Uncharted: Golden Abyss Opens The Black Market

As we get closer and closer to the European launch of the PS VITA and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, myself and all the guys at Bend Studio are getting pretty amped. For us it’s been a long time in the making, from early brainstorming sessions on the PS VITA itself beginning in 2008, through production, which wrapped up at the end of 2011. When given the opportunity to create a launch title for Sony’s new next-gen handheld, we jumped at the chance. When asked what game we’d like to make, we said Uncharted! Here’s why.

From the beginning, our goal was to create a great Uncharted game, to give players, including ourselves, more of what they love, but with the PS VITA’s unique spin. The cinematic experience, the gunplay and weapons, the compelling story and characters, the mystery and treasure hunting based on real history, the puzzles, the platforming, and of course, the colourful and detailed imagery… it’s all there. But it’s on a gorgeous five inch screen that you can take with you.

If you’ve been following all the pre-release news, then you know that Uncharted: Golden Abyss also has a ton of collectibles, over 300 in fact. We wanted to not only give the game some replayability with some additional exploration, but also to tell more back story, which we do through the items you collect, locations you photograph, and other puzzles you solve. All of these are tied to Trophies that can be earned. We didn’t forget the gamer who prefers gunplay to exploration: one of the collectible types in Uncharted: Golden Abyss are the Bounties. These drop randomly from fallen enemies throughout the game and represent things that might have been found in the area you’re fighting in: old Spanish playing cards, gold and silver coins, etc. To make it more challenging, we made some the items scarce and made some them really rare. You’re not going to collect all these on a single play through.


But we’re not cruel. To make it a little easier to collect all the Bounties, we created The Black Market. This is a NEAR application that allows you select a Bounty type from your collection and send a request out to the Black Market. If any other VITA players out there (in the area where you made the request) have a Bounty that you’re missing, the Black Market will send you a copy of their Bounty, even the rarest collectibles. We even created a sixth Bounty type that you can obtain only through NEAR: if you send a request to the Black Market and no one has what you need, the Black Market will send you a carved Fetish for you troubles. Again, all of these are tied to Trophies. If you want that platinum, it’s going to take you awhile, and you have to take your PS VITA with you!

We can’t wait!

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meh, i’ll do it the hard way of getting enemies to drop them

Near to me just seems like a cheap way of getting spammed randon wunwanted friend requests

random unwanted*

even then, Near is only available to 3G Vita’s correct?


Not only available to 3G, it just makes it much easier! All I want is a full blog post saying A) prices of all Vita games at download (retail as well) and B) info on when the store will be updated with this content.

so wait, is this sixth Bounty that is exclusive to Near required for the platinum?

shan. very bad move indeed


-_- well this might well make the platinum near impossible for me and others with our wifi only vita’s or at least alot harder which seems abit like your screwing us over; at least we will have bought your products :/ also can you plaease please patch it so that we can just press triangle to counter instead of swiping :( and other than those 2 niggles bring on 9 days time :D


The Black market is definitely not needed. I live in Japan and bought a Vita at launch. I got the platinum (using my UK account) after about 2 weeks. You have to farm a little for some of the rare bounties, but it’s not too bad. Sounds like it might be even easier using this, though.


P.s. wifi only Vitas CAN use Near. Any wireless access points with their MAC address registered with Skyhook Wireless (google it) can provided location data to the Vita.

Lol, like uncharted 3.. I’m max legacy and only have been playing co op and I still don’t got those treasures.. I don’t know whether these are unbelievably rare or just glitched, because a lot of the time I seem to be getting treasure that you’re supposed to get on easy/normal eventhough I’m always playing hard/extreme.. Too rare isn’t good either, I would’ve atleast expected to get one those skeleton skins by the time I reached max legacy..


*one of those skeleton skins*

On that note, will we ever be able to edit our messages here?


i’m the same mate, level 75, 3rd legacy, with crsuhing silver star, but in terms of treasures i’ve been going for the hardcore ones

i’ve been trying for a month now for the last 2 hardcore treasures but they wont drop :(

TehPhilosopher 13 February, 2012 @ 16:20

Nice little feature! It’s this kind of innovation that I’m really looking forward to it – hopefully you and other developers will dare to take bigger risks with NEAR and other Vita’s features.

Counting the days…


Nice. I heard that you were going to add multiplayer to the game, is that true?

I might get the EU version of this game just for the black market thing and an excuse to play it again. Near is pretty awesome. It works on the WiFi verison. 3G only makes it easier. Give it a chance.


Bit disappointing to see it is not matching up with the console version. I guess all the talent is being focused on the PS3 versions

Going to play this game on release and honestly can not wait.

Looks awesome already on my pre order list for launch day!


Just to inform you guys, the guy on the US blog said you do NOT need to use near for the plat, it just makes it much easier.

The black market for UGA is just a different way to get the teasures, you don’t need to use it.

It’s another way to add Near to a game that didn’t have it. I like it. Keep up the great work guys & gals.

Seems like a cool feature and alternative, and a good use near.

Sounds great. Any words on the online multiplayer part? I’ve read that its coming but I can’t find anything confirmed.

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