Design Your Own Portable ID


Here is another fun challenge for all of you creative folk out there. We are offering you a chance to design your very own Portable ID themes to be used on the new Portable ID page on

Portable IDs are available exclusively from on PC and give you the chance to show off your favourite game, current mood and trophy collection to the rest of the PlayStation Community.

We would like you to design your own style Portable ID theme. The design for the theme must be original – so no existing game character imagery please – and keep it clean.

We will then choose our favourite designs to share with everyone!

Now it’s time for you to get creative – here are some examples of existing themes to help get you started…


For more details, head over to the official PlayStation Forums now at Once there, you can get all the specs and details.

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Thats awesome, will have some fun with that!



[DELETED] is wrong with you Sony!?, PSN is down and you advertise the features that are not accessible right now!…

Nice way to keep peoples minds off the PSN problems ;)

Created mine. Love how PS+ users get them few extra ones. Very smart!

hollandnigel 21 April, 2011 @ 13:16

The link doesn’t work??
What one should I be clicking to do it?

@hollandnigel I think that’s due to PSN being down.

Shouldn’t SCEE rather focus on the necessary technical updates for the portable ID, rather than offering new designs?

There are trophy card services out there, that autoupdate or that show games that seem invisible for Sony’s own system. There is certainly space for improvement, but graphics should be one of the lesser worries.

@2 I don’t think you understand the purpose of this article.


What can be used? Is it okay to include PlayStation symbols such as the PSN icon or perhaps the Cross, Square, Triangle and Circle icons?

Carnivius_Prime 21 April, 2011 @ 14:41

@7 I thought these auto-update too. I don’t change my settings on my portable ID very often and yet when I look at sites I’m using it on they’ve usually got my recent trophies up within a day or so without me doing anything to update it myself.


The girl from my nightmares(/dreams, I’m a confused man).

Also there are penty of great character images for the portable IDs, any chance of one from Nier/Nier Replicant, like Kainé or Emil or something?

Oh? Had no idea. I only remember that when I checked mine last time, it was totally outdated. Perhaps it only updates, if you actually use them somewhere. ;)

Anyways, I’d really prefer if they would support all games. SCEA’s option to compare what your friends play / whatfor trophies they have, is really neat. Just not as useful as possible, if many games don’t even show on the list.

No one can do this as the PSN is down.


Will be ever see a Red Dead Redemption portable ID? :( Make it happen Playstation!

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