The Last Of Us – New PAX Gameplay Footage

PAX Prime was a blast! We were amped to publicly show off our behind closed doors gameplay demo of The Last of Us that only a very select few media members saw at E3. If you weren’t able to make it out to Seattle we don’t want to leave you out (or leaving you watching someone’s illicit shaky cam YouTube post) so here it is:

This demo highlights narrative exploration through interactive prompts, environmental puzzles, the balance of power AI, and some of the dynamic stealth elements you’ll be able to use to plan Joel and Ellie’s survival. How many resources are at your disposal? Do you go offensive or defensive? You’ll have to keep calm, think, and rely on your partner, Ellie, as you survive and make your way westward.

We can’t thank you enough for the reception we’ve received so far for The Last of Us. At PAX Prime, we had some awesome conversations, saw some amazing things, and met some truly dedicated fans. You guys and gals make all our hard work that much more rewarding – thank you.

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Any chance of a demo or an idea of a release date?

No release date yet and certainly no demo, but it’s expected to launch during Q1 or Q2 or 2013.

Q1 or Q2 *of* 2013.


Very cool to see more of this. I’m also happy that you don’t show us to much. Want the game to be as fresh as possible, knowing that I’m incapable of not looking at any trailers:p

Cheers for the video BUT I am trying my hardest to avoid any and all spoilers.

Especially trying to avoid walk through style videos (which I assume this is ;-))

This will be a DAY ONE purchase for me and I really want as much as it as possible to be fresh and new to me when I first play it.

The last video I saw was the E3 walk through demo and since then I was 100% sold!

Thanks but I’ll pass on watching it (even if it is soooo tempting ;-))



“Great minds” and all that matey ;-)


Got a feeling it’s going to prove a hard task!!


wow just wow great to be a ps3 owner getting day 1

i wont be getting it day one… but my friend will…. for me :)

will there ever be a demo ?

Day one will probably 2 month behind the US store due to SCEE QA so don’t keep your hopes up, I don’t.

Connor_mufc_1985 05 September, 2012 @ 18:00

@OttoT why would anybody buy a 49gigabyte game off the ps store ? tlou will be a mammoth of a game much bigger and better than generic crap like cod and battlefield

Brilliant! Unbelievable! Incredible!

There’s a demo coming in 2015. (SCEE could change that in a stealth edit at the last minute though, no need for a reason)

Great looking game but I’ll not be buying it.


This video is as old as [DELETED]

No need demo for me, I know Naughty Dog games are the best.

Is really unworthy and shameful that , after more than a month , has not yet done anything to fix bugs display in the PSN Store, particularly in the PLUS!

Looks like Naughty Dog is a whole generation ahead of the new Tomb Raider… again!

First, I pick up my mouth from the floor….. ok now im good :) Naughty Dog gjve answers with this playtrhrough to haters, about the game is scripted. There is a thousand options to play this game from sneaky everyone or kiil them all if you can. Did guys see the last enemie how run way from the gun and try to kiil you with molotov ? when i watch this i laughing and saying ” oh come on don’t leave, i want to meet you my new iron friend” :) and boom… he throw a molotov…. is not funny anymore. where did he find it? omg!!!!!! AI level 100

Extremely beautiful. Love the pacing and atmosphere. I pity the fool who doesn’t get this piece of brilliance right away.

I was thinking “I’ll just climb up these steal bars to get up to the next floor” but nope… They had to get a ladder. Which I though “I could just climb up these steal bars to get the ladder” but again nope…

I guess we’re not playing as Nathan Drake no more!!

Also when the girl was walking in the water and her jeans got wet it colour goes too dark and it almost looks like shes magically put on a pair of gumboots or something.

Not like these things are that important its just what I thought when I saw in the videos. The game looks amazing! Its almost like a PS4 game :)

Who rates this lower than 5?! Absolutely amazing!

2013 Going to be great year for games.

Your making it Hard to sleep.

If this is truly how the context sensitive AI works then im very very impressed! I cannot wait to try this out for myself.

This is the future of gaming, not Bad Piggies, or whatever it’s called.

This looks amazing, such a detailed world. It reminds me a lot of the movie The Road, great movie.


Should i watch this or should i save this? :( I wana watch it but i also wana save it for the when the game is out. HELP MEEE!!

Игра отличная какая же цена???

Игра отличная какая же цена???

Finally some new gameplay! This game is going to be brilliant.

@dark_angel69, just watch it. The game is going to come out in 2013 =/.

Just amazing!! Thank you

now if only they could get this ported to Vita, no one would ever complain about Vita sales again


NOOO!! Don’t watch it. Save all the greatness for the time you actually sit down and play the game for yourself!

In my opinion Uncharted 3 was slightly spoiled for me when I played it as I had seen so much of the game in trailers, adverts and walkthrough videos like these ;-)

It’s going to be hard but I’m going to try my up most to avoid any spoilers of any kind as I want this game to be new and as fresh as a daisy when I first play it!


Looks fantastic well youtube doesent do the picture quality and justice but I can only imagine WOW.

I also like how the AI’s talk to each other like their real humans. its great.

So yeah great job Naughty Dog team ;)

GOTY 2013

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