DC Universe Online: Increase Your Power Instantly With A Pre-Order!

Hi guys – we have some awesome new info for you on DC Universe Online – the incoming MMO title for PS3 and PC. Check out the below:

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Get exclusive in-game weapons packs, DC Comics Issue #0 DCUO comic book AND the ability to play exclusively as Batman in a 2-on-2 arena battle! How? Pre-order DC Universe Online for PlayStation 3 and PC now!

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced an offer that will light up the world of gaming faster than a well-aimed Bat-Signal: a cache of exclusive in-game weapons, a comic book and the exclusive ability to play as Batman for fans who pre-order the forthcoming DC Universe Online for PlayStation 3 and PC. The eagerly-awaited title, which combines the in-depth involvement of Massively Mulitplayer Online gaming with the stunning action and physics of the PS3, will let players step into the world of the DC Universe alongside its most powerful heroes, most devious villains and thousands of other players when it arrives this autumn. The online buzz is already huge as fans anticipate doing battle next to Batman, Superman and The Joker. Now, as of today, gamers can stake out their turf as the world’s next big hero or villain by pre-ordering their copy of the game and choosing their individual character’s allegiance.

Part of the DC Universe experience is earning and selecting the weapons to battle your foes with – and those who pre-order get an immediate headstart in making their mark. If you choose the side of good, you’ll be able to strike fear into your foes from day one with the Hero Pack, featuring the slicing, spinning, Bladed Batarang, the gas-spraying, stun-inducing Bat-Grenade and super-protection for your hands in the form of the Amazonian Gauntlets. If you take the side of evil, your Villain Pack will be equally impressive: You’ll acquire The Joker’s Trick Pistol (this weapon packs a punch, but you don’t always know its direction) the riotous weapon, The Joker’s Confetti Bomb, and the superpower-draining LexCorp Kryptonite Blaster. Whichever side you come down on in the struggle, you’ll get your hands on an exclusive DC Comics’ DC Universe Online comic book – Legends Issue #0, as well as the ability to play exclusively as Batman in a 2-on-2 arena battle.

The DC Universe Online experience is set to be a game like none other. PS3 fans will find it a thrilling introduction to Massively Multiplayer Online gaming, where thousands of players roam an open-ended world, forming alliances, trading equipment and shaping their own destiny in the badlands of Gotham City or the gleaming towers of Metropolis. PC gamers will experience action never before seen in an MMO, as combatants battle with power and speed, unleashing earth-shaking attacks and using anything they can lay hands on as a weapon. Regardless of platform, all gamers will find themselves in awe as they rampage freely through a world created by some of the greatest storytellers and artists of modern times.

The above plans will vary by country, so keep an eye out on the EU blog and at local retailers for more information on how you can get your hands on these exclusive new items!

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Aurora_Bliss 20 July, 2010 @ 17:06

Sounds amazing! Can’t wait :)


Nice :) Cant wait to see how this turns out.

Ravenblade86 20 July, 2010 @ 17:09

Really looking forward to DCUO, I think it’s likely my most anticipated game this year. Looking forward to hearing what comes out of SDCC about it.

No sure what pre-order bonuses I’d want, but I will be pre-ordering for sure :)

SpiderMike_X 20 July, 2010 @ 17:26

I’ll hold off on pre-ordering until SOE drop the bomb about subscription plans and whether being a PS+ member makes a difference. What with MMO’s flying onto the system from all directions, 2011 could be an expensive year.

If they added the beta to the pre-order bonuses I’d pre-order it right now. :(

So looking forward to DCUO on both formats :)

Fingers crossed for a successful beta application


really want to get into the beta as i’ve been following this game for a number of years and really wanna know if its worth the investment im sure it will.

If anyone from SOE is reading this i would also luv to know more info on the FF14 ps3 beta and wether or not THE AGENCY will be getting a PS3 beta.

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, this pre-order bonus exclusive crap. I´ll never have all the content!

I’m really looking forward to this game and will be ordering it for sure but I really wish they would add more existing DC Universe characters for the arena battle. I’d love to see characters like Captain Marvel, or Firefly, or Azrael in there. Can’t have it all I guess.

This is completely off topic, but it bugs the hell out of me…why is the PS logo and branding in Europe red? It looks horrible. Change it please, SCEE.


According to the official website, UK isn’t that important as their is no Union jack on the pre-order page. I do recall flags of America, Canada and some countries of mainland europe though.

lonewolf1994 20 July, 2010 @ 20:43

holy crap i forgot all about this epic game! cant wait to buy it!

BalramRules 21 July, 2010 @ 00:01

Btw, I signed up for the beta, can’t wait for the release date now! XD

I can see Autumn / Winter 2010 being predominantly spent in the Gotham city area :)

kingkrunch456 21 July, 2010 @ 11:47

I’ll wait to see about subscriptions. If it’s WoW expensive, it can go to hell

@kingkrunch456: This one is going to cost you 15 dollar/month.

(don’t know if that is WoW expensive)

WhiteAlexander 21 July, 2010 @ 13:08

@15 @16, Yes, it’s confirmed at $14.99 a month so it will likely be £8.99/12.99€ a month, the same prices as World of Warcraft.

Chaosprower 21 July, 2010 @ 13:19

This one’s made by Sony, so I hope they give discounts to PS+ members.

As a PS+ yearly subscriber I certainly hope so.. but very much doubt it mate.

I cannot wait for DCOU, and may just have to mothball my WoW subscription to make way :)

DCUO… doh!! ;)


Where can I get this Bataran and hand grenade?! I haven’t seen any store giving this away as a bonus? Just the gantelet…

sweetasman01 22 July, 2010 @ 00:37

Please stop posting press releases! It is annoying and stinks of lazyness!


Why dont you mention the monthly fee before enticing people to buy this game. Im getting it either way just think its a bit negligent to entice folks into buying a game without letting them know what there in for.

By the way its going to be around £8.99 a month to play folks.

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