Killzone 3 Single Player Demo Coming On February 16

Killzone 3. The jet-packs. The Brutal Melee. The PlayStation Move. The 3D!

Ever wanted to get your hands on the action? Killzone 3 may not be out until 23rd of February but we’re giving you a chance to experience into the “Icy Incursion” level that takes place halfway through the campaign.

  • February 16th is the day that Killzone 3’s Single Player demo hits the PlayStation Store.
  • PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the demo on February 9th, so strap on that jet-pack and take flight through the arctic environments of Helghan.


There will be two separate downloads available from the PlayStation Store: one in 2D and one in 3D. Both versions will take place on the “Icy Incursion” level. Don’t worry – downloading the 3D version and playing it on your 2D TV won’t break anything… you’ll just see a message saying “No 3D TV detected.” The 2D version has splitscreen co-op as well, a feature not available in the 3D demo.

These demos will be PlayStation Move-enabled, giving gamers a chance to experience Killzone 3 with the most immersive controls. When you get your hands on the demo, be sure to try out one of my favorite new mechanics, the Brutal Melee attacks. Get close to your enemy and hit the melee button (or thrust your PlayStation Move motion controller at the screen).

The aiming and movement mechanics have been tightened since Killzone 2; play around with them and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned to the blog as we give out more details on the upcoming multiplayer Open Beta.

In preparation for the battle, check out the full list of weapons.

Once you had a go visit our forums on and let us know what you think.

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Early demo, wonderful. Can’t wait!




Thanks! I will check it out to see if I should buy it or not, especially the PS Move features.


You are welcome! Have fun.


beta and a demo?! NICE, thank u.

Looking forward to test this with the move controller. I’m no good at FPS games on consoles with the normal controllers…

Good, to see i can play some singleplayer with move controls after the beta.

Really looking forward to this game.



almighty-slayer 26 January, 2011 @ 14:11

Aww shame it’s a level i’ve played before :( But sweet, will download it anyway. Thanks guys


It will have sections that no one has played before, so don’t be sad, be happy! :P


Thats how you market a game! MP beta and SP demo. With 3d and move.

Great news.


Nice one!



awesome! been w8ing to try it out with the move!


Gr8! Now you can go and try it out.


Great!! Could be early though…

And in 3D !!!!!

Best … news .. evah


omg, cant wait

Sweet cant wait fore split screen will be great!!!

Split-screen co-op in a game as craving as this is an impressive feat! The tightened aiming mechanics sure bothe well too.

Timing is perfect if you ask me!MP beta runs from the 3rd till the 16th. The demo from the 9th till launch :D Woop

Just news on motorstorm now please

Today I get DS:E and two weeks later K3 with Move support. Great – at last I will clean dust from Move…


This is just genius marketing.

The multiplayer beta starts on Feb 3rd, finishes feb 15th. This releases on Feb 16th and I can keep playing it until the game releases!

Brilliant Guerilla/SCEE. I love you :-)


We’ve brought Einstein back to life and gave him a 1 day Marketing course…this is the result.

MP and SP demos, has Xmas come super early this year?


Christmas, Easter and [fill in your National Holiday] all at once!



Renegade_Rocks 26 January, 2011 @ 15:31

My wish fullfilled ! It was getting too hard to wait :D ! Here I come, you freaky Helghasts ! hahahaha ! LOL

A single player demo, and multiplayer demo (Beta).
Thanks, and even tough theres a delay, im still glad non-plus’ get to play both!
Great Job GG, and SCEE.
You know SCEE, keep this up and we’ll have a great 2011.


2011 is going to be great anyway!

So close to release for nrmal people, what is the point?

I have PS+ and even I think it is pointless making the demo exclusive early.

SCEE desperate to make PS+ sound like it getting good stuff? Sounds like PS+ just making others suffer delaying demo for those without it.

If demo is built and ready give it to all.


Or you could refrain from downloading it until it is available for everyone ;) As long as people have fun playing the game it’s all good.

Good news possibly?

trying to win round the KZ2 haters much:)

at this rate there’ll be no point in buying the game as it’ll all be free! personally i’ll try it and make a decision to buy or not after that.

To be honest I have the CE of KZ3 pre-ordered and I’m gonna pass on the demo entirely, I would just like something unique to PS+ rather than stuff like this we get a week later anyway.

I’ll sound less grumpy in-game, honest :p

is it just going to be split screen co-op or are they going to have online co-op as well, talking about the whole game not demo


Splitscreen only.


liortttttttttttt 26 January, 2011 @ 16:15

Will the demo include the whole level or just sections of it?


It won’t be the complete level. We want to keep some things under wraps. But there will be new, previously unseen, sections. So definitely worth it.

I’m not dling the demo coz I’m deffo getting it amd don’t want any spoilers :)


We do our best not to spoil stuff :P


can we have some Killzone 3 avatars

Cool;) I loved KillZone + KillZone 2.
About Splitscreen gameplay, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have 4 player splitscreen for the main story mode to. I don’t think anyone has ever made a game like that + 2 or 3 or 4 player splitscreen for the online modes to. Maybe one day someone will do it :D


I LOVED KILZONE 2, its the reason i got into shooter games.


:D :D :D :D :D :D

I have asked this question so many times with no reply………does this game have status updates on the xmb like LBP2 and COD:blops? This feature is so important to me and my friends on psn.



Any info about the online co-op??? Please…. drop a bone :D

i was wondering why can’t we have good old pc fights with that i mean 32 players?

Hi there, I can’t wait for KZ3! Just a few questions. Will the multi-player beta be in 3D and if I still have the original Beta will that one just be patched or will I have to download the whole Beta again. Also how big (file size wise) will the beta and the 3D single player demo be?

Can you please confirm whether there’ll be online co-op because many video game sites have reported online co-op for the full retail game, while I always hear only splitscreen co-op is supported.

omg, Feb 16th is my birthday, Boo-YAH!

Simply epic ! And splitscreen in the demo too ? Awesome ! Cannot wait for the 9th !

Don’t think I’m even gonna get the demo. Straight up buy the game.

tell me why people support the Nazi Helgast?:/


I see you guys are saying that you’ve made the controls tight and responsive like most other really good shooters, great to hear.

Even the slightly improved option patched in on Killzone 2 didn’t make things as good as many other shooters I’ve played and the overall controls marred for me an awesome game. I know it’s an older game now, but any chance of patching Killzone 3 controls (if they are better) into Killzone 2?

It’d be a great idea, particularly if your legacy titles mean as much to you as your upcoming ones. Developers that give long standing support tend to get it too. Just a thought.


killzone 3 rules
nederland rules
sony rules


Richardnl1979 I completely agree with you (NEDERLAND!)

THis is why I love my PS3 just the few games that are so much better then the Xbox exclusive like [DELETED] halo, makes it the best console on the market (In my opinion)

don’t get 2 full off yourself just cause our country made 1 game that looked good story wise the first one sucked and 2nd story was a mess so like all shooters it’s down 2 multiplayer

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