Dragon Age: Origins Livechat with Bioware tonight at 7PM UK

I’m excited to announce that we have some very special guests joining us for our first livechat on this side of the pond. Two of Bioware‘s co-founders, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuck, will be here to discuss their upcoming medieval RPG, Dragon Age: Origins.

Dragon Age

The live Q&A will be taking place here at 7pm BST, so make sure you get your questions prepared in advance and do whatever you can to be here tomorrow. You can set an email reminder for youself in the window below. On Friday, try to keep your questions as relevant to Dragon Age as possible – you might want to ask about upcoming DLC or their Warden’s Quest event.

Hope to see you there!

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Nice to see that you are also working with these live chat functions! :) I’ts not my kind of game, but I like to see that the EU Blog is also improving! :) Good Work!

Make sure to ask them when Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3.

Nice!!! This is really one of my must buy games for 2009 (already got all the other games I planned for) can’t wait for it, I hope tomorrow they tell us an exact release date for the game.

really looking forward to this one, just ordered my copy in fact.
i can think of a few questions i’d like to ask >:) evil grin

can we ask them if mass efect is coming to ps3 :)
bet somebody will.


This is an incredible exclusive!

These guys are two of the smartest souls in the gaming industry today and should have some fantastic things to talk about.

It’s an honour to have these (figurative) giant’s grace our quaint little blog.

I’ll probably go with the obligatory ‘Why is Dragon Age delayed on PS3?’ question…

freakzilla149 22 October, 2009 @ 20:23

I wanna know how a dev who has only ever worked with PC and XBOX feels about making games on a Playstation, and why now, they could’ve worked on the PS2 since it had a HUUUUGE install base but they chose to work only on MS stuff and now when MS are at their strongest they decided to go multiplat.

Oh… it was EA.

Ok, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, but don’t forget the first one! Hope that Bioware will tell us something tomorrow *fingers crossed*… an announcement of ME coming to PS3 would be a huge exclusive for the site! I think that tomorrow nobody will talk about Dragon Age…


Yeah… Before EA they were largely funded by Microsoft.

Also I don’t think they begrudge working on PS3. The PS3 version of the game was recently shown off on GameSpot’s ‘On The Spot’ programme and the Bioware rep seemed pretty excited about working on the PS3.
There was also an article a few months back where Bioware said the PS3 could do some pretty cool things.

Plus for the two head honchos of Bioware to come and do a live interview on a PS3 blog indicates they are serious about working on PS3. Unless all this is just orchestrated by EA… but I pretty sure EA answers to Bioware and not the other way round.

Q: How much will the PS3-version suck compared to the other versions of the game? :-(



Check out this video Fast forward to 7mins.

That’s the PS3 version. The rep compares it to the PC version and he seems quite excited about it.

LagunaHeartly 22 October, 2009 @ 22:05

I dont get it, is this tommorow? 7pm BST? Anyway only question i wanna ask is about mods. What about user created content like in Unreal Tournament 3? Sorry for awful english.

I reckon they are going to announce either

A) The release date will now be the same as PC and 360
B)Mouse and Keyboard support for PS3


Please storm them with Mass Effect request, even the first.
They must understand that many PS3 owners want the game badly.
And that it means money.

I hope that Bioware announce MASS EFFECT for PS3


See the thing is. People beg, plead and paw at any scrap of information regarding Mass Effect on PS3.

But when there is a genuine, fully-fledged Bioware title coming to PS3 they just ignore it!

There are 17 comments in the post and only 4 of them are about Dragon Age!!


This is Bioware’s first foray into Playstation gaming… and if it isn’t a profitable one you can kiss goodbye to any semblance of a Mass Effect title (or indeed any more PS3 Bioware titles)!




I will buy Dragon Age whatever they will say here later in the day.
AND I want Mass Effect 1 and 2.
So I want 3 games from Bioware.

Apparently there’s going to be an “exciting announcement” about the PS3 version with this chat as well.

Anyway, I don’t think you should harass them with questions about Mass Effect. They are here to talk about Dragon Age.

I’d like to know if there will be a turn off / toggle function to disable gore in the game. Its the major thing what turns me off buying this game. So no function for this is no buy for me.

@OnlineAtron, you said it! ;)


Um, Mass Effect 2 IS NOT COMING TO PS3.
EA has confirmed this twice a few days ago when asked about it at a conference. Give your hopes up now. [See Kotaku for source evidence]

I’m gonna ask a question tonight, and I want straight answers.

We should make sure to ask them to try and ensure that Dragon Age: Journeys works nicely in the PS3 browser


I have a but load of questions for these guys, i cant wait to find out what the annoucement is


Question – Why EA? Their servers are terrible, and they don’t fix them!


Jkkfreelance, dragon age origins isnt a online game its a single player experience

Yeah so don’t even think starting to ask about Mass Effect, because as mentioned in the blog “questions relevant to Dragon Age”, not to some other games.



I’ve a good question now.

Q. Have you ever considered creating a multiplayer component to one of your console games?



That makes no sense, and isn’t relevant to Dragon Age: Origins.


If anyone mentions mass effect ill fume, this space is reserved for people interested in Dragon Age: origns – i really dont want to see stupid questions being asked.


I think Neverwinter Nights had Multiplayer but thinking of other titles

– Jade Empire
– Mass Effect
– Dragon Age
– Mass Effect 2

None of those have any semblance of multiplayer.



How so?
Perhaps I didn’t word my self quite so eloquently… but the question refers to the lack of multiplayer in Dragon Age (and indeed other Bioware titles).



“multiplayer component”? – Lolwut? Why not just say “add multiplayer” instead of getting urelatively technical.

No multiplayer in Dragon Age = unrelevant.



Oh I see…. because I used a term above you it’s wrong…

I’m sorry

‘Bioware.. why aint you got na multiplayas yeah’


It begins!


BTW… it’s *irrelevant not ‘un’

I have a question, I got both a 360 & ps3.
Anyway, in “Unreal Tournament 3” the ps3-version supported user created mods, while Microsoft denied their fans any of it on xbox360. Will Dragon Age, for ps3 that is, support user created mods.

Also, what will Bioware do with “blu-ray” and its “extra” storage.

Also, what will Bioware do with “blu-ray” and its “extra” storage.

Why did you put blu-ray and extra in quotation marks ? And the answer to the question is nothing.

jeez, look at all these questions, what kind of game is this?

oh, and “american ninja” got his question asked, but others? who actually bought BG1&2 like myself? nope, no question is getting through, dont know why, but the mods only like uk ppl as always.

Should call it “blog UK PlaystatioN” and not “EU”

not all uk people

wow, this was just a waste of time.
nvm, I will pre-order the xbox360-version instead.


Well this is annoying I keep sending questions but none get through…


i cant send any messages i sent one at the start but it just continusally loading my connection is fast but it is just no working

MondPrinzessin 23 October, 2009 @ 19:52

Whats the best version of the game in your opinion?

The moderator obviously hates me.

Asked lots of questions (some far better imo than those posted) and not a single one has been asked!


Woot I got one answered… after spamming it =D

Thanks Jem!

why is this even on e.u blog when they dont even have a timeframe for when europe release will be . pathetic


Thanks alot, all my good questions didnt go through only one of them did after i spammed it like 20 times.


possibly one of the lamest live chats ever. if thats how bioware are approaching it id rather they not bother. they didnt really make any of the huge promised annoucements and ignored pretty much ever question about their other games but were happy to reference them for answers. most of the references felt like someone from microsoft gigling while rubbing poo in my face over mass effect. thanks again SCEE for nowt.

8 pm on a friday jem probs smashed out his box

did seem kind of ill advised announcing the game will ship day and date with the 360 version but only in the us, on the eu blog.
like, yeah we got this announcement, but it doesn’t apply to you.

that was like watching richard and judy interview oj simspon.

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