Valentine’s Day in SingStar, Assassin’s Creed Costumes, and the Audi A1!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! To help you celebrate in style, this week in PlayStationHome we have some great Valentine’s content! If you and your special someone enjoy spending time in PS Home, and in particular the SingStar space, we’ve got the event for you.

This week, SingStar will be updated with a Valentine’s themed dance area along with a mini-game aptly named Stupid Cupid. Pick a partner, get in the dance mood, and hit the dance floor: there’s a great new animated shirt for both male and female to be unlocked for those with the right moves! Once you’ve got your shirts, get your heart pumping on the animated dance floor.


The Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t end there, though! We’ve got a fantastic emoticon bundle for male and female, so you can show your inner feelings, along with some amazing new tops. For the guys there is the “I’m Single” scrolling LED hoody and animated heart t-shirt. For the ladies there’s a scrolling LED “Love Stinks” shirt and animated heart shirt.

Come and visit the Audi Home Terminal in the Audi Space, where the Audi A1 will be revealed. You’ll be granted access to the currently locked showroom, with a model of the car on display and a web terminal with detailed information about “The next big Audi.”


Assassin’s Creed sneaks its way into PS Home this week with a massive offering in Threads. We’ve got several bundles available that are sure to be a hit! First up is the fantastic Ezio costume from Assassin’s Creed 2, available for both male and female. If the original is more your style, we’ve also got male and female versions of the Altair costume. Being an Assassin not your style? Then hunt them down wearing the guard costume; once again, for both male and female. Finally, for the women only, there’s the courtesan bundle.

Ezio female courtesan Altair male

altair female Ezio Male

Furniture more to your liking? Ligne Roset updates this week with a large range of new furniture: tables, chairs, sofas and footstools, there’s 18 new items in total.

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Alex Weekes 10 February, 2010 @ 5:24 pm   1

I’ll be around to respond to blog comments until 8pm(ish). There may be periodic delays between posts, however, as I’ll be commuting home for some of that time!

Mattiebo123 10 February, 2010 @ 5:24 pm   2

Awesome update 😀 Thanks!


Looks like a great update! Time to start spending some money in Home again! Not been there for a while 🙂


great to see the extra statt u said was hired alex is making no difference at all in europe getting the WELL OVERDUE spaces like ghostbusters , namco , waterfall , stageset , siren etc , but at least u guys got more stuff in to buy heaven forbid u lot didnt get more MILKJOB items in .

godsgift1888 10 February, 2010 @ 5:28 pm   5

great news thy any further updates on hovercraft my apartments are itching to be raced round 😀

    Alex Weekes 10 February, 2010 @ 5:40 pm    

    I’ve not got any specifics I can share yet, I’m afraid. As soon as I do, we’ll make noise about it though!

Mattiebo123 10 February, 2010 @ 5:28 pm   6

kinda rushed my first comment 😛 Can i ask what are the emoticons? i saw them via AlphaZone4 for the US updates too and they confused the hell out of me.

But it looks like i’ve got a lot to do tomorrow 🙂 and that Ezio costume is mine! RAWR!

    Alex Weekes 10 February, 2010 @ 5:40 pm    

    In that case you’ve seen as much as I have currently :). They’re ‘worn’ as headbands and float above your head and have typical Valentine’s themes.

Great update Weekesy 😀

But is there any word on playing music from the XMB within home 😐

Lantianer21 10 February, 2010 @ 5:29 pm   8

Wow AC2 costume 😀 nice can’t wait!
Thanks for this


any chance of responding to us about the well overdue spaces as all we are getting in europe is overpriced tat to buy .

    Alex Weekes 10 February, 2010 @ 5:50 pm    

    Hi seany1,

    I responded on this for you a couple of weeks ago via the blog, and for most the status remains the same. Here’s that list again, with updates as appropriate:

    Assassin’s Creed 2 – tomorrow!
    Warhawk space – will not be released, as we can’t localise it.
    Siren – coming soon.
    Namco – we’re awaiting updates from Namco.
    LocoRoco – due this month.
    Pixeljunk – arrived last week.
    Paris, Waterfall, Villain – we’re discussing these with SCEA.
    Stageset + GhostBusters – I haven’t got anything specific I can share.

    For future reference, however, you should check the official forums. I provide updates there as often as I can on our development status with a variety of content.

DANTHEMAN121 10 February, 2010 @ 5:31 pm   10

EPIC update looking very forward to this


TheSabreman 10 February, 2010 @ 5:33 pm   11

Thanks for the communications on the official forums & Blog its good to know which spaces/apartments are in the pipeline.

Looking forward to the soon to arrive Loco Roco apartment.


Hey Alex/Thy
i haven’t heard of an emoticon bundle before – is it a purchaseable item ?


stageset and namco museum are the main 2 i think a lot would like info on alex as it really adds fun to home were as clothes at 1.19 dont , so how about it any info about these 2 coming to europe

Carla_Birch 10 February, 2010 @ 5:38 pm   14

Emoticons are little faces/icons that float & spin above your avatars head, you find them in your wardrobe under headphones if you buy them and you just pick what one you wish to wear.

DANNY3194 10 February, 2010 @ 5:44 pm   15

Great update but SCEE have let me down slightly with the fact there not selling partners for valentine’s day, I’ll have to have a look around then

imajinetion 10 February, 2010 @ 5:45 pm   16

Will I ever be able to use my Home boy as avatar on PSN? 🙁

Sir_Gunnalot 10 February, 2010 @ 5:51 pm   17

Is there any word on the missing Resistance 2 space reward items yet?

Nevertheless, awesomesauce update. How do you do it?

    Alex Weekes 10 February, 2010 @ 5:55 pm    

    Resistance 2 and Helghast items are both on my list of things to badger people about repeatedly until they get fixed!


thanks for replying alex . just pointing out facts that our home is lacking very bad still yet all the scee home team are doing is throwing out buggy stuff to buy everyweek rather than public spaces that are way overdue . what about the redeem stations and interactive world map features the u.s have . what about e.u home were are they as these are FEATURES we are even lacking on

divine1000 10 February, 2010 @ 6:32 pm   19

Sodium registation issues?
This is a space which requests users to invest considerable amounts of money to access it’s functions (Salt Shooter/Costumes) yet it is currently impossible to complete the objectives due to the registration problems.
What’s going on?


“Warhawk space – will not be released, as we can’t localise it.”

Not this old story AGAIN !

Hi, thanks for the updates. What I’ve been waiting for are some of those new clothes available on other stores.. Like the halloween stuff at US store, looked much better than what EU had for women.

I don’t understand this ‘localization’ thingy at all.. I have never seen any of this home-stuff translated to any other language than English. If you want to make special translations for some countries, it’s ok for me as long as I don’t have to pay it or I need to suffer unnecessary delays for that.

    Alex Weekes 11 February, 2010 @ 9:51 am    

    We release content in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian for PS Home, as well as supporting many other country’s on the store.

Sir_Gunnalot 10 February, 2010 @ 7:36 pm   22

@ lee-77

They can localise it. They choose not to. The main reason being that Warhawk is an old, unsupported space for an old game. Stories emanating from the North American Home will tell you that the space is deserted the majority of the time. Thus SCEE have decided to use their resources in a more positive manner, such as trying to bring Pixeljunk, Siren, Locoroco and much more to our region.

Also, a little of it might actually have something to do with the fact that the development company that created Warhawk no longer exists.

    Alex Weekes 11 February, 2010 @ 9:55 am    

    More precisely, the team that built the original Warhawk space. The amount of work required to localise this space is above that of all other spaces, and we feel that the resources are better spent elsewhere. Such as LocoRoco, which is coming *very* soon.


@14 Thanks CB!

LAClennell 10 February, 2010 @ 7:40 pm   24

What about the Limited Edition Black Ezio Costume?

VitalogyPJ 10 February, 2010 @ 8:04 pm   25

“Paris, Waterfall, Villain – we’re discussing these with SCEA.”

I can’t really understand what’s there to discuss… from where I stand and for what I can understand, SCEA OWNS SCEE. Shouldn’t both of them, with SCEJ too, respond to the same make them as equals?

I think I’m able, like everyone else here, to answer this one: Yes they’re supposed to be ‘brothers’ but I guess one is son and the other is a stepson.

You could’ve avoided comments like this by not intruduce the damn region thing, but no, you had to do it.


“Warhawk space – will not be released, as we can’t localise it.”

Why do SCEE hopelessly have to rely on other areas of Sony? For what it seems, SCEA do stuff for themselves then just throw SCEE a bone when they are done. *sigh*

Also i take it the new singstar space will be taken down on Friday for the normal broken space maintenance?

homeboy79 10 February, 2010 @ 8:54 pm   27

Hey Weekes,
I’m over here in the U.S. and I’ve been checking out the EU blog since its inception. You guys over in EU have been doing a great job!

I also have to say that I’m especially impressed with the way YOU (and other HCL’s) respond to the community; in particular: the frequency, clarity, and empathetic tone.

Keep it up Weekes, but please don’t get complacent and jaded like our HCM’s over here in NA continually seem to be. They can use a few tips from you, I think!

Carla_Birch 10 February, 2010 @ 8:55 pm   28

@BiosNova Warhawk can’t be localised because half of the assets files where lost. So they would have to be remade, what would just use time that could be better spent on new items and spaces.

Warhawk space was pointless anyway, we sould be looking forward and not backwards with Home now.


Im glad that the singstar space gets a minigame! More mini games in HOME spaces. And those minigames should also be able to have more ppl playing at the same time. So a great competition could be made.

Maybe fix an QTE like dance show mini game. Take inspiration from GTA Gay tony trailer. The music and dance moves whit use of QTE and the winner get high score and so on. That would make Singstar space a living dancing party whit load of ppl in it to compete.

Can some one from HOME staff reply and say what he/she thinks? 😀

Hey earlier you said locoroco-This month.

Can you clarify weather that’s the apartment or the public space?

Carla_Birch 10 February, 2010 @ 10:10 pm   31

Alex is on about the Personal space, what is a great space 🙂

wardragon989 10 February, 2010 @ 10:22 pm   32

I don’t want to sound like an ass but to me this is too much, too late.


lmao hey alex funny that u,s have just posted about getting the warhawk personal space with mini game yet you just said scee cant localise the space for europe , take it thats the personal space out the window for us too then lmao what a joke the scee home team are

foolishoptimist 11 February, 2010 @ 4:44 am   34

Um, so what about the WARHAWK APARTMENT that US gets tomorrow, that has the sandbox table + a cool shooting game built in.

Can/will that be localised?

I bought Warhawk day one, + all the expansions. I would buy this apartment in a second, if Sony only cared to SELL IT TO ME!

Fantazyer 11 February, 2010 @ 6:35 am   35

Hey… For some weird reason my Helghast helmet has changed to being a female item (?) This is the second time I lose content that I have payed for, well the first time the helmet and boots disappeared but i couldnt live without them, so i bought them again. now the helmet didnt disappear but went from male to female… PLease fix it because i wont be using HOME until i can be a helghast again…

    Alex Weekes 11 February, 2010 @ 9:59 am    

    This is a known issue and under investigation. I’ll post on the forums as soon as I have anything further to report.



Its admiral to do alex’s job when hes not around… and for free for that matter but you saying that files got lost and all that is obvious a LIE some one told you, specially with the fact that a WARHAWK APARTMENT is out today in the US (what great timing might i add LOOL), i mean, whats the chances aye?.

Now from what ive seen in the forums from a small number of people its more then likely either their gonna come back and say that a third party dev has made the space or this space was made long before Incognito bit the dust. But come on? dont make things worse by telling a LIE WITH ANOTHER LIE!

Look where it gets you.

The only excuse i’d accept from 28 or Alex is if “Ravage” the Decepticon from the Transformers movies has been up to his dirty tricks again and broke into SCEE (or in this case SCEA HQ) and stole the files of the warhark space. AND ONLY THOSE FILES.

Only then.


can’t localise the warhawk space?
didn’t seem to be a problem when the sfiv space was put up entirely in japanese.
more content we’ll never see in europe? two items in that picture.
how about that, the PARIS clock tower space, yeah paris, not paris texas as it looks like the eiffel tower visable outside the window.

but it’s nice we finally got the assasin’s creed items, that the us had in NOVEMBER.

let me guess, it took scee that long to localise something that has no text other than a few words describing what the item is.
or is there some other weak excuse?
constantly getting content months late is looking backwards in my book.


and alex, where is that pack of womens clothing items you said were coming?
if they worked in the other versions of home they should work here, the core client is the same so why are we always left waiting?
please a straight answer for once from this company would be nice.

    Alex Weekes 11 February, 2010 @ 10:01 am    

    We have a female clothing pack in development. We’re also working to bring some of the clothing released in other regions to SCEE. They’ll be released as soon as they are ready.

Home? LOL I have not used this bandwhich sucker since voice chat was taken away. I can’t believe this is still around. I thought LOCALISAZATION was not one of the reasons why SCEE don’t get content? Someone is telling porky pies?


“coming soon”

“wait and see”

“keep your eyes peeled”

“…as soon as…”

You serious Alex? Can you be anymore vague.

HazelAM is totally right, when EA space & SF4 Space came unlocalized that was fine but warhark is another story rite. I wish sony can change this thing you cant help doing with communication with consumers. its so sad at times. Playstation is such a great product but the people behind it…….WOW?

Warhark space is looking backwards yea? so me looking forward to meet up with my clan in a dedicated space and plan my upcoming game in it is looking back yea?

Yet, users gettin excited to play with there “mui mui” is looking forwards for home rite?

Then you wonder why more and more servers for games gets shut down on PS3.

I cant help but laugh at this whole mess. Its pathetic.



Make Believe.

VitalogyPJ 11 February, 2010 @ 11:02 am   41

Its useless Hazel, they’re always “…working to bring…” haha At first I laugh when he/they pop this lost words up but now its just ridiculous and I even see this as an insult to my intelligence.

Seriously, working? I’d love to have a ‘work’ like yours, scratching myself all day and don’t give a damn for anything and then just come up and say: “bla bla bla we’re a small team bla bla bla we’re trying hard bla bla bla due to localization issues bla bla bla”; but in the end only one thing is true, the incompetence shown by you on doing your jobs.

How more pathetic can they be? – that’s what crosses my mind all the time, and yet every week they can still surprise people.

Carnivius_Prime 11 February, 2010 @ 12:07 pm   42

Been on Home a fair bit lately mainly on the Sodium space. Cool game in there. Nice work. Made some good friends on Home too, a couple of them local enough (shocking since it’s usually a miracle to find enough english speaking people to talk to most times I go on) that I’ve met them in person too.

Still wanting to use a snapshot of my Home character as a PSN avatar by the way.