Live Chat: PlayStation Move and Stereoscopic 3D

With PlayStation Move launching in September and 3D gaming already here, I know that you have plenty of questions about this wave of new technology heading to PS3. So, it’s with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to let you quiz some of the leading people behind these two exciting technological advances.

Starting at 11am, UK time, we’ll be hosting a live chat with:

11am – noon: PlayStation Move
Nick Robinson, SCEE
Colin O’Hara, Zindagi Games (Sports Champions)
Jeremy Ray, Zindagi Games (Sports Champions)

Noon – 1pm: Stereoscopic 3D
Tim Page, Senior Manager, Technology Marketing, Sony Europe
Mick Hocking, Evolution Studios

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The games move are being released on are being heavily marketed, such as Heavy Rain and the Resident Evil 5 Alternative Set – will there be any incentive to buy these games for the players who already own them, such as alternative endings, or trophies, or is it just for the experience?

Also, will there be any Move related releases for the PSP for Remote Play at any point?

Thanks – DJ_Bunce

How will the move be advertised come next month?
Is there possibility for DLC in sports champions, with new sports?

Twitching-Peanut 19 August, 2010 @ 10:19

This looks great, be nice if this sort of thing was held more often but I appreciate that devs and the like are busy so it’s not always possible.

This is for the later one: 3D gaming, looks cool but the setup is very expensive at the moment, when do you see 3D becoming more affordable.


Would it be possible to have Playstation Move used in Playstation Home for moving about and or for mini-games within Home?

Thanks and looking forward to PSMove can’t wait.

RE Move: Will there likely be any minis which use Move?

RE 3D Gaming: Is this for 3D tvs only, or will this be available from SCART upwards?

I live in ausralia & have the ps move bundle & nav controller pre ordered at my local eb + i have sports champions & heroes on the move pre ordered as well but im wondering why were not getting the sports champions bundle the us is getting.

Will there be Move demo’s on PSN on launch day, as I do not need the Move bundle pack? (which comes with a demo disk)

Good question;
Will there be Move demo’s on
PSN on launch day, as I do not
need the Move bundle pack?
(which comes with a demo disk)

Couple of things i’d like to now :D

1. do you have to calibrate the controllers when starting a new game all the time?

2. can you change the colour of the light manually or does it depend on the game your playing?

3.most of the demonstrations for Move have the TV at eye level but most people like myself don’t have there TV’s up that high.

so when i need to stand up to play the likes of sports champions and the TV is below me this will cause problems right?


How many designs did you have of the controller before you chose the one you currently have


Will the controller and move be in different playlists on killzone 3 to stop move players getting an advantage

Will there be further development of Move integration into XMB and Movie/audio navigation?

European_Gamer 19 August, 2010 @ 11:24

Thanks for the the Answer… I’ll might have to MOVE;) some furnitures, as it is now my head is about 2 meters away from the camera when I sit in the sofa and 1,5 meters when I stand up.


This live chat has been a real help so far and I’m now decided to buy a move controller on launch now, It was the fact a regular controllor can work as a navigation one that swayed me, I thought both were required, can’t believe I only heard it now.

Sports champions and renting tiger woods seems the only games I’m interested at the moment though, hoping for more

i cant see the chat in my browser, can somebody post the answer that european_gamer mentioned? Id like to know how much space is needed etc.

Do you think that a PS Move pack with PS Eye, Move controller and Navigation controller would be available in the future?

Will it be possible to play Dead Nation with the PlayStation Move?


Hello, When you buy the Move bundled eyecam does it include the eyecreate video editing software that the vanilla eyecam comes with?

Here are some of my qeustions:

1. Will there be support for MLB the show how awesome would it be to take your own swings in a real life MLB sim. With your own created RTTS player..

2. Will there be a Camera Add on to keep the Camera in place in the best position to use move.

Will the move confer competitive advantage in games like Killzone 3 online?

SlipperyFella 19 August, 2010 @ 12:03

Thank you for that James, it was actually really informative, felt like a learnt quite a lot more about Move

this page has crashed for me – anyone else having problems?? :S

yeah i cant see the chat window anymore…

¬_¬ come on sony get it sorted ¬_¬

can we view this chat or a transcript later? I need to get to a pc.

yeah still nothing. ive just got lines of text and no window.


Hey – we’re working to fix this, back soon :)

James Gallagher 19 August, 2010 @ 12:24

Hit refresh now – we’re back. Sorry about that little gremlin.

Will the live chat be returning?

Ha thanks Muster, ignore my previous comment.

European_Gamer 19 August, 2010 @ 12:43

@Mulukh they said that you had to stand at least 2,5 meters away from your camera.

thanks, the chat seems to work for me now, using mobile – opera mini.

That was fun, but I’m still not sold on either… :\


Let down, as with everything remotely PS3 related right now

i liked the headtracking idea, we just need to be able to strap a move controller to our heads and we practically have holographic games.


“Posted on 19 August, 2010 at 1:08 pm by gr0undp0und

Let down, as with everything remotely PS3 related right now”

If you really feel like that then maybe it’s time from you to move on from gaming.


2,5 meters away from the camera? I don’t have so many space…

cant see what is a let down about this, using a dualshock3 as sub controller is great to hear, move demos on psn and the scope of 3d all sound like good news.

Move demo disc on PSN is what I wanted to hear because I already have a PS Eye, just pre ordered my motion controller and as it gets closer to time release date I’ll be looking to see what’s available on PSN and retail to buy on day one.

Will you bundle the camera, wand, navigator controller all together?

Nice chat, loved reading through that!

tumble at launch pleases me greatly. There’s been a good stream of new Move game announcements since E3 and the variety of games is excellent.

Will the XMB be updated to take advantage of pointing in the web browser and provide a better interface for pointing elsewhere?

I really would like to know how we could place the ps eye on the best place to use this. Will there be an add on that is seen with laptops so you can place the camera on top of the tv? without damaging it. I would hate to damage my 40 inch bravia just so i can play move.

I think this really is a buy or not for me.. Hope someone can answer it. since it did not got answered in the live chat..

Amazon UK’s selling a clip (by Crown) to attach to the top of a TV but as long as the PS Eye’s pointing up at your torso and you realise your Move sphere actions are relative to the camera, I don’t think it’s really an issue having it underneath the tv unless that makes it difficult to put in the middle, for you.

What date is Move actually released? and what is the price?


i have a problem when i open a game on my psp go so what i do ???????????????

marcotoni1996 21 August, 2010 @ 17:27

i will buy a playstation move but i want to know some information
to play with residetn evil 5 or heavy rain i must have a move and navigator?
and to play archery i must have two move?
and for table tennis i must have only a move control?

thanks a lot

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