Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming Next Winter

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming Next Winter

We at SQUARE ENIX are delighted to let you know that the sequel to FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, is coming next winter.

We have a new story in store that stems from the previous title, a battle system that is evolved from “XIII” – and more…

We’re looking forward to sharing more details with you about this exciting new sequel in the future – in the meantime please check out the game logo and first screenshot!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming Next Winter

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Can’t wait to see the game in action! :)


“Next winter” as in, “not the one we’re currently in”? Or the one after THAT?

pink_angel_wings 18 January, 2011 @ 12:35

Exciting! I hope they address some concerns with the first, but either way I’m sure it’ll be good

yeah gonna be soulful i reckon

FallingStickman 18 January, 2011 @ 12:35

Awesome. Unlike many people I thoroughly enjoyed FFXIII.

Can we have towns? Shops? NPCs? A world map? Turn-based combat?

It will be great to see this title in action. The new picture of Lighting looks fantastic.

let’s see how horrible the 2nd one get’s, is this game getting jap dubs. cause if it’s not i’m not buying it

Ok i just want to say this

please for the love of god do NOT use the same battle system as FFXIII

go back to the old turned based combat and everything will be soooo much better. i don’t know why you keep trying to change a battle system that worked so well (i guess you don’t get the phrase if it’s not broken don’t fix it)

i don’t care if it’s linear just put the battle system back to the original old ways.

i’ve been a fan of Square since FFVII but as soon as FFX-2 came out your FF’s have been getting very very sloppy (around the time the battle system changed strange that huh?)

i was wondering one thing considering the first diden’t get DLC itake it tis is Final fantasy IIIX 1.5 cause i can bet theu just selling almost the ame game it’s cheaper tht way wit the DLC being used i this game and not 2 forget all cut content

i was wondering one thing considering the first diden’t get DLC i take it this is Final fantasy IIIX 1.5 cause i can bet they just selling almost the same game it’s cheaper that way with the DLC being used in this game and not 2 forget all cut content

the dycrypted version srry

Square Enix wasting their money and time. XIII failed… it doesn’t deserve a spin off.

Just give me Versus XIII damn it!!

FF7-2, seriously. How hard can it be?

AmethystSword 18 January, 2011 @ 12:50

That picture reminds me of Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail XD

I for one enjoyed XIII as a game, sure was not as great as the classics but was far better then 90% of games released last year…

Aw, this means I’m HAVE to make time to carry on playing Final Fantasy XIII over this year (another game got my attention). FFXIII was good except the lack of open world exploration.

So THIS is why FFXIII was a 50 hour tutorial. Because Squenix are planning on releasing the actual game next year.
It all makes sense now.


Yawn – the game sucked! Most annoying characters ever. Battle mechanics were rubbish. Play a good RPG like Resonance of Fate

i thought 13 was good but i have since replayed 7 and 8 and realised how poor 13 is. I didnt mind the new battle system.
This could be good but really didnt expect a sequel.

Great news (the male character is meh).
I wait the trailers in HD (Versus over all).

I’m very skeptical about Final Fantasy for years and especially this one. FF13 did not meet my expectation and even disappointed me. Square-Enix knows how to make beautiful cinematics and hype a game with all it’s pretty images, but FF13 has lacked in dialog (English), story and the most important thing fun gameplay. I hope they learn lessons form studios like Thatgamecompany, Naughtydog, Santamonica, mediaMolecule and insomniac to make better games.

What happend to Final Fantasy Versus 13 anyway? I have high expectation for that game, since Tetsuya Nomura and his team is behind it. I hope it’s a ‘Only Possible on PS3’ game, because those are awesome! Can the PSblog cover some of that game for us? Or is it completely up to square when to show it?

spend more time making game content and less time making cg movies, use the in game engine for all scenes (have more confidence in it, it works for uncharted), thats my advice..



Well like a few others, I would love to see a return of the NPC’s, towns and shops for upgrades and what not… but looking at the logo and the screen shot… does this mean the Job system is making a return for XIII-2?
While I wasnt expecting this, it is a welcome surprise. though I would much rather have Vs-XIII and Agito-XIII

VictorAnalogy 18 January, 2011 @ 13:15

Towns, shops, npcs and a world map please. I liked the battle system. That can stay.


as a massive final fantasy fan, i have to say that this news is highly underwhelming. xiii was the dullest ff game i have ever played. linerarity has been a trait of the series since its inception, but before at least you had an illusion of choice. if xiii-2 is more ‘run down this corridor, now this corridor, and then this corridor, watch this (admittedly, stunningly beautiful) cutscene, now run down this corridor, beat this boss simply by pressing X, watch this cutscene, recommence running down corridors’ then i wouldn’t play it if someone paid me to.

what i’m most upset about is that there is STILL no information on Versus. fans are screaming for any information regarding that title and squenix are just ignoring their requests. Versus looks amazing and capable of restoring the mass critical acclaim that the FF series had enjoyed prior to xiii. give us information on that, not xiii-2


To be honest, i am quite frankly ******* that the Kingdom hearts team is working on final fantasy instead of kingdom hearts. Kingdom hearts beats Final fantasy hands down. Disney have THE best IPs in the world

The logo is fantastic, now all it needs is to be better than XIII and it’s going to be great. Day 1 purchase, obviously. NOW WHERE’S THE DAMN VERSUS XIII, XIII-2, TYPE-O AND DISSIDIA 01 TRAILERS YOU USELESS ************************.


So this is what happened to the “DLC” for FF13. Anyway, my response: *facepalm* god this is gonna be bad



I am the biggest FF fan, played all FF’s and FFXIII was awesome but I wanted to explore the world more, please make this less linear.

Otherwise awesome times await, damn the haters!

Project2insanity 18 January, 2011 @ 13:33

@joolz, FFVII-2? Advent Children and Crisis Core… take your pick. There’s no need for more FFVII, chances are that if it was taken further, it would tarnish FFVII’s good name. Crisis Core was a perfect finish, I think.

bally tats, work on the battle system before i unplode my genius

I use to love the FF games having played them since the days of NES but thinking back the best ones were on the ps1. X had lovely cinematics and I enjoyed it to a point – but I think Square made better games before they joined with Enix. There was a time when you would know a Square game was always going to be enjoyable and now when I see a Square-Enix game I approach cautiously and with trepidation or say meh and pick up something else.

TBH the only things they needed to improve over the older FF games was the random encounters the battle system as simple turn based was fine Lost Odyssey was a better jrpg than any of the Square-Enix outings over the last few years.

We have a new story in store that stems from the previous title

this line just says it all DLC and cut content from Final fantasy XIII


Who cares? Give me FFvs13 release!

kingkrunch456 18 January, 2011 @ 13:47

Last I checked there were other titles SE were working on, namely agito and versus, or have they just been discontinued? To me, this is just another kick to the balls :(


Versus! There is nothing on that, at all? Also, why not just say late 2011/early 2012? That picture reminds me somewhat of the stunning beginning of FFVIII, except, there the feathers were black. The logo also seems to suggest an element of that. Other than that, the image here doesn’t tell me much, if it was even intended to.


as long as it aint no teenage pocket pool fest like FFX-2 then it should be good, o dont know what everyones problem with the fighting system was, i loved it!


Is it just me or have half the people on this blog not seen the new Vs13 trailer? Its as if they think its been canned when we just got a new trailer about 3 hours ago…


@39, i nearly didn’t click on that link as i thought it was going to be a fake / joke.

that. was. epic. STILL no release date, but that looks like how we were all expecting Final Fantasy on PS3 to look; unbelievable. that honestly has me lost for words. the combat looks frantic, and it’s so varied. there are towns! it is stunningly beautiful. i’m beginning to think this game is still a year or two away or that Squeenix have no sense. THIS should have been the focal point, not XIII-2. unbelievable


i hope you have scrapped ff13’s battle system :D

So looking forward to this.

But does next winter mean 2011 or 2012?


a battle system that is evolved from “XIII” oh no!!! go back to true ff turned based battles

I´m still not over the fact I spent money on FF13. That game was terrible!

I thought the battle system was pretty decent. I think I slightly preferred the one in FFXII, but this is pretty good and I liked the different factions fighting each other. My main criticism with FFXIII was that the game was simply way to linear for waaaaaaay to long. A secondary issue was that too much of the story initially consisted of flashbacks to the same location with the fireworks. The combination makes the first whatever hours a little boring … I think I’m still only in Chapter 5/6, but I just couldn’t bring myself to continue playing, even knowing that it gets ‘good’ at about 20 hours in or so … that’s just not right, and a big part of the reason for the laclustre review scores.

Please! Have a japanese voice option, I love the language myself and I hate being forced to get the english dub. Sure I can import but I can’t read it, only speak it a little. So please have the Japanese voice option availible.


@dgnfly – Thanks for the link :D

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