Jazz: Trump’s Journey Jives Onto PS Vita This Winter

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Hello PlayStation Blog. It’s Aurélie here from Egg Ball Games to unveil Jazz: Trump’s Journey, our first downloadable PS Vita title, co-produced with Bulkypix.

Supported by the CNC (French National Organism of Cinema) and awarded the 2012 Best Video Game of the Year prize by the French Ministry of Culture, our game immerses the player in the memories of Trump – in his dreams as a young, star-struck jazz musician in love with the lovely Lady Poppy.


Presenting a daring parallel with the real story of jazz legend Louis Armstrong, you’ll relive Trump’s life, through his quest to form a jazz group, through his love affair and through his battle against injustice in New Orleans in the early 20th century.


We think the original scenario is the main strength of the game – no platformer has dealt with this sort of theme before. Egg Ball’s aim was to talk about the creation of jazz and the people responsible. All of the team here are very fond of Louis Armstrong, his music and his life. They get really inspired by his art and his approach to music in general, which is why we used the story of this great artist to tell Trump’s own tale.


But everyone will be able to enjoy this game, even if they’re not familiar with jazz, thanks to its addictive gameplay mechanics. The game is also made unique by the high quality of the graphics which immerse players in an old school universe, full of colour and romantic atmosphere. To reinforce all this, the game’s soundtrack has been recorded by a full jazz orchestra. This idea was really important to the team because music defines the game.


We aim to release Jazz: Trump’s Journey on PS Vita at the end of the year. Look out for more on the game on PlayStation Blog before then.

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Any additional content for this release, compared to iOS/Android versions?

Carnivius_Prime 04 September, 2012 @ 15:05

Sounds intriguing. And I like jazz. But I don’t yet have a Vita. Still when I eventually get one (after having to pay for higher priority things like a car so I can actually go places) I’ll check this game out.


Looks like an interesting game. Looking forward to hearing more


Aurelie should hopefully be online soon to answer any questions. Everyone, feel free to fire away if you have specific queries.


I’m always looking out for games that are a bit “different”. This certainly has popped up on my radar now.

It better not cost more then $2.99 because that’s what it cost on iOS.


Nice to see some original games!

Can any mod help me out here? I have ps+ but it runs out in about 27 hours or something like that, would i buy ps+ the now or wait till its finished then buy it?

I know this has nothing todo with the blog post sorry but its the latest.

I saw ‘Journey on PS Vita’ and got excited… until I clicked on the link… :'(

Cool a Jazz game.. only one issue, How do we play the game when we are finger clicking at the same time ;-)

What about the price? It was quite cheap in App Store

8# It don’t matter. If you buy it now the 1 year will just stack on your 25hour. But I would wait to resub becuase tomorrow psn + will be 25% off the normal price for 2 weeks.


Should have put this question in the PLUS update blog post below *tut tut*

Buy it now and it will stack onto your outstanding subscription no problem ;-)

This game looks interesting! Love a bit of Louis Armstrong too so it’s all good.

What’s the price going to be though? ;-)


Good point Kivi ;-)

Thanks tin tin =)

Don’t forget Kivi95 ;-)

Right in saying hang on till the store update tomorrow afternoon if at all possible, because of the 25% off deal!!

Isn’t this the same ~2$ mobile game released a year ago? It became included for free in the Windows 8 Preview. Does it include something new? If it costs more than 2€ it’s not a reason to be glad to be a Vita owner.

Will the US get this game on the same day as everyone else? Also will the game be touch screen only game controls, or will we be able to play with face controls?

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