PSP minis: Angry Birds mini Is Visually Optimized For The PSPgo

Hi everyone, my name is Johnny Coghlan and I’m Head of Publishing for Chillingo. I’m posting on the PlayStation.Blog to confirm that Chillingo’s record-breaking physics game, Angry Birds, is going to release for PlayStation minis!

PlayStation minis: Angry Birds

In Angry Birds, players take control of a flock of different birds as they attempt to retrieve their precious eggs from a fiendish group of thieving pigs. The pigs have taken refuge within levels containing structures made up of materials such as wood, glass and stone. There are over 100 levels to play through! The object of the game is to catapult the birds into the pigs and their protective barriers, in order to eliminate the pigs and rescue the eggs.

Each level gives the player a certain number of birds to catapult at the pigs using a giant slingshot. There are six different types of bird, each with its own appearance, weight, sound effects and special abilities such as exploding or splitting into three mini-birds for maximum impact! If the birds hit the pigs or knock a piece of material onto a pig, the pig may explode into thin air and disappear.

PlayStation minis: Angry Birds Screenshot

When all of the pigs are defeated without the player running out of birds to catapult, the level is complete and a new level is unlocked! Players may re-attempt levels as many times as they wish, and may also replay completed levels to score more points and achieve more reward stars.

Angry Birds for minis features all of the content that has made it a record-breaking addictive success! Controls are instinctive, meaning that anyone can play the game straight away, while visuals are optimized for the PSPgo to ensure the overall experience is the best it can be on the platform.

This is going to be a hit release when it launches soon! For more information on Angry Birds you can visit now!

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sounds great.
i will get this one

JordanBlack68 25 August, 2010 @ 18:51

Guess it will work on PS3?

MaikelSteneker 25 August, 2010 @ 18:52

#2: all Minis should work on the PS3.

Will this be as cheap as the iPhone version?

Handige_Harry 25 August, 2010 @ 19:46

#3 Probably not. 3 euro’s?

GrumpyMcGrump 25 August, 2010 @ 19:55

not all minis work on the ps3, tetris for example.
happy to see angry birds coming to the psp, will it be based on the newest version for mobile phones? and does it include additional content?

cool, but how different will the control scheme be?

I wish this came as normal PSN Game WITH Move Support!


damn i was hoping this was a psn game with trophys , got it for ipod so no need to rebuy now

If this works on PS3 as well, I’ll be all over this. Sadly only had a demo-version of the game on my old mobile phone and I loved it, so a full version for me is a no-brainer.

Could we get any ETA or price? I know you most likely don’t wanna promise a date if it’s still hanging in the balance, but I’m sure you can do better than “soon”? :)

optimised just for the go or any psp?

@10 Just PSPgo by the sounds of things.

“We are also releasing it on… Sony PSP and PS3.”

[ ]

(17 July 2010)




I enjoy it on my ipod touch :)
Skippy skip this purchase, plus its gonna be expensive. Meh

“Angry Birds” & “Plants vs. Zombies” seems to be the only reason to own an iPhone (well, apart from “Mini Squadron”, but “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron” [PSP] caters for my needs there). “Diner Dash” is already installed on my PS3, as is “Bejeweled 2”, “Peggle”, & “Zuma” (all available on my PSP via “Remote Play”).

As “Plants vs. Zombies” is also due for a release this year, we just need an official announcement for the Sony Ericsson PSP/Phone to make Apple’s hardware completely redundant.




@ 14 u obviosly dont have much info about ipod touch /phone apps as if you think thats the only 2 games worth having then jack u are crazy lol , not just about the games either its the prices those games are £1.19 at most on ipod yet they are £2.99 or £3.99 on mini form but lets see how much more angry birds will be for ps3 its 59p for ipod .

Great game, had a go on a friend’s iphone. Won’t bother if it’s more than £2 though. Sony’s mini pricing needs a serious re-think.

Carnivius_Prime 26 August, 2010 @ 15:06

@16 any chance of a decent game on ipods/phones are rendered futile by being on a handheld with the worst control interface for any great games. Skullpogo’s the only game I found any fun on those machines and that again had me crying out for actual real buttons. sick of all this touchscreen crap and i’m glad sony’s consoles don’t have any of it.

@16 [greyness123]:

Regardless of any games available for the iPhone I find the interface full of faults, the Calendar synchronisation regular duplicates entries, the Contacts synchronisation the same (but not as often), connection to the iTunes client is hit’n’miss as I sometimes have to restarted my Windows environment before the fact that there is a handset attached to the USB port can be determined, & occasionally the iTunes Client software informs me that “The computer is no longer authorised for applications that are installed on the iPhone…” or that my audio files can no longer be synchronised because they have been moved (& the files are removed from the handheld device). Neither of those cases is true.

I could go on about the poor experience I have had with the iPhone 3GS; my first, & no doubt my last Apple product, but this would detract from the news about “Angry Birds”.

PS. ALL: A new version of Media Go (1.5a) is now available.



twistedintoform 26 August, 2010 @ 16:39

i have this for my nokia n900. it’s both simultaneously addictive and infuriating – thankfully a recent update allows to skip to the next level even you don’t finish the current one. not sure how well the controls will translate from touchscreen to dualshock though. i assume this has all the additional level packs as well? the n900 version had 21 levels free (more custom levels can be found in the maemo community), but then there 3 additional packs of 42 levels each available for purchase.


My guess would be £3.50. They’ll claim the extra content is why it more expensive.

Brilliant game though. At £2.99 or lower i’ll get it, aabove that and i’ll wait for the innevitable sale that will come and some point

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