New Gran Turismo 5 DLC Out Today

New Gran Turismo DLC And Update Incoming - 1

Hello Gran Turismo Fans.

As posted last week I am very pleased to confirm that lots of great new GT5 DLC is in PlayStation Store update.

So what’s in this batch of new content? Well firstly there is a brand new car pack (Car Pack 3) featuring stunning new additions to the Gran Turismo car line-up. Vehicles offered in this pack include one of the most exciting cars of recent years – the outrageously quick Lamborghini Aventador. Lining up alongside that fine motoring specimen is perhaps one of the most potent vehicles ever released by Aston Martin, the beast-like Vantage V12.

Adding to the attractive line-up are two classics, the Jaguar XJR9 1988 LM and ‘vee dub’ 1200 1966 and finally if all this power and grace was not enough, completing the pack are the innovative Nissan Leaf electric car and Mini Cooper S.

New Gran Turismo DLC And Update Incoming - 2New Gran Turismo DLC And Update Incoming - 3

The whole exciting package comes in at €5.99 or equivalent within your local currency. That’s a whole lot of hot virtual metal or bang for your buck – choose your own description!

The second DLC being released today is the Speed Test Pack. The Speed Test Pack features an oval enigmatically named Special Stage Route X. What it is behind the name is a beautifully rendered massive oval with extra-long 7.5 mile straights and large radius curves which mean you don’t need to lift off at any point. This pack also features a performance measurement mode that will allow you test top speed, acceleration and whole lot more.

Is there any better location to test the Red Bull X2011, Bugatti Veyron or possibly another much cherished, much enhanced motor from your garage?

New Gran Turismo DLC And Update Incoming - EU

The Speed Test Pack is priced at €3.99 or equivalent within your local currency.

And finally to top off all this great new DLC is the brand new FREE Functionality Update 2.03 (which you will need to install to run the new DLC). In addition to enabling the DLC, the new update features a host of improvements and new features.

Full details of all the great new content can be found on and more news will be coming soon on Gran Turismo, so of course keep checking back here on PlayStation Blog.

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Good news. I have only one question: At what time will the store be updated?

Penrose Tackie 18 January, 2012 @ 16:13

I believe that the content is now live on the Store eran0004

YES YES YES Aston Martin V12 Vantage here I come! More Aston Martins please!!!!!! Like the One-77! Keep up the good work!

I will be home from work at 17:30 GMT – will the GT% DLC be live by then? Please say yes! :-)

Great news and that Lambo is sweeeeet. @eran0004 the store updates around 4pm UK time so convert to your time with this.

Hurry up take my money!

Been waiting all day! Hope the store updates soon…

Come over here and give me a big kiss! Can’t wait until my wife’s backs turned so I can buy it….

Penrose Tackie 18 January, 2012 @ 16:14

Have fun Picksummat

10 euro for the dlc?? But the all game with cd is 39 euro,lol
who is here stupid?

As a german I have the strange impression that PD hates german cars. Seriously, are those the most interesting cars that all german brands have to offer?

Well, at least the Lamborghini Aventador shows a bit the more fascinating side of german technology, even when its hidden in an italian design. ;)

I’ve got to say that I think it’s really disappointing that a track and feature that has been standard in every previous GT game is now suddenly a €4 add-on.

With regards to a future car pack, a good idea would be to have a “First Premium” pack, where manufacturers that don’t currently have any premium cars in GT5 get one released. We need premium Vauxhall’s, SEAT’s, Holden’s, etc… :)

As for tracks, where is Midfield? Apricot? Tahiti, Grindelwald? It is these type of tracks we need, not an Oval, as useful as that is.

el capitan you forgot


il get it once you fix my dlc 1+2 have bought them but wont download. but i have to pay again for them yeah right.


once u fix dlc 1+2 for me i will by dlc 3

“hot virtual metal”

I think you need a lie down Penrose ;)

Penrose Tackie 18 January, 2012 @ 16:12

No sleeping on the job X201 ;)

There’s something wrong with GT5, it’s missing an A after the T ;)

Seriously tho, does this franchise have any more to give? I enjoyed GT5 for a while but it quickly became stale and monotonous, and all of these overpriced DLCs aren’t tempting me back to the game.

Keep the game engine, redesign the entire thing from the ground up, and that might breath some life back into the franchise as long as Kaz Yamauchi isn’t allowed anywhere near it.

@ NRX1000

You simply don’t know what u r talking about!
stale? monotonous? give me a brake…

regarding the dlc, a little overpriced for an oval track imho.


There’s little to download.

Have you tried to install them in the game?
The big red arrow on the main menu.


yup i have tried that. paid them by cc its came out of bank but doesnt show in download history. but it shows on transaction history that i bought them.


Just wondering if there would b an update which could put an option for AI opponents on the online side of the game so when people just wanna race against there mates it won’t get boring for them if there mate is alot better than them.

Think that it is possible in the future to release a car pack with the Delorean DMC 02? Or at least the new electrical one.

Ziggy_Marley_93 18 January, 2012 @ 17:13

Awesome update, downloaded as soon as I got home. Now in the process of trying out each car. Should probably try out the new track next.
As long as we keep getting updates like this I see no reason to eject the GT5 disc from my PS3 for a while! I don’t think I’ve bought any new racing games since GT5 was released. Great game!

Penrose Tackie 18 January, 2012 @ 17:17

Thanks for the positive feedback Ziggy_Marley_93


What id really like to see is more tuning options, engine swaps etc etc, maybe even some body add ons rather than a splitter & stupid huge spoilers?
Other than that my other gripe is the used car dealer & online part don’t refresh often enough, I’ve got a good ten cars in there that I’ve already bought that should be replaced

Lamborghini is sweet

Critics should review this game again. The devs really improved upon what they needed to! Keep it up guys! :D

it’s great that gt5 is releasing new content even if it’s not appealing with all of you’r fan base. I really hope you can answer a question for me, would gt5 consider creating a premium car wish list for all the gt5 followers out there, who keep supporting gt5 by buying new content. Maybe if we could submit the cars we would like to see on the next ps store update from you guys at gt5 and you can pick the top ten or top five, like a Toyota levin bz-r and a Nissan super-t just want to get some of my favourites in early ;)

Kind regards.

I’ll buy DLC when it’s the same/similar price as the American $ DLC rate. Something is wrong at the moment. In the UK we should be paying £3.90 ($5.99) for the pack not £4.69.


I agree with Golwar the Audi range is poor and out dated, is anyone really interested in clapped out classics with a hair dryer for an engine or electric cars ??

STEALTHSNAKE1 20 January, 2012 @ 09:19

Please please please can we have some information on a realease date if any ? for choplifter HD on PSN EU ? many thanks.

I want my money back ….. It took me 5 minutes before I was bored of the new test track online and 2 mins in practice mode. Am I missing something here ????
Ok so it tells you your top speed ….. So it tells you your split times …. Is that it.
I thought you might at least have an option to set a drag distance for a race or an option on the track to turn off onto a dirt track or Tarmac with corners. Ohh well looks like another DLC I have wasted money on … It’s starting to add up now guys. And the cars … Ha I already have the xjs in standard and 800 other cars 750 of them I never use. Please no more cars we need tracks tracks tracks … Please.
So there are some good points in other blogs on here. Please take notice PD. simple things that would make the game great again.
Thanks all.

Leeuwentemmer 21 January, 2012 @ 18:44

I miss the car of the century, the Citroën DS. Please make the 23 Pallas IE and if possible also the coupe SM.
Please put them in the next premium car packages.
These can’t be forgotten. Wonderful cars! Thx!!

Citroën enthusiast.

Leeuwentemmer 21 January, 2012 @ 19:15


And some fresh tracks indeed, I agree with you.
But please no more argues about more cars, because I like to have my classic Citroëns in GT5. Please, do me this favor.
More cars are good upgrade, I think. And the tracks also.
So, more (classic) European cars instead of those ugly, disgusting Japanese cars. 2/3 of the cars in GT5 are Asian/Japanese cars, and I hate it.
Why isn’t K. Yamauchi listening?

ok sorry. Yes more cars but how about ones that can be used in online race leagues etc. for example DTM, British Touring Cars etc. along with some of the interesting tracks that we’re on Gt3 and Gt4 maybe.
Also PD might like to look at what people do when on line. Weekly races weekly leagues etc these are starting to get boring due to the lack of options. Please listen to the races and what they want.

Still love Gt5.

dieselmonster 22 January, 2012 @ 00:21

Too expensive DLC and judging by the comments I am very reluctant to buy it…but I admit aventador is tempting. Generally I think that gt5 kinda lost it’s cool factor. I like that they finally decided to give you cars as prize for seasonal events. I’m sick of horns and outfits which I never use. BE SMART AND GIVE US ALL TRACKS AND EU CARS otherwise you will go down the drain. Sorry to say this PD but most of my friends already sold their copies of games long time ago. I think tha your politics sucks. you should be listening to people an snot assume that you are right…

gingertim1968 22 January, 2012 @ 22:27

Where are the pick-up trucks? None in the relevant dealerships and none in the second hand store, which was said to occasionally get one in. It’s not possible to complete the amateur section without one of them to race with.

Leeuwentemmer 23 January, 2012 @ 11:33


You should check the Online Showroom often.
That’s the place where I bought my pick-up trucks. I owe 2 now.

Leeuwentemmer 24 January, 2012 @ 11:23


You’re damned right.
More DTM, Cup racers like BTCC cars for example and as you say also more Gt classified racers in all categories.
Let’s light a candle and pray for better times in this car-sim. I doubt if it works out, I hope so.
But I still love GT5.

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