PlayStation Home: Navigator, Final Fantasy XIII, Ratchet Items & More

Hi guys,

We have a massive PlayStation Home update for you tomorrow, including the implementation of the Home 1.35 client, release of the Final Fantasy XIII personal space and a brand-new selection of Ratchet & Clank and SOCOM items.

First up, we have the highly anticipated 1.35 client update. We’ve been listening to your concerns on the EU blog and forums and can confirm that this update will bring with it a much slicker (and indeed faster) Home experience for all users. Not only improving performance, 1.35 will also make it easier to find friends as well as provide a quicker / simpler means to explore Home.

Therefore, the World Map has now been replaced by the brand-new Navigator interface (see the screenshots below). Navigator will help you explore Home quickly and simply – allowing you to hook up with your PSN Friends at the touch of a button as well as check out “Featured Spaces” and new releases.



But that’s not all, as announced on the EU Blog yesterday, the Final Fantasy Eden personal space will be available to all users via Home Estates in the Shopping Centre tomorrow. This new personal space is retailing at £3.99 (4.99 euro) and will release with a selection of Final Fantasy XIII furniture to customize your ideal space.

Next up, we have a brand new selection of Ratchet & Clank figurines and ornaments available via both the commerce point in the Gadgetron HQ and Shopping Centre spaces. Check out the screenshot below of these funky new items:

PlayStation Home (Ratchet Commerce Items)

Grab yourself a Dr. Nefarious, Ratchet, Clank, Clunk, Lawrence, Courtney or Gleeman figurine (there are plenty more to choose from too!) or maybe a RYNO V or Groovitron Glove ornament for your Harbour Studio. ;)

If you’re looking for some more threads, why not check out the selection of SOCOM Snow Camo items launching for both male and female avatars tomorrow. These will be available in the Threads section of the Shopping Centre and retailing at 0.99 euros per section.

PlayStation Home (SOCOM Camo)PlayStation Home (SOCOM Camo)

Finally, Sodium will receive an update tomorrow which brings with it two new weapons including the Long Range Plasma Emitter – which will help to achieve those much needed high scores – and the Multi Shot Grenade Launcher which has a much higher scatter area (and massive fun potential!).

That’s it for now. Be sure to log into Home tomorrow to check out the slicker, faster new interface and brand new content on offer

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Can we use our Homeboys as PSN avatars now? :(

Wow! I’m amazed! Fantastic work!


Nice update.

Good to see Home improving.


Wow. that navigator is a huge improvement by the looks of things! give the team responsible for that a hug!


I’ve found it much easier to use myself, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy it as well.


Hug has been administered – thanks for the comments :-)

One question (Sorry)

When can we expect an update reguards of the Siren space?


I’ll post to the forums as soon as an update is available.

loonytoon1982 10 March, 2010 @ 17:07

It looks good but I’ll reserve judgement for how it is when I actually use it. I’ll look forward to trying it out tomorrow though. :)

Will this incorporate a better wardrobe system though? The cache needs to be utilized to prevent having to load everything again each time wardrobe is entered.

DiscoMcDisco 10 March, 2010 @ 17:12

Ok, so the Navigator interface…. Now that we have this, is there any need to ‘boot’ home like a game? … what if we just had home load in the background when you sign in to PSN, this navigator could just be like the XMB but after selecting the home icon…

Just expand to a new row…



Does that make sense? someone else could probably explain it better than I can if they get it lol…

DiscoMcDisco 10 March, 2010 @ 17:13

I’ll do a screenshot… later to make my point lol


Don’t worry – I think I understand where you’re coming from – but this doesn’t feature in our plans currently…sorry

Good stuff ;) Not sure if it is just me but it takes me 4 minutes to load up(get in to HOME) That is why i don’t bother going much. Sorry i hate waiting ;D


You should see marked improvements in the performance of the platform once the new update goes live….we’ve been testing extensively and I’m confident you’ll notice the difference

DANTHEMAN121 10 March, 2010 @ 17:16

this is great news deffo been listening to the community can’t wait to try out the new Navigator Interface.



Awesome!!! :D …

Two great updates in two weeks… *Hugs Weeksey* ^_^

Have some Glomps… On the house :P


Hey Alex

2 questions for you alex..

1- will we get The Game Rewards Codes tomorrrow as MB posted that in eu forums ?

2- will we see new free brand clothes in thread store ?

Many Thanks


The info I have is the same as MB’s (that they’ll be emailed this Friday). If I hear anything different I’ll let you know.


Just read this on the forums –
“Fixed a bug that was causing pictures taken with the camera on standard definition televisions to be the wrong aspect ratio”

This is good news as I can now take decent photos !


I was wondering what you did with Alex for a second there :P

Awesome update, i’m looking forward to tomorrow to try out the new interface :)

Can i ask, where can we see the full patch notes for v1.35?


:O oh wait… its not weekesy :/

Honestly all I want is more home working with the xmb homepage eg. My home avatar as my avatar etc I would spend loooooooads on new outfits if my little man sat on my xmb :-( at the min home is just a little borin psn game that no gamers actually use I see one person on my friends list on it every now and again, utterly wasted dev time

A good update. One of the problems with Home was always the World Map as it was hard to find new and the best content.

Now please support XMB music playback! :)


Hopefully it will be a simple and solid core update this year! :D Brilliant idea for the Navigation menu!


Oh never mind, MB said the patch notes will be on the forums soon :)


Looks good and the increased load up time would be a bonus. Any idea though when EU getting picture frames (if at all)?

does this improve load times a lot or just a bit as im on 50 meg and home is major slow hence why nt worth using . if this doesnt make load times a lot faster then ill hold out


Good question – difficult for me to quantify it exactly, other than saying we’ve seen good results during the testing phase. Log in and give it a go – I sincerely hope it’s much improved for you and that we see you back in Home soon.

i actually do really wanna use home as ive parted with a gd amo, thanks unt of cash in there so heres hoping its faster

lol jumbled words argg . heres hoping its faster tomorrow . will we ever get to listen to out hdd music dan just for our personal use as its allowed with games why not home especially with no voice chat now



Loading times for me has been a lot faster than the old model. =)

already had a bash with 1.35 =D

macbelonwu10 10 March, 2010 @ 18:17

This is great but Home still dose not seem as if its part of the PSN.
You still can only use your Avatars in Home, this simply confuses consumer.

1. One the ps3 you have your log in avater which allows you to put any image when the system is turned on.

2. Then you have your PSN avater when online.

3. Also you have your HOME avatar for the application.

Vidzone is awesome btw.

also how abt the ability to go in home and pay 3 quid to watch a film that be awesome and if 360 can do it surely u guys can

ahh gd heads up bradley ill check it out then , its the log in process thats terrible i dont mind the loading from space to space as thats nt too bad , also PSN HOME AVATAR pleaaaasssssse let us use it for our psn pics


1. Why can we not have multiple menus available through the PlayStation Home Shopping Centre/Mall?
Such as the vPSP, current PDA, new display coming through this AMAZING update! etc. etc!
2. When are we going to be receiving more club houses?
3. When are we going to be able to video record within PS Home, and upload directly to YouTube through your PS3?
4. Are we ever going to be able to use PlayTV on your TVs in your Personal Apartment?
5. I’ve heard weather, pets, seasons, day and night, Home’s own time zone and the infamous “Hall of Fame” were to be released in PS Home, when are each and every one of these going to be released?

Sorry, too many questions, but I’m curious, I just LOVE SONY!!!



When you launch Home it logs you in automaticaly now. =D

u serious m8 no loading



There’s one loading screen which is pretty fast to getting you to home.

There is no rubbish press X stuff I believe!


Nice to see Home is coming along. It’s been a while since I logged in though. Looking forward to bringing Final Fantasy XIII with me there though. :-)

i like the xmb type menu for home, and i’m really happy that home will be loading faster, can’t wait to test it out, thanks Sony

sharpenedpixel 10 March, 2010 @ 18:41

The Final Fantasy homespace was free in Japan! :(


So, when will this become available for Cyprus? As well as other European countries?

somethingatt 10 March, 2010 @ 18:45

That’s freakin’ awesome!

Next update: Import face via PS3 EYE!



It seems to be a bit quicker judging by this:

Yeah, i read it was free in Japan, didn’t think it would be the same for here though

My interest in Home kind of dwindled around the same time the forums became frustrating to access. I have been considering deleting it as it now takes up 12Gb ………..and i’m running out of space for more PSN purchases ;)
However i’ll certainly check out 1.35 as i welcome any improvements and i commend the Home team for making changes based on user feedback.

it seems kinda faster but has stuff like building avatar which all in all could just be smoke and mirrors all this and load times are the same bt only tomorrow will tell . why was home listed under games in that guys xmb


The avatar build seen in that video is because that video was a first time login. We won’t require building the avatar every time someone logs in!


Argh sorry, very last question today I promise

When’s the LucasArts stuff coming?


The current schedule we have pencilled in should see the first of the LucasArts content arrive in April.

next thing to do is allow us to use avatar from home as psn avatar pleaaaasssssse it will make psn feel more like a community


I’ve still got to say that despite these updates we keep getting, although I use home occasionally (just for a break from gaming), it still does not have the “wow” factor that it did when it was first announced 3 years ago.

No trophy room, no streaming trailers etc off your hard drive onto TV’s (which i thought was pretty cool), and still no picture frames for EU (despite US having had them for a number of months now).

Everything that was shown that really grabbed my attention is still yet to make an appearance. :(


Wow, that looks amazing! Such a big change. I’m going to try it out. :)

@ seany1: i reckon it’s in the game menu there as it’s currently a seperate closed beta application.

I’ve just seen the video and a full patch list and i have to say i’m impressed. Changing the front end was long overdue and now allows some interaction whilst the inevitable loading still takes place. Even so it still seemed faster overall so i’m looking forward to testing it out on my own PS3.

ill be trying it out too lets just hope its fast for people with lots of items too . also tabs guys like the shops have for our wardrobe is needed its hard to know which clothing is which at times

Finally a big update for Home, wich it deserved. The menu looks really good :D

Luis_FFgamer 10 March, 2010 @ 19:42

With this new FF XIII space, does this men that we will see more stuff from Sqaure-Enix in the near future? like all the FF XIII items that were offered in December in PS Home Japan?

makingdamage 10 March, 2010 @ 19:42

What happen to that cool trophy room with 3D versions of your trophies? You (well, Sony actually) highlighted that feature before the release of Home but now it´s all very quiet about it.

About chuffing time!!! I’ve always said that the ‘dominoes’ World Map was rubbish! :)

I look forward to giving the new interface a go tomorrow, and if it improves speeds too all the better!

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