Video Store update 17th December 2012

Hello PlayStation Blog, I would like to share with you this week four new Video Store releases:

The Imposter

The Imposter – In 1994 a 13-year-old boy disappeared without a trace from his home in San Antonio, Texas. Three and a half years later he is found alive thousands of miles away in a village in southern Spain with a horrifying story of kidnap and torture. His family is overjoyed to bring him home.

But all is not what it seems. The boy bears many of the same distinguishing marks he always did, but why does he now have a strange accent? Why does he look so different? And why doesn’t the family seem to notice these glaring inconsistencies? It’s only when an investigator starts asking questions that this strange tale takes an even stranger turn…

Available to rent in the UK only from £3.49.

When The Lights Went Out

When The Lights Went Out – In 1974, the Maynard family moved into their dream house. But they soon discovered they were not alone as they were hounded by a violent supernatural presence. This is the disturbing story of their ordeal…

Available to rent in the UK only from £3.49.


Cosmopolis – Riding across Manhattan in a stretch limo in order to get a haircut, a 28-year-old billionaire asset manager’s day devolves into an odyssey with a cast of characters that start to tear his world apart.

Available to buy in Australia from 19th December 2012, priced AU$24.99; available now in the UK to buy from £11.99

Silent House

Silent House – Trapped inside her family’s lakeside retreat, a young woman (Elizabeth Olsen) finds she is unable to contact the outside world as events become increasingly ominous in and around the house.

Available to buy in Australia from 19th December 2012, priced AU$24.99; available now in the UK to buy from £11.99.

All titles are available from PlayStation Store in glorious 1080p HD!


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video store ……………….. ????

since when do we have a video store ?

Nice, i will be checkin those top two ones out. well defo the imposter at least, why haven’t i seen that on any of my other services. Can’t really justify swapping over my film collection into digital, just yet, though i suppose it’s only a matter of time.


One day… one day, they will add Lion King to the store and I will be happy! :P

@1 and 2
I doubt you’d get a response.

Another week, another week without an awnser? Lets see!
Any news on this (Video Unlimited) coming to other regions, such as Sweden?


Lol.. and who was it that started the old saying No news is good news, gotta sympathise with the customers who were basically lied to, i wouldn’t be very happy myself. whatever happened to good old fashioned Principles ?.


So will the Video Store EVER come to Ireland??

Wraith_Bringer 17 December, 2012 @ 17:12

I’m getting really annoyed now, weeks ago I commented asking about the release of Big Bang Theory episodes on PlayStation Network. I wanted to own the episodes of series 6 which just finished airing in the US for the half-season upto episode 12.

I was told each episode would be on the store a day after airing on TV, well Channel 4 has aired many episodes now and not one single episode from series 6 is up. I decided to watch them on 40D online because I’m not around to see them on TV.

Really annoyed with this. I’ve asked when it’s coming several times since and no reply. Way to let me down guys.

Plus this blog isn’t entirely informative because it doesn’t give all the new additions like the PlayStation Store update does, merely the highlights to I sieve through the store every week to find something worthwhile.

i have a question why the video store not on norway acount


jes i nowh
sony lovessssssss uk
hate everibody else ;)

but no problem , i nowh next gen wil not be sony

no ps3 games compatibel = no go ( 9/10 no ps3 games )
above 499,99 € = no go
no making singstar remove = no go
no netflix – utube ps3 in benelux = no go
psn ps3 store fixt in mi contry ( lol )

(monoliet) yes man on my country also fack that evrything not available no youtube on psvita store no video store no facking evry thing

gtr455677ujbvxz4 17 December, 2012 @ 23:54

I love coming to the video store update page to see the lack of response people get asking about their region. It’s probably one of the few things Sony consistently excel at.

13 @ migel1_11
very sorry to hear , we have utube on vita but not on ps3 = ????
not about legal stuf .
i looking to get som abo in film renting service NOT FROM SONY
I AM DONE WAITING to come ore not to come .


we dont have youtube on vita but we have netflix on ps3 i hate it its very bad program we need youtubeeeee

What is this “video store”? Is it the same kind of nonexistent thing as PS Mobile and the YouTube app for Vita? Because I don’t have any of those…

What is wrong with Denmark, Sony? Last I checked we were a fairly rich, first world society. Why don’t you like us? What have we done? We even speak English…

Why doesn’t anyone ever answer these questions?

You spew your marketing, but you never answer “uncomfortable” questions.

I just want to know why I’m not good enough to receive the same selection of services as others.

Maybe I should just sell my Sony platforms and buy some Nintendo hardware. Kevin Butler seemed to prefer Nintendo in the end… lol.

@ cowbanana exactly 100% buy nintendo or xbox better that shet sony fack that

nintendo wii u = good to excluzieve games + some games sony lost , lol

next gen ???? i tink i suport ms + buy all new stuf on ith
new ps4 when price under 200 € to some excluzieves when them are ath colection edition 25€

I’m not actually going to buy crappy Nintendo hardware, but as you can read in my post above, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Sony’s incompetence and stupidity.

I really like my PS3 and my Vita. But Sony seems to have gone full retard and makes one absolutely stupid decision after the other.

Who thought that treating people differently in a fully connected 2012 world was a brilliant move? Digital content has no borders, unless you’re an antiquated dinosaur out of touch with your customers.

Sony = *roll eyes*, most of the time these days.

How great of all of Europe only GB has the vidoestore i’m told AU stands for Australia. So instead of reporting what is new. Sony gets it [DELETED] together and launch the damn service EU wide, or stop telling us how good you are!

2009 we (Nordic countries) were promised to get the video store “Within a year”.
it’s been 3 years now. Where it is?

Stop making these Video Storee update posts, because those are only for AU and GB.
This is an EU Blog. EU has other countries too you know…

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