DC Universe Online: The Next Legend Is You!

In DC Universe Online, the next legend is you…and Character Create is where you start your journey.

Building your custom super hero (or villain) is no easy task with all the choices on offer, from your stature to your suit, powers, movement type and weapons – this is your chance to become the ultimate superhero.

Your vision may be inspired by one of the legendary DC Universe superheroes or villains, but it is the choices you make along the way and the storyline that you follow that ultimately shapes your look and builds your legend.

Check out the below trailer of Character Create in action:

The DCUO BETA is available now to download for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Click here to find out more.

DC Universe Online will be available on PS3 and PC in early 2011.

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Loving DCUO. Character creator is really addictive lol, already made 3 characters. 😛

But as this is BETA will there be more costume options available at launch? Compared with CoH/Champions Online, it hasn’t got AS MUCH stuff or customization.

Dante_Zero 20 December, 2010 @ 4:28 pm   2

can i just say the beta for this game is amazing and i’m so impressed with the world. metropolis makes Liberty city in gta4 look small truely amazing.

3 bits of feedback.

1) the draw distances need improving slightly.

2) you have the ability to reconfigure your skill point and power points. can you also make the ability to changeyour movement style and i’m stuck with acrobatic and kinda mucked up and wanted super speed.

3) the game needs a tutorial. i was able to pick it up and work my way round it because of how simular it is to warcraft. those new to MMO’s will find it tough to work out what and how to do things.

keep up the good work. and can we have some word on the cost of subscription in the new year please. muchos gracias. :o)

I3loodthirsty 20 December, 2010 @ 4:36 pm   3

2 questions if you can answer them please.

1) will if come with 1 month free

2) will we be able to pay the monthly fee with the funds in our ps3 wallet

cakeforme288 20 December, 2010 @ 4:51 pm   4

was going to buy untill I realised I needed to pay to keep on playing it, I am already shelling out 40 quid a year for plus, and do not need something else draining my wallet

I3loodthirsty 20 December, 2010 @ 5:26 pm   5

thanks elliott i think i ll be getting the game when its out then ^_^

Dante_Zero 20 December, 2010 @ 5:30 pm   6

could i also ask Elliot, will there be more intergration for the ps3 version. for example will i be able to group invite with people on my PSN friends list?

Also is the game cross platform. so say i bought it for PC and PS£ would i be able to have the one account and access then from either machine or would i have to have two seperate accounts and two seperate subscriptions?


geddesmond2 20 December, 2010 @ 6:19 pm   7

It was a great idea releasing this beta to the Playstation plus members. I know a few people including myself who wasn’t going to buy this MMO when it came but we are definitley picking it up now. Great game folks

Christian399 20 December, 2010 @ 6:42 pm   8

A question (that no one seems to be able to give an answer on >_>)

Could you kindly let me know if this game will have a digital download version on the PSN (for the PS3 version)? I LOVE the beta, but I generally purchase all my MMOs this way.

Any information on this topic would be appreciated! 🙂

rossthebassist 20 December, 2010 @ 6:58 pm   9

few questions tho

1, Do we have any idea what the monthly fee will be,
2, im on the beta, is there a patch coming to prevent the game freezes.
3, will my character be transfered to the full game when its released.



1. Is there any way to change the color of your character when you play? If not? It would be good to have the option.

2. Another thing is that your character draws his/her weapon automatically when an enemy shoots at you, which can be a bit annoying when you’re going somewhere else, or trying to escape when you have low health.

But overall the game is aweesome 🙂


Game was better then i expected it to be on a console version tbh. Althou i cant read anything in the menus. Is that something thats gonna be change?

Aposte92627 20 December, 2010 @ 9:16 pm   12

I know this game will be available as retail (on disk). However, will it also be made available as a download (on Playstation Store)? That would be my preference.

morpheus2n2 20 December, 2010 @ 10:03 pm   13

Im loving the game its giving my my MMO fix on a console yay, the only thing that I find a bit annoying is the lack of feedback from the devs on the forums, they post loads on the PC beta forums but not on the PS3!!!
Theres loads of people crying out for some info on the upcomming patch that is ment to sort out tons of the bugs including, Freezing and the small text but other than that the devs have said little 🙁
Also for all the people asking if this follows then same paturn as 90% of the MMO’s out there then the sub will be around £8.99 per month.


Beta is great I’m luving it but please please please redesign those screen such that we can read the TEXT using a LCD screen sat some distance away not everyone sits at a monitor.



I’m sorry but its should be free to play, content disc 25 30 quid every 5/6 months plus mirco transactions sony I’m sorry but look at free realms how many users you have one there, don’t ruin this, if you have playstation plus its should been free be sub, change the way we play is one off the slogans off the ps3 is its not ?????

I think I’m gonna stop playing the Beta.

I seriously can’t stand all these EU players man!

no one chats or freaking communicate, all just run around!

when you are being gang banged by Heroes, no one does anything!

or here…I was forced to be a Villain because everyone is a Hero. And the villains can’t even wreck havoc or look out and bully heroes! Heroes are the ones bullying Villains!

I freaking hate English man! It’s causing this world to be imbalanced, if only everyone can freaking speak english!


I am 100% picking the game up next year because of the beta, but I have a huge question, and I beg you to answer it.
Is the latest patch going to fix the contineous freezes for Australian gamers? I have been lucky enough to log on once, every other time it just freezes after 1-2 minutes. All my other aussie friends are experiencing the same thing. Hope you see this!

blankedboy 21 December, 2010 @ 12:44 am   18

Won’t pay to play. If this wants to succeed it needs to be free online play if you also expect us to pay full retail price for the game.

No-one I know is getting this game simply because of this issue.

PS online play should always be free (or if you want to charge then go launch your game on the M$360).

Ravenor_77 21 December, 2010 @ 2:35 am   19

Not so long ago when plus was announced sony said that psn would still remain free to play online, now allowing dc universe to charge subscription sony are setting a very dangerous precedent. this should be more considered as sony run the risk of alienating many end users.

if more games decide they want to charge subscriptions users will simply migrate to microsoft.

this issue will sit very badly with plus users, who will feel cheated by sony.

consideration of your end user instead of potential profit margins should be prioty, remember customer is king!

Ravenor_77 21 December, 2010 @ 2:47 am   20

just for reference i can’t abide xbox i have been a playstation fan boy over 10 years, Even though my son and me are loving the dc beta we wont be buying if the subscription stands, very sad really!

ShadowDoGGG 21 December, 2010 @ 2:54 am   21

What the hell are you on about. This is an MMO which Sony really decided at the last minute to put onto the console. Free to play MMO’s do not hold the infrastructure at all.

Sorry but you have not a clue what you are on about.

ShadowDoGGG 21 December, 2010 @ 2:55 am   22

I do agree that the actual game though should be free – just pay for the monthly subscription.

Darkdayz01 21 December, 2010 @ 7:56 am   23

1. I’m a big WOW player so i’m very used to playing MMO’s. I like trying out different combinations so having to do the training mission every time is getting very annoying. Any chance we can have a skip tutorial or maybe an option to choose your experience level so we can bypass that?

2. Any chance the engine can be improved? It seems slow in places and the clipping and draw distance kinda sux.

3. More character design options. this is my favourite pass time, making new combinations. But it would be great if we can have more tailoring options. Remove the tutorial mission! Grrr i have to do it every time i make a new char!

I really like this game and it has so much potential, but if you want my monthly fee it needs a little more polish. I know this is only BETA, but just making you aware what I’m looking for before i part with my cash.

loadstone007s 21 December, 2010 @ 9:49 am   24

Oh please Sony make this title a triple A one, and not suck big time as I suspect… I really want this game to be awesome!

blankedboy 21 December, 2010 @ 12:37 pm   25

From IGN:

“DC Universe Online is coming Jan. 11, 2011 for both PC and the PlayStation 3. If you live in the UK, look for the game on Jan. 14, 2011. Sadly, there was no word on an Australian release date.”

“The PC version of the game will cost $49.99 and the PS3 version will cost $59.99. Both come with a free 30-day subscription to the MMO, but after that, the game will cost $15 (€13) a month – or $199 (€180) for a lifetime subscription.”

11th of January doesn’t give them long to fix all the bugs and glitches in this game. And a potential total cost of $258.98 US (disc and lifetime membership) for one game is just crazy in the current economic climate. It’s almost insulting.

BoH3MiaNRhAPSdY 21 December, 2010 @ 1:50 pm   26

@25 i totally agree, im beginning to question the game prices on consoles to pc games with pc games being cheaper plus havin way more content for free its insulting , 13 euros a month for one game are you kidding me , i enjoyed the beta but no way its worth the subscription fee , im going to stick with the many other ps3 exclusives this year

twistedintoform 21 December, 2010 @ 2:55 pm   27

@26: PC games are usually cheaper because there are no publishing fees – publishers have to pay sony/microsoft/nintendo fees to release games on consoles. it’s where the console manufactures make most of their money. for the european market alone in 2010, that’s 47m for Wii, 46m for PS3 and 38m for xbox360 – that’s a lot of revenue for the console manufactures from publishing fees. (by comparison only 4m disc-based games were sold for PC – sales reports unfortunately don’t include digital services).

also, the PC version of DCUO will have the same 13 euros/month subscription charge. the PS3 version is cheaper on shopto (£32) than the PC version, and if you can wait, i’d say within a couple of months, it’ll be around £20 in tesco (games released in october are already around that price – fallout:nv, fifa, medal of honor, etc.)

batman-billy 21 December, 2010 @ 4:16 pm   28

It would be fantastic.I’ll buy it as it bring out.

rossthebassist 21 December, 2010 @ 4:34 pm   29

ok, just heard about the pricing, around £10 a month or around £150 for lifetime membership… anounced in the states so they are approximate translated prices.

can EU blog please confirm our actual price structure and if plussers get a discount off lifetime membership, would pay £100 for it hint hint.

Jefferson050 21 December, 2010 @ 4:38 pm   30

Im sick and tired of gamemakers that want to suck every dime out of ya. first they butcher games in to more parts and sell it as dlc,
and now this. I WOULD NEVER PAY TO PLAY. If we start paying fees then in the future only the rich are able to afford gaming.

Most of the gamemakers nowadays don’t care about releasing a good game, they only want your money. Thats why 90% of the games suck nowadays and are full with bugs.

allot of the games i bought i finished playing within 5 hours, why so fast? So they can sell you the rest as dlc. Look at maffia 2. bought the game for 60 euro and finished it in 5 hours (didnt skip the story). And now there is 24 euro of extra download content.

this also goes for Assassin’s Creed 2,lets butcher the story
and keep out 2 sequences . so we can sell you those to get the full story

some funny death spank note:

“Towards the end of production it was determined what we had built was too big for a downloadable game, so the decision was made to split the game in half”

yeah right to big to download? $$$$$
capitalism is getting out of control.

its time that the “The Gamer’s Bill of Rights” will be enforced on all of you gamemakers

Jefferson050 21 December, 2010 @ 4:39 pm   31

1. Gamers shall have the right to return games that don’t work with their computers for a full refund.
2. Gamers shall have the right to demand that games be released in a finished state.
3. Gamers shall have the right to expect meaningful updates after a game’s release.
4. Gamers shall have the right to demand that download managers and updaters not force themselves to run or be forced to load in order to play a game.
5. Gamers shall have the right to expect that the minimum requirements for a game will mean that the game will adequately play on that computer.
6. Gamers shall have the right to expect that games won’t install hidden drivers or other potentially harmful software without their express consent.
7. Gamers shall have the right to re-download the latest versions of the games they own at any time.
8. Gamers shall have the right to not be treated as potential criminals by developers or publishers.
9. Gamers shall have the right to demand that a single-player game not force them to be connected to the Internet every time they wish to play.
10. Gamers shall have the right that games which are installed to the hard drive shall not require a CD/DVD to remain in the drive to play.

rossthebassist 21 December, 2010 @ 4:52 pm   32

1, never happen, and shouldnt happen people take the mick and abuse the system for piracy. check the spec before you buy.
2, agreed
3, agreed
4, on the ps3 you can refuse, you just then cant play online and truley so the version of game assests are different.
5, they do, what other programs or thing have you got running. also minimum specs may not be your min specs, for example on board graphics cards may have shared memory reducing your actual ram.
6, agreed, although what official games install harmful things???
7, you can do that on steam, ps3, and 360 if you purchased the digital content.
8, maybe if actual criminals would go away they could give you the benifit of the doubt. but lets be honest it aint gonna happen.
9, get a console then, singleplayer games dont need to be connected.
10, disagree, important element to prevent piracy / abuse of trade ins.

and my question this is all PC releated from what i can tell… this is the PLAYSTATION blog… hope my answers help you out.

Ravenor_77 21 December, 2010 @ 5:54 pm   33


I think you missed the point of my post, Sony made pledges that online gaming would remain free on PSN but have failed to keep that pledge. Free to play MMO’s are thriving and if you look at the recent pattern of pay monthly MMO’s going to free to play it only goes to prove that the infra structure is already existing.

Jefferson050 22 December, 2010 @ 9:11 pm   34


I think your missing the point. I was not looking for answers???
And yes your right this is actually pc related. but some of them should apply to game consoles.

forgot to add

The Gamer’s Bill of Rights was put together by Stardock and Gas Powered Games.

savage1980 27 December, 2010 @ 9:50 pm   35

I’ve read this post with interest but i’ve still not read an Official answer to what it’ll cost for us PS3 users and indeed PS3+ users to play this game. The site tells you how amazing this game will be but nowhere does it mention the monthly cost. How many ppl could buy this game not realising they’ll need to fork out another £150 to £200 a year to play. I was loving this Beta test until i found out that i would have to “PAY TO PLAY!” something i’ve always been against, it’s why i bought a PS3 and not a Xbox. I already feel shaffted with PS3+ since most of the free games they’ve giving away so far i already own(not counting minis) so don’t feel like am getting my moneys worth and now this. Some answers please…