malta and people would use PSN cards to purchase credit.

Just to re-iterate my fellow posters


A sealed cardboard sleeve will suffice !

almighty-slayer 14 October, 2009 @ 15:12

Good to see a company still using plastic. It’s good to knw not everyone is caught up in the media rubbish of global warming is humananity’s fault. I myself put up a massive effort to use as much electricity and plastic etc as possible :)

Anyway yeah. These aren’t available in my town, else i would be buying loads of them :(

almighty-slayer 14 October, 2009 @ 15:17

Also i agree that £20 is a stupid amount. Some PSP games are £21 – PSPGO owners will have to by £40 worth of cards for one game :/


@almighty-slayer: Ha, you do use as much electricity as possible, you use a PS3. ;)

BIG WASTE OF PLASTIC!!! Please keep the environment in mind!!! You can set a great example for others!

If you really wanna save the enviroment get a debit/credit card.


Alpha_89 – I agree. Such a damn waste having big CD box for something can fit in a bloody wallet.

That said, I don’t need these F’n cards, they took too long to come out and now I use 3V for online purchases AND PSN wallet transfer – So suck on that PS cards, suck on that.

If I buy a UK card, will it work on € store versions (like Portugal)?


no, you need to get a card from the country of the store you are using

at roxas
i think they should be available in multiples of €5 instead of just €20 or €50

Woo Hoo!!! Free money from zavvi!! Just ordered my 2nd £20 card from them and will be ordering another on Friday (payday) ;)

@ Arlanthir: I would think not seeing as it’s two different currencies

As for the ‘cards’ themselves, they are good but as many have said, the box is a little too much for a simple piece of paper. As I stated in a blog I made to celebrate their release, something along the idea of the iTunes cards would have sufficed instead of a lumbering big box

Vhari x


Plastic cases are pointless when we only want the number on a piece of card. Would it not also save SCEE some money which could be used elsewhere?

I think everyone who thinks plastic cases are bad need to voice themselves on this blog so that SCEE can see!

1 question:

Sony gets more money when i use my credit card instead of a PSN card… because the retailer gets a part of those 20€/$/£…

Are Sony planning to make some special offers, reductions for those who continue to use their credit card?

Because if not, i think that a lot of people will buy those cards instead…

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