Soul Sacrifice Takes Tokyo Game Show

Soul Sacrifice TGS: 1

Hi everyone. I’m excited that those of you who are attending Tokyo Game Show will finally be able to have some hands-on experience with Soul Sacrifice! Once you play the game, I’m sure that you’ll have a better sense of the world I’ve been wanting to create. You’ll be able to face the dilemmas, tough decisions, and the agony of choice that I’ve been wanting to portray in a game. I believe the TGS demo does a great job of conveying this new concept.

In the trailers and interviews released so far, we’ve shown the game’s dark world setting and shared some of the story elements revealed in the single player mode. We’ve also shared a few of the back stories from both the monsters and sorcerers that you’ll encounter during gameplay. During TGS, I’m looking forward to showing you what the multiplayer mode can offer

Soul Sacrifice TGS: 6Soul Sacrifice TGS: 5

“Truly cooperate with allies” — I’ve explained the concept behind the multiplayer mode in the past, but I’m sure you’ll gain a full understanding after playing through this TGS demo. You will experience trusting in your friends, being double-crossed or double crossing, and you will realize the difference between sacrificing strangers and your most precious friends even if you don’t want to.

You will be able to team up and slow down the enemy’s attack, allowing your friends to come in and assist with the defeat, or you could be relying on their assistance to heal you in the midst of battle. These choices may even lead you into being forced to sacrifice your own life, or hoping that a friend would do the same for you.

Soul Sacrifice TGS: 2Soul Sacrifice TGS: 4

I ask that you pay close attention on how your emotions change after each decision you make, and how you feel once defeating a monster with the help of your friends. From these experiences, you will see the concept of “reality-blended fantasy” that I wanted to create.

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I was watching this in bed on my tablet, just amazing.

I know everyone is very disapointed that Capcom have overlooked us loyal Sony fans with Monster hunter but this and phantasy star 2, gods eater 2 and Raganok Oddessey more then make up for the lack of hunting game

I adore monster hunter on my Vita, maybe a new one will never come but thank you Sony for making this game and others happen.

Watch the coverage everyone, you will be happy you did :)

I forgot to add

thank you, Keiji Inafune – Founder, Comcept

very excited and hoping this comes to EU


I’m really looking forward to this game and would LOVE to play a demo on my Vita!

Thank you very much Mr. Inafune for making something truly unique.

FghtOffUrDemons 21 September, 2012 @ 14:42


I agree with you this game looks amazing and from the looks of it we wont be missing Monster Hunter when this game gets released.
Also Ragonok Odyssey looks great too.

Hi FghtOffUrDemons

no we wont be missing a monster hunter as sad as that was only a few weeks ago. Soul sacrifice looks perfect and they are delaying it to improve even.

How often do you hear that then just rush it out due to a deadline.
I have complete faith this will live up to all our expectation.

My friend and me have been squeeling :)

Looks like an awesome VITA IP (definitely need more of those Sony…enough PS3 ports for me).

Day 1 for me.

Well, that’s a day one purchase. Please don’t make me import it, bring it here.

I could swear I read that it is coming to EU (& US) and it would be mean of Playstation Blog to keep showing us this game, if it wasn’t.

This is one of my most wanted Vita games and hope they do a collector’s edition with the book.

@other-comments – It wouldn’t have been posted here on the EU blog if it wasn’t expecting to release here.

Also, this is going to be truly awesome.

This game looks amazing! I hope we won’t have to wait for the EU release for too long after the JP release.

This game looks so cool!! Inafune san is a genius!

I wonder why these type of games just dont exist on Ps3. :-(
I really wish there was a game like Monster Hunter or Dragons Dogma with 4 player online play on Ps3.


He makes it sound like we will be able to play the TGS demo? Can we expect it to be released on the Store?

still not convinced .

need =
Ragonok Odyssey
pantesy star online 2
valhallaknights 3

+ if capcom not fast gives use in europe monsterhunter 3hd portable ore other new monsterhunter ,them can keep their game were i tink .

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