Starhawk Public Beta!


Just a quick reminder that the Starhawk beta kicks off tomorrow for PS+ subscribers!

Soooo…it’s time to get online, join the fun and get busy playing!!! If you were in the Private Beta you know what to expect, plus some key things listed below. For those of you new to Starhawk and the Public Beta, “Welcome!” You’ll get to try out a truly unique (and damn fun) multiplayer experience. Here’s a quick primer video to get your feet wet…

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for further info on Starhawk either through the blog or

Here are some helpful pieces of info for you:

Who gets in and when?
As we move forward we’ll invite more and more players into the mix.

  • January 18: All PlayStation Plus subscribers and all Private Beta participants (who haven’t erased their original Beta files)
  • February 1st: UNCHARTED 3 guys, you will receive an email on how to access the beta. In order to get this email you’ll have had to redeemed your Online Network Pass found inside the boxed copy and made sure you’ve opted into receiving marketing emails.
  • February 22: Everyone with a PlayStation Network account…in other words, everyone who wants in, gets in!

What is a Beta?
For all you newcomers, a Beta is a real world “in the wild” test of the core game systems and gameplay. It is NOT a demo. Most of the final game features are not included. You can, however, expect to have loads of fun.

What’s in the Public Beta?
Everything mentioned in the video with a ton of fixes, updates, etc. At the start we’re adding the following content on top of Private Beta content…

Classic Arcade Flight-Mode: Private Beta players asked for it and we’re happy to include the classic arcade flight from Warhawk.

Host Migration: When the host leaves the game, the hosting duties transfer to another player and gameplay will continue, provided the option is checked.

Language Support: European and Japanese languages are included. Korea, China, Latin America and Brazil will be in English…but these will include the appropriate languages for the full game.

Skills: Players will be able to collect unique Skills to use in gameplay based on their performance.

Playstation Network Friend Integration: Friends status, messages, and friend requests.

Bug Fixes: Lots and lots of bugs have been addressed.

You can expect continued updates throughout the Public Beta so stay tuned for more information. (“Yes,” Private Beta players, we know you want more, more, more. Remember, this is a test and we need to continue to take prudent, methodical steps. We appreciate your understanding.)

Where do you report feedback?
You can visit and have discussions or head to the official forums:

What about other Beta details?
Check out our blog post from last week for additional info.

4 Author replies

Why not give it to us the same time as America?

how do you opt for marketing emails?


Thanks vonhammer!

Account management > Account info > scroll down,notifications

You are SERIOUSLY complaining about one day? What the hell man. What the hell.


@gypsiee Takes NO EFFORT to put it on the EU one at the same time.

Good,good.migration is welcome.

Also May 8th release date in America,so May 11th here?

Store update,and it’ll spread the server load.tomorrow night could get funky :)


I’m guessing somewhere in account management,i’ll have a quick look.


Account management > Account info > scroll down,notifications

Sweet, eagle eyes spot the APC (maybe tank?) icon in the build and battle as well as the jet bike! Now I am excited, not only was the private beta alot of fun but helping mold the game via feedback is a good feeling to have.

I also get the feeling Shadowdogg up there was also complaining about the invite only portion not being available to PS plus users, one more day won’t hurt ya mate.

European_Gamer 17 January, 2012 @ 16:25

For the first phase of each team could only build a maximum of 32 structures will that be expanded for the full game?

Not hopeful for this at all. It looks a lot like Section 8: Prejudice, which was beyond awful. Any teamplaying elements will be ruined by the European language barrier (as always) and all those different gameplay features will just become one giant cluster-you-know-what.

No doubt the Americans will get some amusement out of it, though.


where is SR3 GenkiBowl!

I think people aren’t taking into account the time difference between us and the states. I’m pretty sure they said it was being released at the same time for US and EU but because of the time difference they get it tuesday and we end up getting it wednesday.


@shika1983, doubt it. We won’t get it until 6pm tomorrow – SCEE always seem to be late when your looking forward to trying out something.


for the people who have the beta on there hdd from the closed beta can they play it today?


Yes you can!

CoolRichy008UK 17 January, 2012 @ 18:56

AndyR1ch13 its where you left it lol and ShadowDoGGG you tell him and gypsiee stop moaning or go put your tent on another website

how do u get access to private betas?


for this round of Starhawk, you need to be a PS+ subscriber to get in early!

Actually looks cool, may use my UC3 online pass and get this in a couple of weeks.


Wonder if it will download or will I be greeted with infamous error 80029564 at 14% when installing, just like with every download after installing firmware 4.00

@vonhammer Thanks mate! :D

Can’t wait for tomorrow

Ziggy_Marley_93 17 January, 2012 @ 21:44

Hmm, might have to buy a 3 month Plus subscription, really looking forward to trying Starhawk out. I should get in on the 1st of February because of Uncharted 3 anyway. Can’t wait either way!

If you got in the private beta you can play it now.Just had a quick go on it.

No worries


Very nice .


Can anyone tell me how many players can play splitscreen online in the finished product. really hoping its four players…


When is the beta coming out on AUS??


Same time!

I will play the game 1st february aswel, Lucky me for having Uncharted 3.


It does have 4 player splitscreen online, but i dont know if its in the Beta.


Thanks AvenGer20, I will be buying this and Twisted Metal day one to support split-screen online. hopefully we’ll see a resurgence of this feature in gaming!

Looking forward to this, but not enough to waste money on PS+ (I’m not into Mini’s and have zero interest in themes that are too rubbish to sell on the regular store).


Just downloaded it, look forward to trying it later :)

STEALTHSNAKE1 20 January, 2012 @ 09:22

Please please please can we have some information on a realease date if any ? for choplifter HD on PSN EU ? many thanks.

Immortal-Wolf- 20 January, 2012 @ 19:22

Oceanhawk kicks off 2013 underwater battle Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

This looks awesome.


Hi, I don’t know if anyone is still following this thread but if there is can you tell me what I should do if I haven’t received the email notification?I own Uncharted 3, redeemed online pass and I have opted for marketing emails, but there’s no sign of the invite so far…

uh.. hello im kind of lost here . i had the voucher of starhawk beta from the uncharted 3 game and i redeemed it and when i tried to get the beta from psn i ddnt see the downloading thing .. how can i get it ? someone help me ?

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