LittleBigPlanet 2 Round-Up – Grabinator Featurette, Collector’s Edition, Home Space Update

Hi everyone – a quick round-up and update of some LittleBigPlanet news for you (with even more big news to come later this week…).

Collector’s Edition
First of all – I wanted to provide you all with some further details about the LittleBigPlanet 2 EU Collector’s Edition, as I know that many of you had some concern and frustration with last week’s announcement.

To recap – the Collector’s Edition comes in exclusive SteelBook special packaging, and contains a voucher to download the following additional content:

LBP CE Group shot

  • 5 PSN Avatars
  • 7 Sackboy Costumes
    • Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story 3’s “Alien” Costume
    • Disney’s TRON: Legacy “Clu” Costume
    • The Muppets’ “The Great Gonzo” Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Crocodile” Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Vulture” Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Cobra” Costume
    • Even More Animals’ “Mandrill” Costume

One important and cool thing to note is that this core Collector’s Edition, with all of the exclusive additional content, has the same recommended retail price (RRP) as the standard edition.

On top of all of these ‘core’ contents, in many countries there will also be additional or expanded bundles available that include some cool real-world LittleBigPlanet items. And there are four other exclusive costumes that are also available as pre-order bonuses – Jak &Daxter and Ratchet & Clank.

The ways in which you can get hold of the Collector’s Edition and pre-order items, and the availability of expanded bundles with additional physical goodies will vary by country, so look out for specific details from retailers near you. But in the meantime I wanted to give you all some updated details so that you have a clearer idea of the options available.

Home Space Update
Next up, in case you missed it… Last week the LittleBigPlanet Space within PlayStation Home updated with a brand new multiplayer mini-game. The LittleBigDerby is great fun for up to 8 players – check out more details here, or head into Home and see it for yourself!

New Featurette – The Grabinator
And finally, there’s a new LittleBigPlanet 2 featurette trailer doing the rounds – this time focusing on the mighty power of the Grabinator.

Now, awesome as Sackboy is in so many ways, sometimes his little arms just can’t shift that irritating obstacle. There was a time when you would have to find another way around it – but that will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to the Grabinator power-up, you’ll be able to grab, carry and throw all kinds of objects. It might be a crate, it might be a basketball, it might even be a fellow Sack-person… either way, pretty soon you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

That’s it for now – but I’ll be around in the comments to answer all the questions I can. And as I said above – more exciting LBP news to come, later this week…

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Love the cover lol.


Glad you like it! :)

Now that’s what I like to see. Now I might actually pre-order it this time.

What is the RRP, anyway? €59,99 as usual?


Yes indeed :)


Oops, sorry – to clarify: the RRP for both products is currently €69.99 for most countries across Europe.



knew from your last blog that there would be additional physical goodies from some retailers, can’t wait for LBP 2 gonna be EPIC


“One important and cool thing to note is that this core Collector’s Edition, with all of the exclusive additional content, has the same recommended retail price (RRP) as the standard edition.”

Buying the Collector’s Edition now then :P thanks :D


Glad to put your mind at rest :)

Hopefully the bookends will be available at some retailers

What I like, is that upon checking my local retailers, we get the Sackboy plushie as well in the CE, no bookend though (I was after the plushie to begin with so heh)

Thanks for clearing things up re the collectors edition. Being the same price means getting it is a no brainer. It still sucks we can’t get the same goodies as the US though :(

Why another steelbook? There is nothing steel about LBP. The US version seems to be more fitting with the theme.


I know it might sound weird at first – but trust me, when you see Sackboy’s little zip on there, shining away, it’ll make sense :)

SeanyC-SeanyDo 17 November, 2010 @ 17:17

Sounds promising. Sony can consider itself redeemed until further notice.


Appreciate that :) Hopefully this is just the start of the redemption – like I said, more LBP news to come later this week!;)

Then don’t call it a Collectors edition. It has NOTHING do with a collectors edition. This is a limited edition, sackboy edition, Steelbook edition.

It’s great you are making a “limited edition” with DLC for a fine price, but it’s not cool that only some countries and only some retailers will get the real goodies.

Make a proper Collectors Edition for the fans.


Fantastic stuff, Alex. Really looking forward the getting my mittens on LittleBigPlanet 2 and this Collector’s Edition just sweetens the deal. I’m sure there’ll be shortages of yarn throughout 2011 as LittleBigPlanet 2, likes its predecessor, does astonishingly well.


Glad you’re looking forward to it AnimaOnline. We’ll be impacting on the worldwide yarn reserves next year for sure… ;)


“more exciting LBP news to come, later this week…”

If that isn’t the beta available to all ps+ members then I really don’t care.

Amherst_Wind_4 17 November, 2010 @ 17:29

Pricing the CE the same as the normal version is a start and the best you can do from your end I guess, but the problem is no retailer is going to stick to the RRP when its the same for both versions, because nobody would buy the normal version. I think you’re missing out because people actually would pay more for a larger collectors edition.

Nice, im gonna buy!

So a steelbook and some outfits? No wonder it’s the same price as the regular edition. What happened to the Sackboy plushie and the bookends? Major major disappointment. I was really looking forward to those.

So the collectors edition for the UK is just £40? SOLD!!!! :)


Disappointing. I made the mistake of telling my sister, a huge LBP fan, what would be coming with the game and she got really excited… only to find out weeks later that the European Collectors Edition is nowhere near as good. Not even close. I suppose I should be used to it by now though, Europe is very poorly treated.

While “vary by country” usually means “in the UK and perhaps some other places”, and I doubt the bookends will be available (which were the main things I wanted from the US CE), I do appreciate that it seems you did read what people wrote and tried to do at least something about it.

I only hope this will help make it so that we can avoid similar problems in the future.


Hi, just a quick question is it too early to announce which retailers may get the collector’s editions [UK] (would like to preorder as there’s a birthday around that time :)) or is it going to be available at multiple retailers with different bonus content (like Capcom did when they released super streetfighter 4 and now MvC3).

If not I guess I’ll just have to keep looking at all the popular ones from now till release.


I’m afraid you’re right – I can’t give specific details about retailers right now, but you should be seeing more news about that very soon – then you can start planning for that birthday! :)


you can buy the Sackboy for £4 in a game shop.


Oh, the collectors is the same price as the normal, thats great !

Also, will we be able to get ALL FOUR pre-order costumes with this or will they vary between retailers ? I really hope we can get all 11 by pre-ordering. Please answer…

( Also, if the above is false and we can only get 9 of the total 11 costumes, will the other pre-order ones be available for purchase on the store )


Hey anonymus212 – I’m afraid that for now I can only give you the vague answer that it’s going to vary according to different countries – sorry about that. But you should be seeing more news specific to your country appearing soon. :)


I will get this. That is all.


I’m pleased to hear it. That is all. ;)

Okay collectors edition it is now :), but can i ask one thing, do we get the ratchet & clank and jak & daxter costumes together as a pre-order incentive, or do we get each of the costumes separate depending on the retailer ?


Glad you like the look of it :) I can’t give you specific details for now, I’m afraid – but in most cases I expect that Jak+Daxter and Ratchet+Clank will be available from different retailers – so you might have to decide which legendary duo you are most loyal to :)

Can’t even give a little hint to when we can Pre-Order the Collector’s Edition? And not just ‘Soon’!!!


Sorry – but “soon” it is for now! It’s up to the individual retailers all over Europe to start promoting things when they’re ready. But won’t be very long at all, I’m sure :)

Hope that Ratchet&Clank will be available thru – ’cause thats the legendary duo I would be loyal to :D

PLEASE release REAL limited edition like that one from USA!!! :(

all this “petition for the US CE” is great, but really all we’re missing is the book-ends…and they may turn up for sale eventually anyway, I love tins and this case looks awsome – I have the plushie sackboys on back order (for over a year now!) but they are due soon…can’t wait for this, so pleased it’s same RRP as standard edition :o)


I broke the pod last night in the LBP 2 Beta, it fall dovn and then
Sackboy kept jumping out of nowere. In the popit there is a star use
that, in there is a star use than on the pod then you wod be abel
to moov the pod and you can drop it but then Sackboy fall dovn.

The controller in the pod are moveble like a sticker

I just want the game in my PS3! :D
I will be getting a LBP Cup next week(if it comes out from ;)

Neither nor have collector’s edition. Where can we preorder it from the UK?

Hey there,

If you throw a plushie and/or the book-ends for an extra £20, I’ll be sure to take it. I’m not counting on it, but you can understand that us fans cannot understand that the US should get all those sweet items, and not EU. Especially because you guys at Media Molecule are based in the UK, so Europe would be more “loved”, sort of?…

Anyways!, this looks more promising, thanks for clearing up. I’m just a huge fan of both Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank: what to do?


This CE is nonsense. Steelbook and Sackboy just ridiculous together, not to mention the crappy “bonuses” (avatars and lame costumes, really???). The first LBP is one of the most creative game I’ve ever played (and I pretty sure, the second ‘ll be even better), and this “CE” is a shame for SCEE.

Do you know why people are happy now? Because it’s the same price as the normal version. Guess in the last announcement that wasn’t said Still a bad deal compared to the American one.


i was going to buy it anyway, and now i am 100000000% going to buy it… i mean just that i’m deffinitialy going to buy it once, and not 100000 times though, sorry sony!

Import FTW!

I’ll just swap out the disc from the US CE with a EU disc ;) Don’t care about the DLC, want the game stands!

Release date soon?

Please… a proper Colecttors Edition.

Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter. Gah, why must you make me choose?

please explain the move controller support !
I really like the move controller but so far i am confused about move + lbp2.
Can i use move in create mode? Can i play the entire game using move or will lbp2 have “move levels ” Can i create move exclusive levels/games?

I think this needs some clearing up before release thanks

Cant wait for LBP2 :)

Does my ears deceive me?!
Did i just hear our Aussie Channel 9 Cricket Intro (old version)…




That explains why the RRP everythere i’ve look at is £49.99, rather than the £39.99 it was previously listed as. Pity this wasn’t a glint in anyone’s eye when i pre-ordered my copy in August, but as i don’t see the point in the costume only DLC packs, or indeed avatars, i don’t feel i’m missing out ( how often do you look at a game box sitting on your shelf ? ).

If I’m honest, I don’t see why people have suddenly got happier about this… Yes, it is cheaper than we thought and there will probably be ‘real life’ goodies available in each country, but it’s basically the same news… *sigh*


Hmm. So, in the UK, by preordering this, I can get most of the costumes bundled with some sort of physical item? We really need to get those bookends.

I bet we neither get the sackboy plushie nor the bookends here in Austria. The Austrian Gamestop site doesn’t even list a collector’s editon…for now.

@ lewis1992

It is not that there is no pleasing me but I was thinking exactly the same thing.. Before I am even thinking of getting happy about this news. Is what the extras will be in my country.. and if that still is crappy why would I be happy at all.. oh wait then I still can go out and buy the extras the retailers in my country are not offering.

Sigh. Still feel slightly shafted. Is it going to be possible for us to buy the bookends in stores? I really want them D:

Or add the bookends to the package and i’ll pay for it with my soul + monies

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