The Walking Dead Game Series Lurches To PSN on Wednesday


I’m Jake from Telltale Games and I’m clawing my way onto PlayStation.Blog to bring you up to speed with our latest game series. While some of our previous games like Back to the Future: The Game have been pretty light-hearted, we couldn’t have gone darker than our next project, a five part episodic series based on Robert Kirkman’s Eisner award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead.

First, the good news: The first episode of The Walking Dead, ‘A New Day,’ will arrive on PSN this Wednesday, April 25th. Each episode will cost €4.99/£3.99 on the PlayStation Store, and you’ll be able to pre-purchase the entire five-episode season for €19.99/£15.99 to save on the total season price and nab an exclusive PS3 premium theme (head to the bottom of the post for more details).


Not only is The Walking Dead game darker and more violent than anything the studio has done before, but it also provides a very different gameplay experience compared to our previous games. One major way that the game differs from previous Telltale offerings is that your decisions, through action and dialog that you choose, will have huge repercussions on how you experience the story of the game, but more on that later.

Chances are that you’ve either read the original The Walking Dead comic books  (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!) or you’ve seen the TV show. One thing you should know from the start is that our game series is based strictly on the world seen in the comics; in fact, the story seen in our game is officially canon to the comic books. That means you’ll find out more about characters and locations seen in the comic book and have a better understanding of their lives at the outset of the zombie apocalypse. Fans of Glenn (seen in the picture above) will get to know his back-story before he heads to Atlanta. And, for a certain character in particular (one who goes on to have a huge impact on Rick Grimes’ life) you’ll get an understanding of what drove them to become the person you’ll see in the comics.

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However, rather than retelling the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, the game tells the story of a new character – Lee Everett – who exists in the same world and roughly the same geographical location as Rick. In terms of comic book timeline, our story begins when Rick is still in a coma. The decision to tell a new story was made by Telltale and Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. We felt that re-telling Rick’s story didn’t make much sense because most people will know what would come next. Beyond that, it wouldn’t make sense to create a new story for Rick because we’d be off into new territory, making stuff up that really has nothing to do with The Walking Dead. A new story, with a new lead character, means that we’re free to create new and exciting scenarios and that we can add to the back-story of characters and locations seen in the comics.

You’ll play as Lee Everett (holding the axe in the image above), who has been sentenced to life in prison for killing a man who was “romantically” involved with his wife. Whether Lee killed in cold blood or perhaps in self-defense is something we’ll let you decide.

If you’ve never played a game from Telltale before, you should know that we don’t make open-world shooters; that’s not our thing. While we love and admire games like that, we come from an adventure game background where storytelling and sympathetic characters are the most important thing. It’s for these reasons that Robert Kirkman chose us to make a game based on The Walking Dead. Robert (and Telltale) wanted to use the videogame medium to focus on the characters and the emotions of The Walking Dead universe, allowing players to experience the horror and tension of the walker-infested world. It’s a much more personal experience than many other zombie-based games have offered. Taking down a gigantic zombie horde with ridiculous firepower is not what The Walking Dead is about. In fact, we want you to be repulsed by the true horror of killing a walker. The zombies in our game are not just fleshy targets for your high-powered weapon, and you might be forced to finish someone who was a friend or a relative before they turned. On top of that, resources in our world are limited and noise attracts the wrong kind of attention, so you’ll have to get up close and use hand tools and weapons. We want people who think they’re desensitized to zombie violence to find that, in truth, they’re not.


Unlike any other previous Telltale game, The Walking Dead tailors the story based on the decisions that you make. Your decisions or actions might have an effect in the episode you’re playing or might affect the entire season. You could answer a question in a certain way and have a character become suspicious of your motives, or you could be forced to choose who to save when two people are in mortal peril but only one can be yanked back from the zombie horde. Your decisions will stay with you throughout the series, and their repercussions could mean that you and a friend have a very different game experience. Writing for a game with content that “branches” in this way certainly has its challenges. Instead of a normal linear script, we have to take into account each possible branch and how it affects the game you’ll play. It’ll be fun to backtrack when playing to see what would happen if you’d made a different decision and our save system supports that with our rewind feature.

Beyond the huge impact of choice and the tailored experience, we’re giving players full control of Lee to explore the environment and think their way through both action sequences and survival-oriented puzzle arcs that are signature to a Telltale gaming experience. Unlike Monkey Island style games, we won’t be ‘using the pie on the gerbil to open the trapdoor’ or anything remotely comedic or illogical; instead, we’ve implemented much more serious concepts that are both logical and completely in-keeping with figuring out how to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Given that this game is episodic, players can expect a summer-long continuing story of adventure horror that will begin with our first episode ‘A New Day’, followed by four additional episodes, each landing about each month after the previous one. Each episode will cost €4.99/£3.99 on the PlayStation Store – but fans can also pre-purchase the entire five episode season for €19.99/£15.99 off of the total season price and nab an exclusive PlayStation 3 premium theme (images below).

WD_theme_MOCK_2 WD_theme_MOCK

There’s much more to talk about, and aside from more frequent posts here on the PlayStation Blog, fans can also stay tuned to our site or our Facebook page for episodes of ‘Playing Dead,’ a web series dedicated to covering the production of The Walking Dead, with special guests including Robert Kirkman and the writer of episode four, Gary Whitta (whom you might recognize as the screenwriter of post-apocalyptic story The Book of Eli).

Working with Robert, Gary and everyone involved has been awesome, and as a fan, it’s completely unreal to work on hugely collaborative projects like this.

We can’t wait for you to play the game and we aim to bring you news and updates all summer long. Look for me here again, and feel free to fire away in the section below.

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umm so is this going to come out in Australia since we get the tv series or will there be some issue with its release because our rating system is as backed up as an outdoor dunny?


Day one purchase for me cant wait for wednesday.

flasheart456 23 April, 2012 @ 14:11

looks awesome and a good price I like the tv series never seen the comic so I wonder how different it will be?


so….its still only a point and click game?

ShadowGandalf 23 April, 2012 @ 14:16

*sigh*, again with the zombies. I’m sick of zombies. Safe to say, I won’t even look twice at this.

willbillbill 23 April, 2012 @ 14:20

This game would be perfect for the vita any chance of that happening?

flasheart456 23 April, 2012 @ 14:20

I like monkey island insult sword fighting lol

Carnivius_Prime 23 April, 2012 @ 14:20

Not a fan of the show or original comic and am quite bored of zombies but the gameplay features here intrigue me and I’ve loved Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future games by this company so…maaaaybe…

Nice. Fan of the comics and tv show, (although season 2 was “ok”).

Sounds very intriguing, cant wait to try it out.

RedeyedRonin 23 April, 2012 @ 14:54

so we are getting a telltale game same time as america? thats a treat in its self big fan of the kirkster to all those moaning about zombies you just dont get it. there is the Gorge A Romero films Night,Dawn,Day,Diary,Land & Survival….. of the dead that are good (Survival wasn’t much night,dawn&day own!) and The Walking dead & Dead Rising are the only great zombie related entertainment out there everything else is copycat garbage!


Woot! Any extra love for PS+ folk? (gotta ask!)

jetpacksheep 23 April, 2012 @ 15:01

yes! im grabbing that bundle on Wednesday for sure, telltale make great games and the walking dead is an awesome franchise. Does this have PlayStation move support? it would be perfect

#11- Was gonna ask the same thing myself. So, how about it?

CodeMonkey_UK 23 April, 2012 @ 15:18

Not my sort of game.

Telltale Games, can i ask, when can we expect a return to (as you described) “light-hearted” click-adventure games for PS3?

With seemingly nothing on the horizon of that ilk i’m sure i’m not alone in wondering if Telltale Games are leaving behind the thing that made them “great”?

Also do you have any plans to release Wallace & Gromit series on PS3?

chrisandsheva 23 April, 2012 @ 15:19

Am a massive fan of the tv show, and agree with above comment, ie theres your normal (garbage) zombie film/game Then theres the class ones, This defo being that.. But i have to know how this will play, ie would buy the season If it’s a realistic type, You say you don’t do open world But go on to mention theres open world gameplay, leaves me bit confused.. But one things for sure, No pity for walkers, erm you maybe meant for who they once was, thats fine, but mix that up and it’s Not gonna end well.
OK so either a trial. or at least ‘actual gameplay’ footage, and i got my fingers crossed i Will like what i see.



if that don’t work do a google for walking dead gameplay, there’s a video of the first 10 mins of gameplay :)

chrisandsheva 23 April, 2012 @ 15:57

@ goonergaz
appreciated.. will check those out when i get pc turned on.. Should of known thered be something out there..

After the horrible, horrible Jurassic Park game I´m waiting for reviews or a demo before I buy. Given Sony´s trackrecord with free stuff (the theme) not getting to it´s customer I´m also waiting. And as a plus member I could buy a game that I get for free later, don´t want that so no buy for me.

bio kanske

Huono_peleis 23 April, 2012 @ 16:24

Tempting but for obvious reasons I’m not pre-ordering anything from the store anymore. I’ll just wait untill the whole series is released. I think it’s wise to wait for the reviews too since the last TTG offerings were really bad (Metacritic score around 50).


Comes the Game in the German store too?

Oh my!!

Another losing fps/trophy glitched game?
Thank you Telltale games, you’re my favourite technical-crap-dev!

But PLEASE go hire more programmers ot at least one who can OPTIMIZE game code for PS3. Yes – It’s possible.

MaikelSteneker 23 April, 2012 @ 18:37

This seems like an interesting game, but I’m not yet completely sold on it.

Two things that might sweeten the deal: PlayStation Plus discount and especially a demo. Without playing a bit of the game, it’s hard to guess whether I will like it. With a demo, I know for certain if I want it.

By saying we get a free theme, does that mean we get a free theme of that in six months you’ll still be ignoring us asking why we never got our free theme? So many broken promises from Sony I’m not sure I want to fall for another one.

This game is coming at the right time for me! Walking Dead TV show started airing over here just yesterday and it’s great. I just this moment bought the Walking Dead compendium and I’m pumped to play the game.

Mustafamustik 23 April, 2012 @ 23:13

I have a question, when will europe get Persona 3 FES? The US got the game on PSN store but we didn’t, why is that and when will we get it? Could you please anwser it?

GraveDiggaUK 24 April, 2012 @ 19:47

any chance of a trophy list ??

chrisandsheva 30 April, 2012 @ 18:43

Got to comment about this game, i was going to just buy the season pass, then doubt set in, and i am gutted, the game (for me) was brilliant, ok, it’s short IF you just want to collect the trophies.. which by the way includes a plat. (bonus), But for £4.00 theres more than enough gameplay, though it is mostly story based (again bonus, for me), ie if your looking for action you’d prob be dissapointed (slightly!), So any series fans who are on the fence/waiting for it to ‘maybe’ come to plus, do yourselves a favour, just get it now..
btw it (only) has 1 plat for the 5 episodes etc,… don’t want any hate pm’s lol..


i played the demo it was still point & clink just like any other TTG games, 1 gripe for me i don’t know if it’s my SD telly but the blood looks darker.

is that to tone down the violence or what if so I’m not impress plz answer.

Thanks :|

chrisandsheva 30 April, 2012 @ 21:34

just seen ur question,
Theres blood, violence but nothing serious in it.. never noticed the blood being different colour so it may be your tv.. not sure what to say, i mean point and click.. i usually Hate them, i still haven’t played past first 10 minutes of Back to the Future we got for free.. just so boring,.. But for me, massive fan of the tv show this kept me on edge of seat,.. lasts around 90 minutes.. But you can replay it for different choices, paths, then at end it tells you how many per-cent of other players made same choices as you.. (if ur signed in).. Shouldn’t of really said buy it as obviously everone has different expectations, But i am glad i bought/played it… hope that helps a bit.

chrisandsheva 30 April, 2012 @ 21:36

? modded?

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