Digital Comics Store Update (1 September 2010)


Forty-five brand-spanking new titles are unleashed in the Digital Comics Store this week, pushing the total number of comics to choose from to over 2000. How many have YOU read?

Here are this week’s highlights:

  • The magnificent 2004-vintage Captain America continues with the action packed 3-issue Time’s Arrow arc (#43-#45), featuring World War II flashbacks with Cap, Bucky, the Black Widow and the Human Torch. Best of all, we get the return of Batroc the Leaper! The series continues with Old Friends and Enemies featuring an old ally, Prince Namor.
  • IDW’s Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy is a 5-part story based on the smash hit video game series. While Christopher Belmont celebrates his nuptials, dark forces conspire to raise Count Dracula from his unholy slumber.
  • Haven is a brand new title from the Markosia stable, featuring a new kind of kick-ass heroine who single-handedly takes on the minions of the underworld. The Dante family line has been in the fires of an ancient war between humanity and the nine circles of hell for generations. As a self-proclaimed “Aristocracy”, the circles have now set their sights on the one chosen to fight the raging war …Haven Irena Dante. But soon after the tragic death of her mother, Haven endures the vile theft of her innocence and disappears. No one has seen or heard from her in two years. Until now…To find out more about this fascinating series, keep tuned to for an in-depth interview with writer Lenny Ramirez. Lenny is a regular contributor to our Digital Comics forum discussions, along with many other creators – why not join them?
  • Second issues of Starcraft, Jeff Smith’s award-winning Bone, his stark sci-fi series RASL, Zuda’s The Hammer and Markosia’s brilliant Raising Amy are now available.
  • More extravagantly-coiffed hedgehog adventures in Sonic Universe #5 & #6.

As ever, you can visit PlayStation Store on your PSP to download any of the 2000+ comics. Alternatively, you can use Media Go to access the Store from a PC and transfer content directly to your PSP.  It’s an easy way to purchase, download and organise your Digital Comics collection.  You can now add star ratings too!

Here is the complete list, in alphabetical order:

2000AD Prog #16952000AD
The Authority #8DC Comics
Bone #2Cartoon Books
Captain America (2004) #43-#48Marvel
Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy #1-#5IDW
DMZ #20DC Comics
Ex Machina #7DC Comics
Fables #22DC Comics
Gen13 #28DC Comics
Green Lantern: No Fear #4DC Comics
The Hammer #2DC Comics
Haven #1-#4Markosia
High Moon #8DC Comics
Jonah Hex #20DC Comics
Kane & Lynch #1DC Comics
The Lexian Chronicles #12Markosia
Mickey Mouse and the River of Time #1 & #2Disney Digicomics
Monsters, IncDisney Digicomics
Night Owls #4DC Comics
Planetary #9DC Comics
Raising Amy #2Markosia
RASL #2Cartoon Books
Sonic Universe #5 & #6Archie Comics
Starcraft #2DC Comics
Stormwatch PHD #20DC Comics
Street Code #3DC Comics
Superduck #16Disney Digicomics
Transformers #9IDW
Welcome to Tranquility #1DC Comics
Wildcats #8DC Comics
Y: The Last ManDC Comics

Please visit for prices and to see the whole catalogue.

12 Author replies

Ahh. Comfortable temerature outside nowdays, nice to walk when its not to hot, weather is good too.
So, how is it over in the UK weather and temperature wise?

Oh. Almost forgot..
Release in Scandinavia/rest of EU?
Comics reader for PS3
And Crossregion gifting?


Cold. :-/
No news sorry!

How many? Unfortunately zero.
I live in Portugal.


The MUBI service is coming to Belgium in October. When’s yours?


No date yet, we’ll let you know when we know!

Very nice update this week :)

Nice to finally see some of Gail Simone’s work on the store with Welcome to Tranquility, thought Secret Six and Birds of Prey are really the one’s I want to see.

Really good week for Markosia, though they have been doing great lately and going by the posts on the forums that is only going to continue. Looking forward to checking out Haven, and I wasn’t expecting Raising Amy #2 so soon, but the first issue really was fantastic! Then ofcourse we have The Lexian Chronicles as well, love that series :)

Looking forward to reading Kane & Lynch as well since it’s written by Ian Edginton, really like his work. Far most interested in the comic than I am the games.

Oh and speaking of Ian Edginton, any news of the rest of Victorian Undead Pauline?


Thanks :-)

No news on Victorian Undead yet I’m afraid – I’ll ask DC again!
Enjoy the others in the meantime. ;-)

When will this be available for The Netherlands? (NL)


No date yet sorry

Or in France?
You know what happens when i wait too long? i do not buy.


…and no date yet sorry.

Are there any more regular Sonic the Hedgehog comics in the pipeline? Not a fan of Sonic Universe.


Not yet I’m afraid, but let me look into this for you.


It would be great to know how well the Comics Store is doing, along the lines of the one million minis post the other week.
For me, it is the most surprising and welcome addition to the family PlayStation and I love discovering new stories and characters.
It seems that even during quiet weeks, there are lots of new and varied additions.

Although I will pull my support if Locke and Key doesn’t put in an appearance soon! :)
I need it like I need insulin (which, being diabetic, is quite a lot…).


This is something we’ve talked about here, as you say it would be nice to share our achievements so far! Let’s see…
And many thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. :-) We’re trying our best to bring a lot of variety and a nice store/experience, so it’s great to hear.
As for Locke & Key – eek, if I say that some more will be out within a couple of weeks will you stay? ;-)

Haven’t read any since I don’t own a PSP. Only a PS3. Damn. ;)


I detect a “bring this to PS3” hint. ;-)


@9 acridweasel

As far as sales figures go, the only thing that has been really stated was mentioned during Sony’s Gamescom press conference last month, and that was that three million comics have been downloaded so far. I would say that is pretty good.


Pauline, is the pricing for True Blood #1 correct. £3.19whereas the nxt one is two pound cheaper and the same number of pages.

Also is there any Spider-Man on the way?


Yes the price is right – maybe IDW are planning to align it now though? I’ll check.
No more Spider-Man for now, but Marvel will bring us a lot more Iron Man I think… That said, popular series like Spider-Man always get new issues, so it’s bound to be addressed soon!

No batman? =[


Not this week sorry. :-(
There will be more in the near future though…


Same old comments in these updates every week…


But we haven’t had this one before!

Really enjoying Y: The Last Man, great story.


Cool! It’s very popular indeed, enjoy.


This weekly blog makes me sad once a week =(


Nice to hear from you Pauline, was quiet for so long I almost feared something happened.

To bad there are no news yet, but I do look forward to the day there is some news. ;)

Sony services are crap. You only get full support when you live in the US or the UK.

Thanks for the reply Pauline. I only just discovered how great the Comic store is yesterday so I’m a bit annoyed to have come to a stand still on Sonic after just 4 issues. :D

wednesdays are becoming my favourite day of the week.
more book i want, starcraft, transformers, y the last man and gen 13.

i’m going to begin a sit down protest until there’s some wonder woman on the store though.
now where’s my psp?

damn, be right back……..
there, now i’m going to begin a sit down protest.

don’t think i wont be able to do it, not with front mission 3 just released on the store. :)

Id be curious to know how well the comics sell, how about a top ten list one of these days :)

This is not related to comics, but there’s no appropriate place to comment on the video store!

So: Can you please get someone from the UK video store team to blog on video store content for the UK??


I have a feeling the comic reader might be coming to PlayStation 3. Especially after a certain email I received this morning ;)

i have an idea that would be useful if it was implemented on the store.

either an icon or section on the store for titles that are released around the same time as the print versions, say within a month.

so it’s easier to tell whether you’re getting classic issues or the latest issue.

i know i might be more inclined to buy some of the titles if i new they were new out.

Nudge Nudge, wink, wink, Say no more, say more more… except bring the reader to PS3. I hope they will announce one at TGS.

I like the new order =P

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