Alien Breed 2: Assault Hits PSN On Wednesday With Short, Controlled Bursts

With Alien Breed 2: Assault launching on the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, December 8th, we’d like to share a handy list of things you may not know about the game. If you have questions, ask away in the comments below.

  1. It’s the direct follow-up to the PSN game Alien Breed: Impact. What’s more, it’s the middle entry in a trilogy of downloadable PS3 titles that reinvent Alien Breed, a series which has roots dating back to 1991. The game is an action-packed top-down science fiction shooter where you must conserve ammo, scavenge for gear, and upgrade your arsenal to survive against a vast alien threat.
  2. We’ve added a new Survivor mode. This can be played in single-player or in two-player co-op (online or local), and you must resist endless waves of intense alien horde attacks in specifically designed arena environments. Get competitive and compete on the Survivor leader-boards!
  • Survivor Mode hints and tips: Before playing Survivor, take some time in the single-player mode to learn the layout of the map. It’s also crucial to keep moving, as you’ll be overrun by aliens quickly if you stay still. Good communication is the key to survival – decide who will focus on what weapons and try to catch the aliens in a crossfire. If you are both very low on health, a “tactical death” may work in your teams’ best interest, especially if you manage to time it between alien waves.

Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN)

  1. The game’s exhilarating new set pieces will get your pulse racing. Fight the breed through the new vertical climb section and teach those pesky aliens a lesson with the destructive mounted gun. It’s an absolute blast!
  2. The breed have multiplied. Translation: there are new enemies to conquer, amongst them the Webber alien and dramatic new boss battles, although I can’t say much as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.
  3. You’ll need devastating new firepower. Luckily you’ll be able to arm yourself with some awesome new weaponry such as the Hyper Blaster, a highly destructive chain-gun, and the Rocket Launcher, with which you can simply blow the horde away!

Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN)Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN)

  1. Theodore Conrad returns. In the single-player game, you’ll take control of Chief Engineer Conrad as he battles his way through the mysterious spacecraft Leopold – the very same ship that is responsible for the alien menace currently terrorizing Conrad’s own vessel! In this episode, you’ll travel deeper into the dark heart of the alien ship. It’s a pretty unpleasant place to be.
  2. Two-player co-op play also returns. In addition to the new two-player co-op Survivor mode, there is also a two-player co-operative play mode (online or local) in which players must work together to defeat the alien horde. Co-op takes place across specially customised assault maps for two players, with a separate narrative that crosses over with the single-player experience.
  3. Yes, there’s a Platinum Trophy. For those PSN ‘Trophy hunters’ amongst you, there are actually 31 Trophies available within this game – including a Platinum trophy!
  4. It’s easy on the wallet. “Alien Breed 2: Assault” will be available at a great new price – €8.99/£7.19.
  5. There’s more to come. If you survive the assault, look for Alien Breed 3: Descent to finish the trilogy early next year!

Alien Breed 2: Assault for the PS3 hits the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, December 8th for €8.99/£7.19.

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Two Words – Dead Nation.

Team17 recently released AB3 on 360 (This was release a while ago), too little too late

Carnivius_Prime 03 December, 2010 @ 17:31

excellent. Really enjoyed the first one (and in 2 player especially brought back memories of the Amiga games). Easily among my fave games on PSN.

Still puzzled as to why the two Alien Breeds and Dead Nation have Blu Ray game sized trophy sets though. Not complaining, just curious.


Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed the first one, and the large number of Trophies too!

Loved the first one and have been looking forward to this. Okay, it might have got a little repetitive but I’m a sucker shooters of this dynamic. I wonder what else awaits Conrad aboard…

£7.19. Sounds like money well spent.


Glad to hear you liked the first one, thanks.



Now we’re talking!

Good to see you on here John! (I’m the one who emailed you not long ago, that Sunday night)

Roll on Wednesday, and I’ve got to say what an amazing price for yet more Alien Breed goodness! I know the PS3 versions are running behind the Xbox ones, but I’d be interested in knowing which platform has sold the most. In other words, are PS3 gamers more into Alien Breed than the Xboxers?

Amiga forever! :-)

One question:

Will it have a platinum trophy?


It does indeed, please see number 8 of John’s entry:

“8 – Yes, there’s a Platinum Trophy. For those PSN ‘Trophy hunters’ amongst you, there are actually 31 Trophies available within this game – including a Platinum trophy!”

Carnivius_Prime 03 December, 2010 @ 18:34

@5 why you ask a question that is clearly already answered in the post?

By the way if anyone wants to play co op on the first game or the second when it’s out feel free to add my PSN. Ain’t often I got a second player local to have a proper game with and not many folks on my admittedly very small PSN friends list have the game. These kinds of games are always better when you got someone watching your back.

CookieMonsterES 03 December, 2010 @ 18:36

The new price makes this even more interesting, I really want to get it. And a pack with the 3 games would be simply awesome :)

As #8 states, yes, it does include a platinum trophy.



Hell-Raiser-85 03 December, 2010 @ 19:30

Great news. First one was great and a plat is a bonus. Nice price as well. Trophy list would be nice please. Dead Nation will keep me going in till next week.

@1 Its not too little too late. Its better late then never.


Thanks for that, will see if I can get the Trophy list, please bear with me.


There was no voice chat in episode 1, and you never patched it in despite many requests. Team 17 are thus out of favour with me, fallen from grace. You used to be amazing on Amiga. :( Housemarque on the other hand recognised the requests and are doing something about it, so that’s where I’ll be getting my online coop fun.


looks sweeeeeet!


Thanks a lot for that long “sweeeeeeeet”!

@1: Two words – Zombie Apocalypse

Dead Nation looks boring and way too late to the zombie race. Alien Breed wins in originality stakes and you have to give more respect to a series from the Amiga days!

After the release of Dead Nation following comes to my mind:

Why is the PS3 still treated 2nd class by Team 17?
X Box got this ages ago and already has part 3!
We only get part 2 now?

More important, is the really bad screen tearing from part one fixed?
AB looked nice but the technical side was pretty mediocre – especially compared to the new Dead Nation.

No voice chat for co-op is a death sentence.
That is why Housemarque is working hard already to patch it.
Team 17 didn’t bother until today for part one…

Sony should really make this part of the XMB (like M$ did on the 360) as many developers don’t bother or can’t/won’t implement such things themselves.
Which is awful.


Thanks for your comments, Assault does have voice chat.

Any chance of a PS+ Day One discount, or a bundle offer in the future?

If there’s no discount in the price at launch I’ll hang out till it is reduced (or free) for PS+ members.


Hi, there is not a PS+ promotion for this title.


yes!!! but one question john, any news on if your making a sequel to worms 3d, or if you can put in on the store in hd please. i know that you would get a load of profit from something like that


John Denis: Any news regarding of bringing THE real Alien Breed series to PSN? And also project X. Thank you for reading. :)


Hi, thanks, but there are no plans for either of those at the moment.


Will you be revising the pricing for Impact, because it seems particularly steep, especially when compared to that of the second chapter. I think a bundle pack for the three would also be a great idea. I’m going to give the first part demo a try, anyway. I’m hoping I find that it will share the tone and atmosphere of the Amiga originals. That’s my number one thing that I’m eager to see, apart from it being enjoyable to play ofc, from the series, in fact. I can’t ignore the presence of Dead Nation, neither am I blind to other conditions. I’ll give that demo a shot, and take things from there, at least better informed.


Hi, we are currently looking at the pricing for Impact, thanks.

great game but 2 bad you guys kinda dumbed it down compared 2 the old mod for unreal2004 i like that version more with 4 player co-op the older version felt more like Dead nation.

Still need to finish the first one but will be picking up the sequel when that is done.
Team 17 do seem to treat PS3 as a after thought but one question I would love answered is will T17 ever release the original Amiga versions on the PS3????
I think they are out on Xbox and I have such great memories of these.
They deserve a PSN re release!


Hi, thanks, we don’t have any plans at the moment to release the original Amiga versions currently.

This needs to have voice chat for online co-op straight off the bat. So disappoined to see the first one left out the mose important feature of cooperative online play.

Get it sorted T17 and I might be interested. Need to finish the first one before that though…


Assault does have voice chat, thanks.


Where has the 1st Alien Breed gone off the store. Cant see it on here. Wanted to download it after playing Dead Nation


I just checked the Store and the game (and trial) is available?


Sorry. Bit silly really just realized when you download the PS Store for PC it only shows PSP stuff available. Does anybody know how much Alien Breed 1 is or can you buy them as a pack for cheaper. Just so I know before I get home.

Thanks in advance guys.


Alien Breed: Impact (part 1) is currently £11.99/€14.99 on the Store.


There isn’t a pack available, but it is something we are looking at doing in the future with the Trilogy perhaps.

What’s with all these comments about lack of voice chat in co-op (#9, #12 & #19)? It’s present you just have to insure that your microphone is paired before starting up the game (can’t confirm compatibility with USB devices).


Thanks for stepping in with that.

I liked the demo for the first game but I did not buy it because of the price .


Hi, glad you liked the demo of Impact, as I said above we are currently reviewing the price, and Alien Breed 2: Assault will be released at a lower price too.

Is this sequel the same as the xbox version. As I know the first one had some tweaks?
Wouldn’t mind the extra wait so much if us PS3 users benefited from something extra?

Real shame you have no plans to stick the original Amiga AB games on PSN.
I had them all on Amiga and loved the AGA version of Tower Assault.
I’m sure I saw an advert for some of them on xbox so please bring them over!!!?


Hi, it is essentially the same as the Xbox version. There are no current plans to bring the original Amiga games to PSN or XBLA, so I don’t think you would have seen any adverts tbh.

Ok, it must have been wishful thinking, hopefully you’ll have some plans in the future as they are classics.
Good to see the sequel at a lower price as it is a trilogy the total spend will be in the mid £20’s which is a full price retail title near enough. So a decreasing price point sounds good as I would like to think I would inclined to pick up all three parts.
Right time to go and get stuck into the first one again!


Thanks, and hope you enjoy it.

Those the game have online co-op? as in the story mode be played thru with me and a friend thru the main story?

Make or break for me.


A reply to comment 23.

I totally agree, loved the demo and thinks price is a bit high. Prices €10,99 or lower is more the line to go. Also for full priced older games example assasin 1 from ubisoft €21.87 is a far more better price and will sell more units. Red Faction had a great price.

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