Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit Terrorises PS Plus Next Month

Hell Yeah_Lvl4_002

It’s been some months since we first announced the latest digital title welcomed into the SEGA family, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, and I thought it was finally time to visit the PlayStation Blog and reveal more about our exciting* new game.

[*Exciting can also be taken to mean: insanely creative, off-the-wall, bonkers, delirium inducing, and as many other unnecessary descriptive phrases as I can muster]

Hell Yeah! puts you in control of Ash, a devil rabbit and the prince of Hell. In a storyline that I’m sure most blog readers will empathise with (well, maybe), Ash is the victim of a vicious smear campaign, as somebody posts sordid bath-time images of him up on the ‘Hell-ternet’.

So, at its core, Hell Yeah! is a tale of revenge – a story of the little-man standing up for himself. That this little-man is in fact a devil rabbit, and the prince of Hell, just gives it a little more edge. In fact, Ash wants to ensure that everybody who has seen the photos suffers, which is where you step in.

Hell Yeah_Lvl5_002 Hell Yeah_Lvl6_002

As you can see from the above image, Ash does have some tools at his disposal for the task at hand, and whilst you start the game with nothing in your kitbag, you’ll very quickly start accruing some awesome gadgetry, starting with the painful looking “Jet-pack Driller”. It does exactly what it says on the tin – it jets you around levels, it drills, and more importantly, it kills.

There is an array of additional weaponry on offer too, including guns and projectile launchers of all shapes and sizes. Whilst shooting your way through Hell is lots of fun, blasting away whilst riding in a super-sawing jetpack that can drill through walls and saw monsters into chunks, is going to be much more effective (and even more fun)!

Don’t take my word for it though, take a look at the gameplay trailer below and make up your own mind:

As you may have noticed from this trailer, there are also mini-games to complete, which act as finishing moves for the main monsters you have to destroy to progress through the game. There are 101 monsters to enact Ash’s revenge on, and various different mini-games/finishing moves to utilise.

There have been many different depictions of Hell across different media throughout the years, yet Hell Yeah! poses a very unique take on what Hell would be like. In fact, there are ten very different facets to Hell that you’ll be playing through. Whilst there is a classic take on what most people imagine Hell to be, the game quickly travels through levels modelled on a Casino, Space, and a ’70s psychedelic inspired level and much more. In fact, we’ll have a new trailer showing off these ten very different worlds which will be posted here at launch.

Hell Yeah! is coming to PSN here in Europe on 3rd October, and as an added extra, for PlayStation Plus subscribers we’re very happy to confirm that we are the ‘Game of the Month’ for October. Therefore if you have an active Plus subscription, Ash’s tale of revenge will be completely free (and you’ll also get access to a very awesome dynamic theme too)!

Look out for more on the game as launch approaches, and feel free to fire questions at me below.

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When do we get the Yakuza Collection? Day 1 whenever thanks.

I’m not here today to discuss anything other than Hell Yeah! Sorry ;)

Looks crazy good fun!


I will ask again….tee hee!

As you have an influence over at SEGA please can you ask them to release the Streets of Rage Collection & Golden Axe Collections over to our store please? XBOX have already had them released & Streets of Rage 2 & Golden Axe are the only ones that we have had released.

Is it true that Toejam & Earl is arriving soon? ;)

It is a LOT of fun.

I won’t comment on any of our other titles in this post, let’s keep it focused on Ash and his exploits ;)


NICE! I would’ve bought it anyway, but if I get it for free.. even better!

Can we play this on Vita too?

Unfortunately not, this is for PS3 only.

Not bad, but some older retail games would be nice also :)


Please tell me this will be on the Vita as well. A game this colourful would look amazing on that screen.

This game looks awesome.


Mike, one question,

Will Sonic Adventure 2 HD be also released to the Vita like what Jet Set Radio. Please say yes. :D

ryannumber3gamer 13 September, 2012 @ 16:30

Yeah Sonic Adventure 2 is one of my favorite Sonic games and i would love to play it on my vita.



One day Kebby……one day, you will cave-in & tell us! ;)

Looking forward to this though, so thanks :)


Heh. We’ll see, maybe in a moment of weakness one day I’ll spill all of SEGA’s secrets…until then though I’m saying nada :D

Platinum trophy? :)


No platinum, sorry.
4 Bronze, 7 Silver and 1 Gold though :)


Sorry NO actually it has:
7 Bronze, 4 Silver and 1 Gold.

Stooopid fingers. :P

Sounds good to me :-)

not intrested
only 2 games of intrest
1 – pantasy star online ( free ) like psp
2 – bayonneta = now excluzive nintendo = :(

i see one ting = japanes gamedevlopers are suporting more nintendo by every day
usa = micosoft

en sony = falling deeper en deeper

make console like ps1/ ps2
jes lots of piracy but huge instal base , so them need to make games on u console .


everyone ignore monoliet sounds like that she is a hacker if she talks about piracy hmm


downloading this game before anyone else


Thank you !

Seeeegaaaaa !

14 = no i am against hacking
i own every singel game en never sel them
177 games ps3 – ps vita

i say in day of ps1/ps2 more games + more excluzive where facts
why = more console sels , why = simpel lots of pers consoles where chipt to play lots of leser good games but lots of good game them buy realy


This is the game of the month?

So from Red Dead Redemption to that.

Wow I feel ripped off from buying playstation plus.
Its like since I joined not many decent games are coming.

Yeah fair enough I’m sure this will be fun but it definitely isn’t game of the month material after the big games we’ve had before.


Give it a chance chap! It’s a gem, trust me. Should it not prove your cup of tea though, we’ve got a great variety of stuff planned for October – something from each end of the spectrum, if you will. More details soon, of course.


Also, to be fair, whilst Red Dead Redemption is one of my favourite games of this generation, Hell Yeah! is a brand new game.

I know PS Plus means something different to everyone, but some people want older AAA games, and some people want newer PSN games.

Please give the game a chance, it’s a LOT of fun.

18@ them can not always give ( rent ) u a game like red dead redemption

i purchased game + i love ith
next game i wil love = gta 5
i hope sony make good deal asap . not let slipping ms on good deal !!!


This game is awesome, can’t wait for it to be part of my life.

lol u mean gta v ???

I can’t wait for this to be part of my life too :))


Give PSN games a chance to be GOTM too. Not every game is a major title that you see in the shops you know. Besides there will be full digital releases of the games as well in October. In November we might see a digital release of the game next rather than a PSN title.

i like music in tailer = i not remeber from which movie ?

Hey, can any of you guys tell me when CounterStrike Global Offensive is coming to PSN? It’s nearly 3 weeks late.

RockLobster2074 13 September, 2012 @ 18:37

This is great! I didn’t know whether or not I was going to get this game, but now I guess that decision’s been made for me.

i think there only one word that sums up this game, if that video is any indication.
and that word is MENTAL.

can’t wait. ^_^

and what is that music?
i know it but i can’t remember what it’s called or who composed it, and it’s bugging the heck out of me. >_<


Glad you like the look of it Hazel, we love this game here at SEGA HQ. I’ve always said it seems to fit the heritage of the company :D


This is Yet Another Fail For The Vita – This Looks Tailormade For It

Hmmm.. I thought gotm games were supposed to be full games with at least a metacritic score of 80. I doudoubt this will get that score.. Further, this is the third side- scroller (or 2d game, if you want to call it that), which I’m personally not a big fan of..
Oh well, I’ll give it a spin nonetheless, and if I don’t like it, I still have a huge backlog to wade through…

Loved the trailers, hopefully music is not in style of weapons trailer though. Definetly first day downloader, and hopefully more 2d style games in future also.


Thanks for your positive feedback!

Looks cool and fun and should be a great free Game of the Month.
Shame there is no Vita version though, even if it wasn’t a cross buy like Jet Set.
My gaming time has taken a right shift to the Vita recently.

Looks mighty terrible, the trailer was clearly made for kids who suffer from ADHD. It looks as witty as that guy in your group who just points out all the obvious jokes. I’ll give this one a miss, I’m still a fan of PS+ but I guess the good games couldn’t last forever.

The fact they’re focusing all the attention on this might be for the reason they knew it wouldn’t be received all too well. Might also explain that poor trailer. I can only hope the next titles not shovel-ware but PS+ has been extremely good value so I’ll cut this rant short.


Harsh, but we can’t win them all. It’s your right to not like the game.

I would urge you to give it a try though, as a PS Plus subscriber you really don’t have anything to lose ;)

Oh I will give it a chance, I just don’t think it should be game of the month.

I like the PSN games but its just a bit hmmm that one is going to be GOTM.

welcome back mike !! we miss you, game looks good =->


Thanks deadrest!

I would never, ever buy this game or even download the demo. It’s to painfull to my eyes and the gameplay is way to fast for me to enjoy. Machinarium was great, I hoped for Journey on Plus and I hope now for the Unfinished Swan. Not this…
Good luck with the game.


Understood, it is pretty intense as a game. As I said to a poster earlier, we can’t win them all :P

Thanks for the good wishes OttoT ;)

the simple reason this games for free is they no sales would not have been good i’ll give this garbage a miss. If they call this game of the month then that worries me for future releases.

I am looking forward to this game :) Can’t wait to play this one.

I’m glad that some PSN games are being given away free on Plus. I’d personally be very unlikely to buy games like this but some can be gems. Rather that than another retail game I’ve already bought either for PS3 or 360.

Great news. I’ve been keenly awaiting this game ever since I saw the first trailers.


Big budget titles are great but it’s good to see some diversity in the Game of the Month. Looks like a fun game rather than serious like the past few titles. New release from SEGA too, a well-known publisher, which is always welcome. I have great expectations for this one. :)

Wait, it’s October’s Game of the Month? I was under the impression it was part of the ‘PlayStation Plus Presents’ promotion. Does this mean this AND another new PSN game next month?

Either way, looking forward to giving this a try.

And Mike, Yakuza HD Collection and 5 please. :D

A very welcome addition to Plus. When Ross announced it on the Gamescom as the Game of the Month for October, most people had no clue what “Hell Yeah” was supposed to be. But the trailer brought smiles to many faces. :)

Oh, will the in game music be similar to the music of the trailer? It matches the action so well.


The game music does indeed match that of the trailer :D

Prem-aka-Prince 14 September, 2012 @ 01:19

Yeah I had no idea what it was either until now… wait, no, I still have no idea what it is! =P
But much like awesomenauts I will give you guys the benefit of the doubt, you must be bringing this free to PS plus not as a trick but because you really want to share it with us and get it out to more people to spread the word.

I’m not sure it entirely worked on awesomenauts (not helped by multiplatform release I suspect) but regardless I was glad I got to play what I probably wouldn’t have otherwise -my splitscreen friend really liked it- so here’s hoping you pull that off again here.

p.s. Good to see you again Mr Kebby, two posts in two days is probably just coincidence though right? :P I do miss video interviews on the blog. :(


Two posts in two days wasn’t planned really…the cards just fell that way :)

Always good to be back though!

(BTW – Awesomenauts was an AWESOME game, loved it).

Poor show again from scee, still no ratchet n clank even tho the U.S. got it months ago. Is there any to sign up for U.S. ps+? as it’s clearly a much better service.

Ooh! I’m actually looking forward to this one, sounds like fun

Jazz Jackrabbit on drugs. :D

Sorry Mike, no questions about this game as it looks awesome but seeing as Fred and Andy are active on this post I need to ask them something.

For the Plus IGC, we have RDR this month but here in the Arab Emirates that is not the case. Are we getting a replacement title, I remember this happening for other territories once. I understand this isn’t the easiest with Ross’ departure but a clear cut answer would be great as in when to expect the title if one is to be expected. If not, I will understandably be let down by Plus and may give up on it altogether.


Sorry for the delay on this. We are working on a replacement for your region – as soon as it’s confirmed I’ll let you know.

What else are we getting in october, i really really don’t want this game, are we getting anything else?

48 = u get after downloading newest software version on ps3
very slow downloading in store

This game might be fun, but for game of the month it’s tragic. You know there are hundreds of disc games there that are not blockbusters but still are gems that weren’t played from too many people. And which for sure don’t cost too much for Sony to put them in plus goodies. I mean if me can buy a disc version of such games with 10-15 euro what deal would Sony can make for a massive buy like plus? Little marketing things that make everyone happy.

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