Heavy Rain Official Website Live – And More!

Hi everyone! More exciting Heavy Rain news – I’m pleased to confirm that the official Heavy Rain website is now live. You can head over there right now to check out screenshots, character info and videos. But that’s not all – you can also find out about ‘Four Days’ – the Heavy Rain Online Experience…

‘Four Days’ is a live online mystery which plays out in real time across three weeks, beginning on January 26th. You’ll be able to get involved in the hunt for a killer – interacting with characters, identifying clues, making decisions. Between Tuesday and Friday of each week there will be daily tasks for you to complete, or puzzles to solve. Along the way, you may well discover some cool exclusive content – but just as importantly, you won’t find any spoilers that will ruin your experience of playing Heavy Rain itself!

Look out for further updates on ‘Four Days’ over the next few weeks, and register now at the official site to make sure that you don’t miss the start of the hunt. If you do, you’ll also get a voucher code for an exclusive Home t-shirt. You may discover that there is more to it than meets the eye…

Heavy Rain Home Shirt

On a separate note, many of you will have seen my earlier blog entry about the Heavy Rain Special Edition; to whet your appetites even more, I thought I’d give everyone a glimpse of the full contents…

Heavy Rain Special Edition

Finally, we noticed that some Heavy Rain fans have been hard at work on creating their own origami figures. It’s cool to see your creativity – so I thought I’d share the view from my desk…

Heavy Rain Origami

Enjoy all this, and look out for more Heavy Rain updates soon!

…and a few snaps from the Quantic Dream studio in Paris…

Quantic Dream Origami Quantic Dream Origami

2 Author replies

Im glad I have pre-ordered the CE…cant wait for this game to come now!

Excited for this game. :)

GuttermouthSIN 15 January, 2010 @ 17:42

That’s one sexy CE.

Just registered for the Four Days thing :)

Awesome. Got to buy the CE then. Website is cool.

Pre-ordered the CE, really looking forward to it :D
The rain effect on the box looks amazing.

Day one buy for me. Cant wait


Ordered my CE online the other day from HMV, hope it arrives on launch day but I’m not so sure how HMV handle pre-order shipping. They wanted £6.60 for express delivery which I wasn’t for paying…

The CE looks great though, and so does the website though it seems to have went down? Went to signup and it stopped loading :(

Pre-ordered my CE from HMV as soon as it was announced. Just counting down the days…

And I wonder, what ‘access’ does the PS Home T-shirt give? Hmm…

Is that origami included in the collectors edition? it would be cool =)


Hi guys – great to hear you’re excited! The website traffic is very high at the moment, so bear with us if you’re finding it a bit slow – you’ll get in soon enough :)

O.O … NICE! :P

GuttermouthSIN 15 January, 2010 @ 18:02

Why is my comment awaiting moderation? There’s nothing bad in it :s


@ Ravenblade86 – Same problem here. Front of the site loads fine, but entered my registration details and… nothing.


Don’t worry, we’re working on it – should be fixed v. soon. :) In the meantime, apologies for the delay

addyjones1234 15 January, 2010 @ 18:06

can’t get the site to load but, the SE looks immense, is that the manual layed out? and do we get our own little origami thing??


Site isn’t working!

About home t-shirt I didn’t get it, I mean, only NEW users will have it? Please explain how do I get one, I’m a long term user already.


GuttermouthSIN 15 January, 2010 @ 18:09

You’ll get the code for the shirt as soon as your registration is complete. Mine took a while to process due to traffic but I’ve got mine.

I hope my registration came in okay! Site didn’t load quite right, but after refreshing I got a message saying my e-mail address was already registered, so I guess it’s alright.

Waiting on my first e-mail to arrive.

Oh and by the way: I neeeeeeeeeed Heavy Rain! Gimme gimme gimme!


I would love to see the site and registrate but its down :\


Hi guys – we’ve remedied the problem, so you should find getting onto the website a lot easier in the next few minutes! :)

i got my code, thanks for the heads up. what does the t-shirt unlock


Unlock? Wait and see next week ;)

I love the look of this game it is going to be epic!!

Thanks for posting Alex:D

Confirming that i’ve signed-up dosnt seem to work. :(

Wondering if anyone can help me – I signed up to the 4 Days challenge and received the confirmation email but I seem to be lacking the code for a shirt. Where can I find it?

Thanks in advance

Kingofkings11 15 January, 2010 @ 18:53

Yeah same here would really like to know as well.
Wanna show off my admiration for this awesome game ;)

Never mind – I worked out why!


When you signed up you should have seen a playstation home avatar with a code on the screen. You had to wait for the page to load. It takes a long time;)

The codes after you sign-up but its not loading.

@ads659 @Gekidami Thanks – I just realised. It’s currently loading…and loading…and loading…

Yay it loaded. I got my code!

“Who knows what doors it may open…”
… O.o Possible Space?

Just keep waiting, it takes ages but it does load.

xKillerMonkeyx 15 January, 2010 @ 19:05

Very nice site,fits the game perfectly and a HOME tee WOO cant wait for this game and the website has hyped me more.

Kingofkings11 15 January, 2010 @ 19:06

Yeah I’ve got mine now as well, this kinda reminds me of Xi that was on Home so this should be good :D

So will the actual game have unlockable items for Home (like as you win a trophy you unlocked an item)?

almighty-slayer 15 January, 2010 @ 19:07

Arrghhhh stop making me wait :( I want it now! It looks incredible.

That special edition looks so jam packed full of lovelies…Glad i have that edition preordered :)


When will I know how to get the Special Edition in Denmark? I want to preorder it as fast as possible! :-D

Which countries will get the Special Edition?


I thought Heavy Rain was rated as a 15?

Why on the box art that you have up there does it say its an 18? :s

VitalogyPJ +1.

Is that origami included?

oh my goodness I can not wait! Can I ask if we’re getting a demo soon?! I really hope so!

I got my code, but it doesn’t work. Now please don’t say that I must have miswritten it. No, that’s not the case. I got like thousands of codes for betas and things like that in the past. This is not my mistake. So what can I do now? I really want it, because it looks kind of cool and it’s called “Access to all areas”. I think this might be useful…

I registered but I did not get a code! where does it display it?!

I can’t connect to http://www.heavyrainps3.com fullstop :-(

Looking forward to this as it does look great but think I’ll wait for the reviews to arrive on metacritic.

Any information on the Collector’s Edition coming to Poland?

I guess it should be available, as were the other first/second party games extended editions.

But where the hell can I Pre-order it?


Already preordered the CE. Can’t wait to give the webgame a go!

Registering is loading and loading and loading….

Hi Alex, please, can you confirm the languages incluided in the UK version of the game?


hi Alex,

I’ve registered with two different e-mails and both times it starts doing the register then the site crashes and i see no avatar or code , i’ve had confirmation e-mails to both addresses and when i try to re-register it says e-mail has been used. Please can we sort this out, I’ve already pre ordered the Game at HMV, Please help

Finally… Got it. It looks like servers have Heavy Load ;)

dragonmagician 15 January, 2010 @ 20:30

Is this a Europe exclusive as well? I don’t see a Canadian flag when I clicked on the site, but I want to take part in the ‘Four Days’ Challenge as well.

First I can’t get the Special Edition in NA, then the bad looking cover art for the NA version, and now this. I know it is developed in France, but please show some love for the NA audience as well.

Very nice, any intel on the price? Like €10 above normal price and it will be mine. If it’s more expensive, I’ll buy the regular edition because it’s not a very special special edition :P. Just €5 of DLC, a nice slipcase and a nice origami pajarita.

You know, I think the Origami Killer is Spanish, because else he would just make an origami swan or crane. Why the hell does he make a Spanish origami pajarita instead? Doesn’t really make sense! I will find out…

Still can’t wait for release, just hope the replay value is okay and/or that the story is really REELY REEEEEELY long. Because in my point of view, hours of gameplay is one of the most important things to like a game.

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