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Can’t wait for this game.

this is gonna be great

More i see of this the more I want it, can’t wait to give it a whirl.

gotta say this looks pretty good!

It looks nice, but dont forget this is a mmo game. It has to deliver more then just some hours of running around hitting everyone in the head.

anyword on when ps3 beta starts as you’ve been taking applicants for ages now but no one knows when it starts?

It look’s like it will be pants same as all there games

Great another trailer showing in game graphics. How about the UI? and HOW it actually plays.

At first I thought it looked pretty nice, but then I thought. Hey the world looks pretty static and meh, basicly this game is just movable characters and some objects with graphics that doesn’t really reach up to the highest games. I won’t buy it but I’m eager for the first reviews to see if they can change my mind…

Carnivius_Prime 18 August, 2010 @ 15:20

hell of a lot more fun looking than world of dullcraft.

Looks kinda like inFamous except you make your own hero. XD oooh! Maybe I will make Cole! *Hopes for electric powers*

THC_PRITCHARD 18 August, 2010 @ 15:31

Will this game be free online?


I hope the customisation goes deeper than hat, coat and boots, like most MMO’s I’ve experienced. I’m also not too over the moon on the graphical side, however MAG started off the same way, and to compensate for the amount of action and players something has to take a hit so I can understand why.

This game is looking sweet.

i’ve already got my heroine in mind, i originally created her during the coh beta.
i’ve got an origin and a few stories for her in my head, not set in the dc universe though, she’ll be happy to guest star in dcu though :)


shame this game is pay to play.. would have bought it if it wasnt.


I’m sorry (well, not really!) but the graphics look appalling… :-/

@17 It’s a launch-MMO on a console, of course it looks bad.


Not feeling this at all. I think the idea of paying $15 a month on one game for console owners isn’t going to work. It might for PC, but console is a different world and especially with the PS3 where we are used to free online gaming already.

If the DCU MMO gaming comes free with a Plus account that might sway me to get this and Plus at the same time but if not the reviews would have to be mind-blowing for me to even consider this.

This game is looking sweet! I am defenatly gonna be a villain.


im not gonna get this..i think the pay to play is a stupid idea if sony can make the psn free then why cant this game? its a stupid idea to pay just to play online and because of that i think its not goin to be as popular as its anticipated.

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