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Greetings one and all! Fred here with your weekly digest of PlayStation-related news – and, as ever, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

The big news this week was the much-anticipated launch info for PlayStation Plus on PS Vita. I hope you’ll agree it’s a really strong line-up, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg – we’ve got lots of great stuff lined up for you over the next few months.

Elsewhere on the Blog, we heard from Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage, gaming legend Warren Spector talked Epic Mickey 2, new fighters were announced for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Rockstar Games stopped by to show off a shiny new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer. And that’s just a taste – see below for the full a la carte reading list.

Meet back here next week for news on The Walking Dead, Ratchet & Clank: QForce and DmC: Devil May Cry, among others. Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Weekend Essentials – Seek out Wonderbook: Book of Spells and Call of Duty: Black Ops this weekend on PlayStation.
  • Game On – Sprinkle a little PlayStation magic over the start of your week with Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Mass Effect and much more.
  • Smart As… Arithmetic tips – Are numbers being a nuisance in Smart As…? Find out to make the Arithmetic puzzles all add up in the PlayStation Vita game.
  • Get a taste of PlayStation Plus – Visit our official Facebook page to claim your free 30-day PlayStation Plus trial.
  • Developer spotlight: Treyarch – Check out the Call of Duty: Black Ops II developer’s line-up of PlayStation 3 blockbusters.

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18 Author replies

Fred do you know when PSM will expand to more countries?


Alas, I’ve no news for you on that at present. When there is an update, you’ll hear about it here.

Heyo Fred

i have not seen you play assassins creed 3 yet?

im getting ac3 and ac3: liberation for christmas :)


Haven’t got around to that one yet! Still tip-toeing my way through Dishonored.

one more thing fred, how was the when viking attack! game? did you guys play anymone? i would of joined if i had the game.


Yep, it was fun! SCEE staff took some nasty beatings…

We’ll look at doing more of these events in the future, so hopefully you can join in then.

Another poor week for SCEE. Singstar in the US is an optional download while SCEE managers keep their heads buried in the sand and ignore the complaints here. No signs of the missing content. Black Ops Declassified slaughtered by reviews, Wonder Book sells about 4 copies world wide. Hopefully the news about The Walking Dead is about Episode 5 and SCEE are actually going to release it at the same time as other platforms. Doubt it….

MisterSparkle81 17 November, 2012 @ 12:56

not really poor exactly considering the eu get Quantum Conundrum free as well but you gotta use the search engine to find it, not sure if its a plus exclusive free though

MisterSparkle81 17 November, 2012 @ 13:00

or maybe not as free as i thought, sony you got to sorty out the wording of your “free” and trial games , its very misleading, i thought the eu had the same as the us with QC for a minute, i almost fell into this trap last week the the Assassins Creed “free” offers that turned out to be trial versions.

MisterSparkle81 17 November, 2012 @ 13:01

yeah but who really thought a FPS on the Vita was gonna be any good?

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 13:03

Oh and guess what, the Store is down ONCE AGAIN! I WANT TO GO TO STEAM.


Seems ok at my end. I’ll check in and find out if there are known issues.

MisterSparkle81 17 November, 2012 @ 13:21

no problem with the store being down mate, theres nothing new on it this week anyway

hi fred,

great news that plus is now on vita at no extra cost, i had been meaning to get gravity rush for a while too see what all the fuss was about :)

another good gaming week for me got myself another cheeky little platinum trophy on ps3 :)
i also dove back into the streets of hong kong with the fantastic sleeping dogs which prompted me to buy nightmare in north point which i wont be touching till i finally finish the main game :)
i also enjoyed the quick blast of when vikings attack i had with yappadog.

im really looking forward to seeing how much of an effect plus has on vita sales as more vitas in customers hands means more games from developers :)

enjoy the weekend folks ;)


Sounds like you’ve had a solid week of gaming! Glad you enjoyed the WVA session.

Yep, Gravity Rush is very much worth the wait. My favourite Vita title yet. Please enjoy!

Dear Fred,

Any updates on the status of the issue of the non-deletable, unmovable SingStar icon in the XMB Games top slot?

Considering that SingStar has gone digital in the US as an optional download (therefore no non-deletable, unmovable icon issues in the States), will the SingStar icon be made deletable or movable in the near future so that my Games list may properly reflect my gaming profile correctly once more?

Thanks for reading.


I’m afraid I don’t have any new news to pass on. If an update does come in from the relevant teams I will of course post it here on the Blog immediately.

Oh and Fred, I just moved into my new home and need to choose a device to play BluRay at a second room, guess what device it won’t be? It starts with a P and ends on laystation 3…


I don’t know how you thought Quantum Conundrum was free for plus members when there was nothing on the blog about it this week. If it is not mentioned on the EU Blog we are not getting it.

It has been known for weeks that Quantum Conundrum was a free trial and it says it clearly in the description it is a trial.

well seems sony is alrdty planning on exiting the gaming industry with the ps4.

Sony: Report New Console Won’t Support PS3 Or Used Games

meaning any ps3 game we buy now will be useless when the ps4 arrives. and considering developers alrdy said it’s hard 2 emulate ps3 games means you guys who bought them digitally just bought junk.


Conventional wisdom: don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


Store isn’t working. Trying to buy When Vikings Attack since half an hour!

Now it won’t even launch (Error 80710D23)

Really don’t know why SCEE labels trials as ‘free’ trials. Well I do know, it’s an attempt to con customers. You’re hardly going to pay for a trial. You dont go to a car dealer and get a ‘free’ test drive! You just get a test drive. Another example of clueless SCEE.


I highly doubt this is true. The source is Kotaku and their “reliable sources” are nearly always wrong. They have been hating on the PS3 for the last 6 years after Sony blacklisted them.

ryannumber3gamer 17 November, 2012 @ 16:37

Fred is there any chance that Remote Play will be added for the following games?

Sly Trilogy
Jak Trilogy
Ratchet Trilogy
Ratchet & Clank Tools of destruction
Ratchet & Clank Quest For Booty
Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One
Uncharted 1-3
Infamous 1 & 2.


There’s certainly a chance! Though I’ve nothing to announce today on any of those.

Good job on the Vita Plus offerings, well done to the Plus team.

Hopefully the price of memory cards will start to come down now that there should be more demand for the higher capacity ones, I just upgraded my PS3 HDD to 1TB for less than the cost of a 32GB Vita card.


They label them free because they are free to download. 1 hour free to play the game. It states clearly they are trials if you bother to read the description. They are not conning customers as all the information is available to them.


most rumors about sony are true like taking out other O.S and there als o is a developers interview at playstation universe. and knowning at how bad sony is at backwards compatiblility is shown by the psp games none have been made psvita compatible after launch same goes for ps1 games.

PS4 backwards-compatibility difficult to achieve, says UK developer – PS3 games via the cloud?—PS3-games-via-the-cloud

that would mean we get scammed and they probably make us buy the same game 3 times now like those HD collection instead off giving us ps2 emulations for ps3 which is possible considering hackers are doing everything sony should.

MisterSparkle81 17 November, 2012 @ 17:02


I just happened to come across the trial when i was searching for games, i knew it was free for the us and out if curiosity had a check on the eu store and like the assassins creed situation i thought it was given out for free like assassins creed 2/brotherhood was advertised.

this new “Free” trial game and price display on the new store is very misleading, especially when the pricing is all blacked out and it just says free.

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 17:19

I swear one day Sixthaxis and Eurogamer could cover SCEE’s embrassments this week. That’s it, NO PS3 FOR ME TONIGHT! I HAD IT!!! >:(


you know that article is from march, its based on pure speculation.

i will personally be keeping my ps3 when the ps4(or whatever its called) comes out, the trade in amount you will get on a ps3 at that time will make it pointless to sell or trade it so ill just stick it in another room and have the new console in the main room .

Crack-Davidson 17 November, 2012 @ 18:42

Why hasnt the wipeout complete pack been reduced in price? It clealry says in the racing sale, but it still full price. [CENSORED]

Also the cross-buy is totally stupid when you get the vita version when you buy the ps3 version but not vice versa. Your memory card on the vita is gonna fit 3 games. I would much rather buy the physical copy of the vita version and download the ps3 version which has a 500gb hard drive which is mostly not used compared to the maximum of 32gb in the vita, which is way overpriced and small and you really have to pick which games you keep on there.

I have a 16gb memory card on my vita and i’m not gonna upgrade to a 32gb, when you will sooner or later release a 64gb and 128gb version anyway. The extra 16gb for 90-100 euros is too little value for the money.

Make BIGGER memory cards and make the price REASONABLE!


Re. Wipeout. The PS3 version is the one on sale, and as far as I can tell it has been reduced as advertised. I’ll double-check first thing monday to see if there are regional discrepancies.

Crack-Davidson 17 November, 2012 @ 18:46

Yeah I guess the money they “lose” in the cross-buy deal, is gained back double with memory card sales for the vita. It’s quite brilliant…


Don’t be so naive! Of course it’s a con! Look at how many people have been tricked by it. Why not label all demos as free then? They’re free to download after all. The crooks at Sony hope they trick their customers into making a mistake and actually buying their over priced ‘free’ games.


unless im missing something how are people being tricked?

lets just say someone does mistakenly d/l one of these game trials that say free(like assassins creed) first off the product description does clearly state on these games its a trial, if someone does happen to miss that and then continues to download they still have not paid anything.
if they then somehow manage to opt to unlock the full game without meaning to the store asks you to confirm purchase before taking any funds from users.

the basket in the store clearly tells you how much something costs before taking payment from your wallet.

im sorry you would have to be pretty stupid to make a mistake and pay for an unlock without meaning too.

declan__watson 17 November, 2012 @ 19:32

Hello fellow bloggers
Great blog recap Fred, is there any chance we could get to play music while in ps home from our ps3 maybe a new update in the very near future could be helpful. I have had a fantastic week though.
Please just go away stop being so silly and ill mannered another good week for scee not a bad week just because you can’t accept that their so much better at costumer and consumer support so instead of being so silly and ill mannered just go away. Except for ill mannered behaviour from voodoo great blog recap.
Thanks guys and thank you Fred. LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe


Thanks, I’ll pass that on to the Home team.

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 20:07

”Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

I’m getting REAL fed up now. First Nintendo now Sony. I’m going to Steam. Bye all.


hardly any rumors about sony announcement were ever kept secret so most off em were proven true. and ps3 has about a life year off 4-5 cause then it mostly YLOD i should know on my 2nd ps3. and when ps3 get discontinued i’d like 2 play all the games and not have 2 rebuy em constantly. with their horrible service in europe we will be waiting till about i die before we ever get some classics.

CoolRichy008UK 17 November, 2012 @ 20:26

playstation 4 will let us use our ps3 logins so everyone all your downloads are safe 100% & not junk loads of people might have alot of games digitaly and sony will make sure they are still safe when ps4 is out and we login with our usernames & know that everything we bought can be used on ps4 all they will make sure of it if it dont happen & sony dont let us download our ps3 items ps4 will fail . PS4 WILL use our ps3 logins and let us keep anything we bought digitaly so everyone anything you got from ps store is not junk & can be downloaded from the playstation4. FACT ppl who say your digital downloads wont work on ps4 becase they will . ps3 disks wont but digital versions will because they are tied to your account & your account will carry over to ps4 CASE CLOSED

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 20:27

Forget it, I’m leaving PSN and might cancel Plus too, seriously do not want to risk get suspended. See this is the problem, all those constant errors and glitches is seriously getting on my nerves and it’s still going so I might consider switching to Steam in the future. I’m sorry but I used to love PlayStation a alot but it looks like not anymore. Also way to go on rejecting my comment.

Also if TWD Ep.5 gets delayed again. I’m leaving console gaming and switch to PC gaming for good. I mean look at Steam, they can do a much better job than SCEE with cheap prices, excellent sales and what do we get on PSN? Nothing but overpriced games, delays and more. It’s nothing but constant problems and glitches all the time and it happens continually since the LBPV problem back on September. So I’m sorry I’m not getting the PS4 next gen. Rant Over.

CoolRichy008UK 17 November, 2012 @ 20:33

ye wat dgnfly said ps4 needs to be well built & let us use our ps3 login so we dont loze all our digital downloads or freinds lists or trophies we spend money 2 make money 4 sony and we need a strong guarentee we can transfer all our ps3 freinds lists & digital downloads to the playstation4 or sony will lose the consumers trust if ps4 has them features 2 push over all our ps3 data downloads freinds lists trophies we will get the ps4 if not we will all not bother with it

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 20:59

Btw, I assume gamers in the US are also having this cart problem too. I’m sorry for the frustration.

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 21:07

Fred can I ask you something, is the Store team looking into the cart issue right now. No one can’t even buy or download due to the error. I heard US are also having trouble.

PS: Sorry I got kinda carried away.


If there is an issue, the Store team will be aware of it and will be working hard on a fix. Even so, I have passed on your concerns to make doubly sure.


Hey everyone, just a heads-up about commenting protocol. Copy-and-pasted spam posts will be removed. We absolutely welcome constructive criticism, and do not delete negative posts (providing they don’t contain offensive language), but this is not the way to go about it. If your goal is to personally make my life more difficult, then please go ahead and keep it up – I’m a patient guy. However, if your goal is to have your feedback heard by the relevant people at SCEE, you’ll find spamming the Blog ineffective. Many thanks.

CoolRichy008UK 17 November, 2012 @ 21:10

awww hugs supersmith2500 your only human just chill ok if ps store went wrong sony would know about it and fix it i think before the ps4 comes out they better do FULL RESEARCH on it

sony lets us keep our ps3 logins = everyone will be happy because i dont wanna loze anyone on my freinds list or my downloads and belive me fred dutton i have spent alot on digital downloads and i dont wanna loze them on the ps4 or il be upset :(

supersmith2500 if you wanna chat if you ever feel :( want me to add you

oh and dgnfly good statement about the ps4 but fred is right dont trust the internet on stuff that might not be true besides any fake info about the ps4 from people who dont like sony make sony look bad :( just my observation

CoolRichy008UK 17 November, 2012 @ 21:13

Fred Dutton thanx for the info about the constructive criticism what ever that means someone explain it to me oh and i apologuse to everyone i offended in the past and in future certain comments i will keep to myself and not post them on here like fred said any naughty words he will remove the post

hope ul be ok supersmith OH & DAVIE222 assasins creed 3 for xmas great you will love the game trust me have fun with it


no offense my friend but you are always leaving hate comments and always complaining and im pretty sure you said before your leaving psn…a few times actully.

im not saying thats a bad thing. i respect your oppinion but if you really wanna leave psn so badly then please just do it. im not having ago at you mate.

and @coolrichy your psn account will cary over to PS4 because it carrys over to PS VITA.

as for PS4 non-backwards compacibility, i got a feeling we only transfer our downloadable games.

oh and @ fred, any chance me, you and 2 other SCEE employees can have a game of Zombie Apocalypss: Never Die Alone? its a 4 man co-op PSN top down zombie game



Y’know what? I’ve never played that one. If it ever makes it to the top of my backlog list, then yes, there’s absolutely a chance. It’s a long list though…

declan__watson 17 November, 2012 @ 21:25

Hello again
I totally agree with you Fred, for those of you in here who criticise sony or sony computer entertainment in any way are just silly and immature. I love playstation and I am a huge sony fan I will not sit and look at people criticising them in any inappropriate way it’s disrespectful. Also for people making gestures such as fony don’t believe your saying that because your not a real playstation gamer I’ve seen sony I know what the sony brand stands for it stands for Respect, trust, care and support and putting offensive language on the blog, spamming it or criticising sony in any way is the wrong way to go and I guarantee you will find yourself going in the wrong direction. Thanks for your time LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 21:27

@Fred Dutton:
Well the reason what caused this spam is because some people were kinda annoyed at SCEE with their decisions like for examples, the SingStar icon was shoved right into Europe’s faces in the XMB and caused havoc for us while the US got the option to have it or not and Nina’s attitude to users was kinda rude and of course slow QA causing delays and frustration. Now don’t get me wrong it isn’t your fault and plus we’re not making your life hard. I’m just simply annoyed at staff SCEE with their pathetic decisions and such, SCEA always listen to their users, SCEE doesn’t and if this keeps up or problems gets worse, people might not consider a PS4 next year.

Thanks Rich. Note me your Skype name on PS3 and I’ll add you on Skype.

CoolRichy008UK 17 November, 2012 @ 21:28

thats what i wanted to hear DAVIE222 thank you buddy you have just put my ps4 fears to rest :)

PLAYSTATION 4 TOP INFO FROM DAVIE222 << mr clever 2012

your psn account will cary over to PS4 because it carrys over to PS VITA.

i bet he is 100% right as well and i dont care if people got a ps vita or a android tablet they are both cool the only reason i got a android tablet is because i wanted to get free games for it and besides i chose it myself but im dead jealous of all ps vita owners :D

have a good week next week all

(QUICK INFO)- naughty bear panic in paradise patch was sent for processing before it goes live about a week ago 9th nov 2012

@Fred Dutton

i remember when james gallagher said that about THE OTHER O.S and as we all found out he was wrong or either he actually alrdy knew.

CoolRichy008UK 17 November, 2012 @ 21:30

supersmith2500 im not on SKYPE sorry buddy make room on your ps3 and il add you but only if you stop having hissy fits just cuz the ps3 store was broked

yes im calming peole down now its my job since getting assasins creed 3 im kinda nicer i duno why but games like that make me calm and happy :D

@Fred Dutton

you say it’s spam but from our view you ignore anything we say your store update shows you guys just ignore us. and what about the improvement in 2 months you said. the store update are even more horrible than it was.

declan__watson 17 November, 2012 @ 21:34

Forgot to mention yes I am 15 by the way I probably act a lot older than some people who say immature and silly things in this blog I’ve been a playstation gamer for nearly 11 years got my playstation 1 Christmas 2002 when I was 5 since then I have had the most fantastic experience as a playstation gamer and I’m glad I am one I’d rather be a sony gamer than a Microsoft one why simple because sony is better. More better games, services, better support, have a lot of respect for the company and for kazou hirai, sir Howard and co. Respect for Fred and fellow blog staff so don’t sit there and give them criticism like I said before your going in the wrong direction. Thank you again LongLivePlay Sony Make.Believe


nice to see you on at this time of night on a sat, take it your at home logging in on your own time?

it just goes to show the people that say staff dont care and dont look at our comments are wrong.

enjoy the rest of your weekend ;)


give sleeping dogs a try if you have not already its a fantastic game.

im starting up my ac 3 run next week so i hope its as good as you say ;)

supersmith2500 17 November, 2012 @ 21:43

Thanks, could do with someone who can calm me down, adding you to my friend list now.

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