PixelJunk Shooter And So Much More

The wait is almost over. PixelJunk Shooter will finally be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, Thursday, December 10 for £6.29/€7.99…just in time for the holidays! (And another great gift is PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP. Remember you don’t need a PSPgo to play Monsters Deluxe. It plays great on any PSP! That’s something we’ve had a lot of mails about.)

As all you PixelJunk fans are aware, music plays an important role in all of our games. For Shooter, we worked very closely with High Frequency Bandwidth and we really hope you enjoy the music as much as we do.

I might as well use this blog entry as an excuse to talk a little bit about the response PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe has been getting – it has been awesome! Metacritic currently ranks us in the top 10 of all-time best PSP games (at the time of writing), which is absolutely incredible for us! It seems most people are playing the game in offline 1p mode (which of course is engrossing to the extreme), but everyone should definitely try out the online play. It’s a lot of fun and there are lots of like-minded Monsters fans out there to “parlay” and boogie on down with. It’s also surprisingly fun to simply hang out in a one of the lobbies and watch the blow-by-blow tickertape commentaries of other people’s games.

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Excellent! And great price too. Been waiting a loooong time for this. PJ rocks!

So much looking forward to Shooter!

Can not wait to play this looks great, nice price. Cheers.


Minute 1 buy!.

also thanks for pricing this fairly compared with the US price :)

Sorry but without a demo to try i won’t be buying :(

i made the mistake of buying fat princess

So looking forward to tomorrow, now we just need an early store update, say 10 o clock something like that ;)

Looking forward to shooter, but I have school work untlil Monday, have to play it when I’m done :(


Great news! any chance of a demo?

Awesome! :D
Can’t wait till tomorrow!
There’s also a demo on the way?

Hi Dylan,

can’t wait to finally play Shooter. The game looks awesome and like a lot of fun :-)

Regarding Monsters Deluxe: It’s a shame it doesn’t support voice chat online. Tiki-chat is nice but quite cumbersome :-( Luckily there’s adhocParty for PS3…

Nice price. I really hate when 10$ is magically converted to 10€. I bought all PixelJunk games and Shooter is not an exception.

never played any PJ games put this i just might try :)

Hey Dylan mate, I asked you this already but is the PJ museum coming to EU ome 2mrrw or do we have to wait (as usual Lol)

Thnx m8

Ah, great! It’s finally here! I’ll try and squeeze buying this in, with the numerous other titles I have stacked to play right now. Cheers!

Sold! How long until Shooter Encore :)


It has the screen-shot, the vids, the uploading the trophy…

but can we play our OWN music? I have plenty of fitting tracks for this kinda game. Tekken managed to make the music work – Guh, fix that up, Sony – Make all games work the music in!


Good price :)


Awesome price, Day1 download, cheers.

been waiting a long time for this, love the whole thing about it. the physics n all, cant wait and the price is spot on.

Is there a recording feature in this game too? PJM had it.

A demo would be cool!
I’m not sure yet.

ohhhh and wheres the heads up for the rest of the store content????

remote play on the PSP, thats just great!!

Shooter is PS3 game, right? ‘coz all I see is PSP (of which I neither have nor want).

like kap asked , anyword on when europe is getting the pixelunk museum for home as u.s get it tomorrow with games release , woulda bn a great way to promote game but i guess 7 mill u.s users are more important than 11 million e.u 1s ,


What’s this I’ve heard about PJ Shooter being an episodic game? Silly rumour? Pointless conjecture?

Because if it were true, as much as I’ve loved the PixelJunk’s so far, it seems pretty disingenuous to not tell us about it beforehand.

Looking forward to it. Just in time for the holidays? what? Oh, wait, you mean – Christmas!!!

Good stuff,look forward to playing.

Thanks for charging the correct price in the UK. Just as with Monsters and Monsters Deluxe, I will be buying this!


sorry double post

And I wish you and the rest of the guy’s and gals at Q a merry christmas and happy new yew year.


$16(NZD)!?! thats like super good! when the ps3 gets back i will be playing this :D

Hey dylan, are you and HFB gonna be releasing the soundtrack..? Hope you do, and can’t wait to loose myself in your newest game. Thanks so much to you and the Q-Games team :D

You guys ROCK!, you are the sole reason i bought a PS3 and the reason ive kept my PSP, i loved monsters and i really can’t wait for Shooter tomorrow, keep up the good work guys your my favorite DEV by far!

Shooter looks awesome, and I’m loving that you’re using the new (fairer) exchange rate – £6.29 = SOLD!

Looking forward to it. And I like the exchange rate/price it’s far fairer than most other games.


Thank god! Now I have something to spend all my free time on since the school has ended. Thank you pixelgamesguys!


I’m thinking about checking this out. From what I’ve seen, the game looks fun. The price is pretty good, maybe more than it would have been back in the monsters / super stardust era and not as affordable as critter crunch but probably still more than worth it.

The name has also grown on me. I think in the end, shooter does keep with the series blunt and obvious names like racers and monsters. I think the problem was doing the contest because without that I think the reception would have been far better.

Really looking forward to this one, can’t wait!

Dylan, regarding the news about PSP minis working on the PSP in the next firmware update, will Monsters Deluxe work on the PS3? I can’t remember if it is a mini or not. I hope so anyway, as I don’t have a PSP and need new Monsters levels :P Thanks for reading.

Ah ah ah!

I play PJM with my sister via Ad-Hoc. I’m useless on my own :-(

Maybe this has been asked before but will it have a level editor like Gravity Crash?

Finaly! The game looks realy good and with a nice price its a no brainer!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I play PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe with my mate locally all the time. Co-op makes the game so much better.

We would play online, but she gets lost sometimes and I really need to be there to tell her to do stuff. If you added voice chat support, we would play the game online non-stop. But that’s wishful thinking. ;)

Damn it… whats wrong with SONY…? whats the point in removing the ability for the PS3 browser to watch videos on the playstation blog?!? Before the last up-date i was able to but not now… Surely you want us to read and watch stuff on here with ease or then whats the point in the BROWSER? … GOD… sort it OUT!

Will probably be buying this tomorrow as it looks quite excellent. It’ll be good to get a decent downloadable title. Haven’t bothered with much of what’s been on PSN lately outside PSP minis and XBLA has been the usual deluge of rubbish for a while now, so this is a refreshing change.

Great! The PixelJunk serie’s are great! I think those games are the best to find on the PSN. Wow I cant wait to see the first glimps from the next pixeljunk game!!!
Doing something special in there at QGames???:P Maby you could give us a little hint??

Something up with the forums this morning?

designheadache 10 December, 2009 @ 08:42

You guys really are heaven sent, every release is a quality title at a fair price, the PSN wouldnt be the same without you, and i find myself anticipating each new title in the same way as a full retail release.

Please dont ever stop what you are doing, its great to see a company doing things “right” and having fun :-)

I can’t wait to play PJ Shooter!

Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe is one of the best games I’ve ever played on my PSP. It’s better to play it on PSP than PS3.

It’s absolutely awesome and my girlfriend is agree XD

awesome! but this puts me in a bad situation since i still have Gravity Crash to finish!

Can’t wait! Thanks!


Pixeljunk has been producing some of the best PSN games available. They’ve all been superb.

Eden was my first foray into Pixeljunk. Once I got over its trippy look it just ‘clicked’ and I had to try all the other games from there.

Shooter’s a Day 1 purchase from me.

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