Starhawk Private Beta To Close January 3, 2012

Warheads –

The time has come to say “thank you and good night!” As of Tuesday, January 3rd, the lights will go down on the Starhawk Private Beta. It’s been a wild, wild ride and we want to thank ALL the participants that took time out of their schedule to help us test Starhawk. We’ve learned an enormous amount and have applied much of it already. We’ve still got a long way to go but the leg up this info has provided us is incredibly valuable. The Private Beta was our first step to try out the game in the wild and it’s been simply awesome. And because of this success, we’ve decided to keep the Private Beta live through the holiday break. After all, what would ringing in 2012 be without a little Starhawk beatdown session?!!

So what’s next? Why, the Public Beta, of course! In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the dates for this important step. Many more players will be allowed access, including the UNCHARTED 3 owners who received a Public Beta voucher when they purchased the game! Look for more information and specifics on the PlayStation.Blog very soon.

It only takes a quick web search to find a TON of Starhawk info out there about the Beta. We’ve been really happy with the commentary/opinions and will taking all of the feedback seriously. Here is a convenient sampling of what’s out there: IGN, Kotaku, VG247, GameSpot, Major League Gaming, Pixel Nation, Dual Shockers, PS Nation, and Starhawk Radio—just to name a few.

We’d like to wish everyone happy holidays from LightBox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica. We hope that you enjoy your vacation time. Feel free to spend it waxing noobs in the Beta over holiday break!

“It’s closing time…one last call…”

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It’s been great, thanks for extending the beta. Will the public beta have more maps etc? And something I have always wondered, have you been influenced by Firefly? The two sides in warhawk reminded me if alliance vs independents and starhawk has a space western theme

Nice one.I’ll try it again tonight,the no flag bug was a bit annoying yesterday :)

Yay :)

Is it true Starhawk is coming in July? If so, then that could be really good! More time to invest in Twisted Metal and Mass Effect 3. Also more time for LightBox to perfect there game!

i have warhawk & i loved it but nobody plays anymore :-

“Is it true Starhawk is coming in July”

Don’t think there’s been any confirmation,but I always got the feeling It would fill that infamous 1&2 date.

And ps+ members!

5# Then Juni is the time :D

It’s been a blast, thanks for keeping it open until the New Year though I’ll miss most of that while away on holiday.
Look forward to the public phase but even more so to release day. I’ll definitely be buying Starhawk!


enjoyed the beta n really looking forward to the game coming out :D

maddogarchie64 21 December, 2011 @ 21:54

i can’t wait to get the public beta


Aww, my PS3 is broken atm and I won’t be able to get a new one til January 10th..can’t use my code at all. Why don’t you just run it until the public BETA starts?

I did not get any Starkhawk code with my Uncharted 3!:'( Anyone know why? or is there a limited amount of vouchers that went with the copies? Or is it because of the region I live in?

@ shadefz I think the ucharted codes are coming via email. I don’t know how that works or when they will be sent

Shadow_Warlock 22 December, 2011 @ 11:56

I’m the same as Shadefz I thought we were getting Starhawk Codes with Uncharted 3, now I hear the beta is closing?


@ Mulukh probably online pass activated.

just noticed my code -oops well first things first as its the most important can you t-bag people in this game? the inability to do such can be a dealbreaker


The Beta was great. As a fan of Warhawk, I think Starhawk is just as good if not better. For the Public Beta, will there be a 3rd map with the full 32 players?

i love warhawk and have been playing it from day 1,so i was really looking 4ward 2 starhawk ,as was many a warhawk player was ,but i am very disappointed with starhawk as a lot of warhawk players r.its nothing like warhawk,flying in starhawk is so bad,u know u guys made a great game in warhawk,it just needed a few bugs taking out,and the graphics redone and a few other thing’s put in.i myself can’t see how ur u can have a 16v16 in starhawk its just 2 slow,this is because of ur build system in starhawk.peeps want action,not waiting around 2 build a wall or get into a jeep or a hawk.i hope u guys read this and sort this game out, because peeps r stil playing warhawk after all this time ,but starhawk won’t last a year the way it is now ,give warhawk players what they want, because this is no follow up 2 a great game like warhawk

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