‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update 8 August 2012

Hey everybody. It’s really quiet this week with just a small selection of digital conversions and DLC trickling in.

The King of Fighters XIII, the latest in the long running KOF series has made its way onto PS Store. Choose your team from a variety of classic characters including Terry, Kyo or Mai and play through a number of game modes including Story, Challenge and of course, Online. Who will be in your line-up?

On the DLC front, there’s a new addition to Mass Effect 3 in this week’s Gun Pack, more quests for Dragon’s Dogma and more tracks for Rock Band 3 to jam to.

The Summer Sale continues, with new offers including the PSOne Classic Metal Gear Solid and the HD remaster of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy. Get full details in Andy’s recent Summer Sale update.

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PlayStation Plus


PS3 Games

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2
Return to Gamindustri and help Nepgear free the captive Console Patron Units from the clutches of ASIC! Meet the other CPU Candidates from around the world and put a stop to Arfoire’s designs!




Price: £39.99/€49.99/AU$79.95
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in DK, FI, NO, PL & SE
File Size: 3542MB


The King of Fighters XIII
The King of Fighters XIII comes to PlayStation 3 as the ultimate versus fighting game, in an upgraded version of the original arcade game! The final chapter of the “Ash Saga”, full of anger and betrayal, ends here!!”




Price: £19.99/€24.99/AU$39.95
PEGI: 12
Availability: All
File Size: 2233MB


Gang Wars
Prices: £1.99/€2.49/AU$4.25
PEGI: 12
Availability:Not available in DK,FI,NO,PL,SE


adidas miCoach

  • American Football Training Plans And Von Miller (£4.49/€5.49/AU$9.25)
  • Jozy Altidore Football Training (£3.99/€4.99/AU$8.45)

Availability: All

Darksiders 2

  • Season Pass

Prices: £11.99/€14.99/AU$23.95
Availability: All

Disgaea 4

  • Baal (Free)
  • Pirohiko Ichimonji (£2.39/€2.99/AU$4.95)
  • Survival Mode (£3.19/€3.99/AU$6.95)
  • Valvoga (£1.59/€1.99/AU$3.45)
  • Zettai Hero Base Map (£0.79/€0.99/AU$1.75)

Availability: Not available in DN, FI, NO, PO, SW

Dragon’s Dogma

  • From A Different Sky – Service Pack (£5.49/€6.99/AU$11.45)
  • Notice Board Quests – The Savvy (£2.39/€2.99/AU$4.95)

Availability: All

LittleBigPlanet 2

  • Perseids Costume (Re-release, one week only)

Prices: Free
Availability: All

Mass Effect 3

  • Mass Effect 3 – Gun Pack

Prices: £1.59/€1.99/AU$3.45
Availability: All

Rock Band 3

  • (I Just) Died In Your Arms (£0.99/€1.49/AU$2.45)
  • (I’M The One That’S) Cool (£0.59/€0.79/AU$1.30)
  • Anything (£0.59/€0.79/AU$1.30)
  • Crawling In The Dark (£0.99/€1.49/AU$2.45)
  • From The Blue/Point Of No Return (£0.59/€0.79/AU$1.30)
  • Romancing The Ordinary (£0.59/€0.79/AU$1.30)
  • Still Of The Night (£0.99/€1.49/AU$2.45)
  • The Ravenous (£0.99/€1.49/AU$2.45)

Availability: AU,AT,BL,DK,FI,FR,DE,IL,IT,NL,NZ,NO,PT,SA,ES,SE,CH and UK only.

Street Fighter X Tekken

  • Boost Gem Trial Pack 4 (Free)
  • Color Palette Add-On 6 (Free)
  • SF Boost Gem Pack 10
  • SF Boost Gem Pack 9
  • SF/TK Shared Assist Gem Pack 12
  • TK Boost Gem Pack 10
  • TK Boost Gem Pack 9

Prices: (£0.79/€0.99/AU$1.75)
Availability: All


  • Niko Maki Themes
  • Lunarcy
  • The Masked Flame

Prices: £0.40/€0.49/AU$0.90
Availability: All



  • PS3 Ukiyo-e Shootemup Dynamic Theme by Sam Gilbey (£2.39/€2.99/$4.95)
  • PSP Ukiyo-e Shootemup Static Theme by Sam Gilbey (£0.79/€0.99/$1.75)



  • Summer Music Theme (£1.19/€1.49/$2.45)


  • Abstract Summer Theme (£1.19/€1.49/$2.45)


  • Abstract Dragons Theme (£1.19/€1.49/$2.45)

Additional Territories

Fate/EXTRA (PSP) – Now available in Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden


  • Access Episode 045 (GB only)
  • WWE ’13
  • Austin 3:16 Edition Trailer (Excluding DE)
  • Naughty Bear – Panic in Paradise
  • Naughty Bear Pip Gameplay Trailer (Excluding DE)
  • Sleeping Dogs: Shooting Trailer (Excluding DE)
50 Author replies
fredrikselvig 08 August, 2012 @ 13:05

When will Secret Agent Clank, for PSP, be available in Norway? Been waiting for years. The demo is the only thing out.

Quiet week indeed, but with the sale going on there are plenty of bargins to buy.

And the Uncharted 3 mega patch is more than enough to keep me busy xD

Indeed a quiet week.

I hope the Summer Sale gets more interesting though…

hey jawad great update and thanks for helping all of us ! I was just wondering will tekken 4 be on the eu psn anytime would love to have it on psn and thanks again jawad :) if not please consider it LOL thanks

SCEE, you guys, i don’t… Uh.


No demo’s this week. Dry

Those who want to see PS1 imports from Square Enix, like myself. Please register on their forums and respond to this thread.®Store

Let’s make it the most active thread on their forum! (without any spammy nonsense posts, of course).


Soo … Darksiders 2 DLC available two weeks before the game release ? Why is that ?

i know this is not store relevant but has anyone had error code 80022d05 trophies not syncing ive been syncing for days now with no success anyone help


Hi Jawad
No vita stuff but with Sound Shapes next week I’m not too worried.

Two questions:
1. Do you know when jet set radio is out? Its supposed to be summer
2. Is there any word when remote play for vita will be extended to include more games. At E3 sony said god of war 1 and 2 and shadow of the colossus would be playable on vita via remote play.



1. I recall hearing something but I’m not sure if things have changed. Please wait for Sega to make an announcement.

2. Tune in for gamescom. There may be something of relevence there.

looks like it will only be mgs1 from the sale on the store from me today, do you know if we will see any SCE classics like parappa the rapper on the store ever?


Always mulled over but some games just aren’t possible to re-release due to emulation, rights or timing. Parapa falls into one of those areas, sadly.

Thanks for the great update Jawad, but I must ask as I always do; is there any news on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night hitting PSOne Classics? I’m saddened because Australian 360 gamers have had it for years :(


Same as last week – “Konami are looking into it”.

toxic-inferno 08 August, 2012 @ 13:09

I know you’re probably sick of hearing this, but…

Any news this week on the upcoming Spyro PSOne games?



Connor_mufc_1985 08 August, 2012 @ 13:10

Weakest update ever but seen as though we are in August I didn’t expect much , I bet not even a ps3 fanboy would claim this is a great update lol, good job Uncharted 3 got patch 1.13 :)


what a unamazing and lack luster update. totally worth waiting for. Meanwhile Dyad and sound shapes are still misssing in action. Urgh really wish SCEE would get a clue and get in touch with its consumers instead of effectively being further from it’s customers than mars is from the earth.


Hi jaward thx mg last time but i saw lbp kart raceing beta i downlord it and said expired. Know i saw said on ps plus keep it as longer you on ps plus? I guess lbp kart beta isnt on anymore :[. Keep up great work jaward and rest of the psn team.


Hopefully the Rock Band DLC won’t get pulled again this week as a result of a SCEE fault…


Hey Jawad I’d like too ask because i’ve been waiting 2 months when is the Lego Batman 2 DC SuperHeroes Hero and Villain Packs going too be released.


Still waiting to hear back on this one, actually. So far I’ve heard not a peep.


So tempted to get HDNmk2. Loved the first one :D

Total NISA fanboy though ;)

Pretty quiet update. Can we expect something much bigger after the gamescom press conference next week?


I can’t say anthing about that, I’m afraid – but next week is already shaping up nicely with both Sound Shapes and Papo & Yo due. Jawad will be along in a bit to answer as many of your other queries as he can.

TitManSoldier 08 August, 2012 @ 13:14

Any chance we shall see dead island or just cause 2 to the europe ps plus ? im sure we would all love that


Well, looks like I’m getting the Darksiders Season Pass today.

Just hoping the Spanish store pass is compatible with the UK version of the game…!

Where’s the Pinball Arcade DLC? Every platform on Earth has it, except Sony Europe :(


Nothing yet sadly. Hopefully next week?

darkapprentice0 08 August, 2012 @ 13:16

why is the updates here in the UK so rubbish? 6weeks of crap! makes me cringe at how pathetic psn is. might go back onto xbox……

Hey Jawad
What Happened to “t@g” “Ecolibrium” “Imaginstruments” “TravelBugs” “Wake-Up Club” “Treasure Park”?

all the ps vita apps but nowhere to be seen


There be some information on some of these at gamescom. Hold out until then.

darkapprentice0 08 August, 2012 @ 13:17

why is PSN updates so bad lately???

Ziggy_Marley_93 08 August, 2012 @ 13:18

Is there any chance we might eventually get PaRappa the Rapper, either the PS1 or PSP version on the store? With All-Stars coming out soon it seems like the perfect opportunity to put it up. I was also going to ask about Secret Agent Clank as well but I was beaten to it. :) I don’t really want to have to import a American PSN card to buy them on the overpriced US store. Thanks!


No Sound Shapes for PS Vita?!
FINALLY a NEW game comes out for Vita and it gets delayed in Europe..
I haven’t played my PS Vita in weeks!

CoolRichy008UK 08 August, 2012 @ 13:20

szczudel WE DONT CARE if you cant say anything about the update insted of childishly putting i am 1st DONT COMMENT AT ALL


Seriously When is the Lego Batman 2 dlc coming out


only the ME3 gun pack for me, the rest is rubbish


quiet update but i still have tonnes of games i need to crack on with on ps+, havent had the time to start dead space 2 yet
btw do you know if braid will be in the sale at any point? been meaning to play that game for ages. also is Fahrenheit on psn? that game was awesome


Post these suggestions to Andy in his thread. He’s taking suggestions and will try to work something out (not everything is possible, obviously).

Hi Jawad,

I was hoping for table packs #1 and #2 for The Pinball Arcade. Too bad they aren’t here yet. Any idea on when we can expect them?



Does anyone have a clue when the new DLC for Lego batman 2 be released for europe

Man middle of summer and theres nothing on the Store. Thank god Konami released that trophy pack for MGS4 as its keeping me entertained. Sound Shapes would have been nice today but will just have to wait another week. But seriously thanks Sony for seeing sense and releasing it on the PS3 if not I would have never been able to play it :D



Has anything appeared related to Closure’s UK release? I think it came out around march in the US. I hear there is only two people working on the game so I understand it could take a while but a soft release window would make me stop pacing around my PS3 every wednesday.


No ETA for the game either :(


only the ME3 gun pack for me, why are we getting rubbish updates




PSone classics for vita…? come on guys!


Remember, gamescom is soon so there’s a chance you’ll hear more about some of these things there.


I’m sorry to be one of those people who gets a little annoyed, but can we please get a reason for why Sound Shapes is not out this week?
It would make sense for the whole of PSN to get content on the same day, and be monitored by one body, rather than done by region. It is just unfair, and is really irritating as I now have to wait for another week. It would be much easier in a unified system, and if it could be implemented, I would love to see non region locked DLC.
Sorry about that rant Jawad, I know it isn’t your fault, but I feel the need to say it.
Also, will Sleeping Dogs be on PSN at launch? :)

Hi Jawad,any news when dawnguards coming to ps3 as we(ps3 owners)getting really sick of waiting now,and why don’t SCEE try to beat M$ to the contract to get dawnguard first,it’s not fair.


Bethesda hasn’t announced a date yet so it’s up in the air.


Hey Sony, thanks so much for not releasing Sound Shapes this week. I mean, we totally don’t want to overshadow all the amazing BIG FAT NOTHING that the Vita got this week with something that might make people actually want to use their Vita, right?

This is ridiculous. Way to make me regret both buying a Vita, and having to live under Playstation Europe’s dominion of not giving a damn about it’s consumers.

also is there no uc3 dlc for the tournament tickets, not like im gonna buy them i dont pay2win


Not as far as I know, no.

Last comment whoo hoo lol

@ Jawad:

Hi there! As usual, I’m here for some questions, but this time, it’s not about Spyro (of course, if you’ve got news about it, you’re free to share).

It’s about my PSP: given its battery life, I usually turn the system off rather than putting it on standby; however, due to both options sharing the same switch, more often than not I end up noticing too late that I’ve yet again put the console on standby instead of turning it off, which is what once even caused the battery to run dry. In other instances, the handheld reboots itself instead.

So, basically, depending on user input, the switch either causes the system to get turned off, to reboot, or to stand by. Can you tell me what kind of user input for the switch triggers each consequence?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! ;-)


Hold it to turn it off. Quick switch for standby.

@Jawad Ashraf

Hey, Jawad
One question!

Since we(Europe) don’t have SCEA PLAY EVENT, do we still get Counter Strike GO on 21-22 August?



@ScooterMix: Betas are always very (VERY) temporary. You really thought you were going to be allowed to play the Kart beta forever?

@Dante_Zero: Dyad and Sound Shapes are up next week, due to the complex EU regulations. Nothing Sony can do anything about.
@44: Patch 1.7 is also due next week (according to Bethdesda), maybe together with Dawnguard.

Wow mr SCEE with theses store updates your really spoiling us lol

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