PlayStation All-Stars: Fat Princess and Sly Cooper Strategy Videos

Hi Again! Edward Ma here, Senior Combat Designer over at SuperBot. We’re back on the PS.Blog this week to tell you a little bit about our next two character combat videos for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. Today we’re taking a look at Fat Princess and Sly Cooper.

Fat Princess, much like Sweet Tooth, is a character that never found herself participating directly in battle, so one of the challenges for us was to design her play style from the ground up. She’s a character that went through several radical changes in her design. At one point, we even had plans for her to grow larger depending on the amount of cake she ate mid-battle.

We made sure to follow character guidelines provided by the producer, one of which is the fact that Fat Princess isn’t actually aware of her weight. We incorporated this into her play style by giving her these graceful ballerina pirouette attacks in which she actually just throws her weight around, plowing through anyone that gets in the way.

A focal part of her design is, of course, her loyal villagers. There were a lot of questions raised from the start: should we let her villagers do the fighting while Fat Princess hangs out in the back? Should they be carrying her on their shoulders throughout the battle, forcing them to work as a team? We ended up choosing an assist-style design in which different classes of villagers come to Fat Princess’ aid briefly for a quick attack, including the Worker, Mage and Warrior. We also wanted to play up her love for cake, so we included a “Feed Me Cake” attack as her level 1 super.

Players looking for a heavy-duty combo-heavy character need look no further than Fat Princess. She can perform long combos starting with her scepter attacks (Square) and ending in her ballerina attacks (Triangle). Her villagers can be used as cover to set up her offense, or to strike at angles and ranges that she otherwise cannot, as demonstrated by the Mage (Circle or Up + Circle). Her villagers also lend their support for her more powerful supers, with her level 2 super summoning a Mage that transforms into a giant chicken, and her level 3 summoning numerous villagers to create near-unavoidable mayhem on the screen. Omar Kendall and Sid Shuman give some insight to her play style in this video.

We also wanted to give you a look at Sly Cooper’s character design. And thanks to our combat designer, Ray Ray Shen who is responsible for designing Sly, our beloved Master Thief is now a fierce competitor in PlayStation All-Stars.

Sly Cooper’s charisma and personality are so strong that his play style pretty much creates itself. In PlayStation All-Stars, he continues his thievius ways and relies on stealth, agility, and tricks to thwart his foes. Sly’s design draws inspirations from all of the previous Sly titles, including the newest installment Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. For those who are accustomed with the Thievius Raccoonus you will feel right at home with Sly’s abilities. Going invisible? Doing a mega jump? Blocking projectiles with a barrel? No problem!

Certain familiar gadgets have also been tweaked to serve the combat scenarios of a fighting game, such as the Smoke Bomb on Down + Triangle. To get out of enemies’ sights, Sly drops a Smoke Bomb with his cane and instantly teleports to a desirable location.

In terms of play style, Sly operates much differently than the rest of the cast. He loses the ability to block or roll in exchange for invisibility. Holding down L1 grants him stealth, allowing him to sneak around the battlefield undetected. As a Master Thief, Sly also has the exclusive ability to steal opponents’ AP with his Neutral Square cane swipes.

Players who like a mischievous, tricky play style will feel right at home playing as Sly Cooper. As a treat for all loyal Sly fans, you will get some help from Sly’s gang as well! Murray, Carmelita and Bentley are ready to assist you anytime that super bar is filled up! How you choose to utilize Sly’s strong arsenal is entirely up to you.

Are you excited for some technical Sly Cooper action in PlayStation All-Stars? Remember that knowing how to handle sticky situations is as important as knowing how to steal an attack, so you would not want to miss the following in-depth video about Sly Cooper!

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ryannumber3gamer 10 August, 2012 @ 4:26 pm   1

I can’t wait to play this!!! Please do one of these videos for Cole & Jak & Daxter. Also i got a question. Will Daxter be playable alone or does he stay with Jak?

specialalaa 10 August, 2012 @ 4:28 pm   2

Why do I have a feeling and you guys will slip and post a Crash Bandicoot strategy video =D, you know, because of the amount of (rumored) leaks getting leaked about this game, LOL. Anyways, I want more! I love watching the strategy videos, they give me an idea to whom to start playing with when I play the game.

Animator2faith 11 August, 2012 @ 11:47 am   3

I saw leaked photo of crash looked real.I now cant wait to get this!


will there be a bundle pack containing both the vita and ps3 version?

Bumblebee 13 August, 2012 @ 5:10 pm   5

Dear Sony,

Please don’t pin your hopes on this game being a success. I know loads of PS3 owners and none of them care about this game. Personally, I am a huge fan of the PlayStation brand too, having been a gamer for 30 years+, and while I buy at least a couple of games a month (often more) I personally have no interest in this game. A generic fighter is a generic fighter, no matter how it’s painted.

Furthermore, I own Super Smash Bros and I found it to be over-hyped and deadly dull.

So who is this game for? I don’t know. I suspect the answer is “kids who are obsessed with PlayStation and don’t know any better”.

Rather than throw money at this inevitable flop, why not use those resources to do something like, say, push Vita? I met a gamer the other day who loves his PS3, but doesn’t follow the gaming world avidly. I showed him my Vita and he admitted HE DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT EXISTED. This, to me, shows Sony’s poor marketing strategy. Add features to it (like FULL REMOTE PLAY) and actually advertise the thing and perhaps it will sell. Rather than pumping money into a nothing-game like All Stars Battle Royale.

It needed saying.

Pacman_Ownage 13 August, 2012 @ 6:12 pm   6

On the contrary Mr. ISpeakForAllPlaystationOwners AKA: Bumblebee, I myself, also know quite a few PS3 gamers who are of the opinion the Vita is a complete waste of SONYs resources, as was the PSP, and we believe more money should be put into this type of game which heralds the golden age of gaming where people could play together as a group and have fun.

I personally, as plenty of others, am looking forward to this game, more than anything else this year. I am also very sceptical about it though, but it still has the potential to be so much better than the tosh that is pumped out yearly like Assasins Creed.